Monday, January 18, 2010
I'm returning to this space because let's face it, I have attachment issues. I love this blog too much to abandon it.

Anywho, I got the day off today to watch the Golden Globes. I am ridiculous, I know.

Slight backstory to 18th January 2010. I applied leave from work because.. guess what, I actually missed watching the red carpet LIVE. Online updates don't quite cut it for me this year. I wanted to be in front of my telly. Besides, it's the first day of AO. Basically, I needed reasons to stay in. But God intervened. I got an mc instead. Thank you!

I'm so glad I had the day off. I'm recharged now. Ready to settle the pile of work waiting in the office. Woo hoo!

Before that, here are my favourites this year.

It rained and I got really giddy. Alex turned up with a polka dot umbrella! Same as mine. Except his is black and white. :DIES: Sorry, I can't help being bias. :X

I personally ADORE what January Jones wore. So dark. Tres chic!

Loved Drew's dress. Just because it's so simple yet lovely.

I'm all about adorableness this year. Ginnifer Goodwin looked adorable! Love her hair, her makeup and her dress. GUH!

I haven't seen An Education but I dig her already.

These two should just start making babies. Continue that famous Barrymore bloodline. They're SUPER cute together. I can die.

And my MOST favourite couple ever.. JIM/JOHN & EMILY BLUNT!

Pretty sure this is their first official photo(s) together. O. M. G. I wanna see more photos of them together. I can't wait for their wedding. And mini Krasinkis. GAH! Seeing them together totally made my day. God, I'm easy.

Thank you Just Jared for the awesome coverage and photos! ♥
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