Thursday, November 30, 2006
surprise, surprise. i'm not the only one who's not doing my work at the required speed. yaya, i'm working on it. i just need to complete all the essays and do the readings. it was a REALLY BAD IDEA to give us take home essays. delay is the word. i can't wait for the semester to be over. like kapoot. nada. gawd, i'm SOO distracted. seems like there's soo much things to do. everything except typing out my essays. damn. i didn't listen to sham. i watched national treasure. I LOVE JUSTIN BARTHA! he is such a spaz. riley poole is quote-worthy. i dig the whole awkward bumbling fool geeky-ness. mucho adorable. i need to watch failure to launch. i won't rest until i've watched all the stuff he's in.

here are the photos taken during the starbucks hari raya house-visiting. much delayed.

we visited 11 houses in total. i think. go ask jaws and fahmi for clarification. heh. my house was the last. everyone was practically rolling on the floor by then. poor things.

here's one in the van. notice my 'short' hair. do you guys dig it? i'm planning to cut it that short..

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Saturday, November 25, 2006
i celebrate the BIG two one with a BANG! it was on the 18th november. a month late. very belated, i must say. nonetheless, it was a blast! held in east coast chalet. the guests comprising of mainly family and friends. sorry it took such a long time to get an entry up about it.

here's the photos. well, a fraction of it since my uncle is known to be camera clickety click happy.

my yummy-licious birthday cake! a gift from aunt lisa and grams.

ooh.. i LOVE cake!

here's one with the family. i look uncannily like my dad. it's awesome.

i'll try to post the video that my uncle took of the birthday song and me blowing the candle. it's funny. as in embarassing sorta funny. everyone was cracking up cause of some very paiseh-worthy comment a grandaunt made. man..

a group photo. notice the yellow tape behind us ala csi. that was my bro's idea. he's fab! what will i do without him.. i SO need to get him a thank you gift for planning the whole party out.

somehow 2 photos are not appearing. i'll fix it soon.
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Wednesday, November 15, 2006
i think i have a problem. i'm obsessive when it comes to online-shopping. i distract myself by surfing online for stuff. click and whirring along. few weeks later, there's a package for me in the mailbox. yay-ness! i seriously need to STOP. yeah right..

saturday night with the girlies. it was a blast! the dinner. the yapping. the drinks. the ambience. and most importantly, the company. love you all, MUCHO! sorry i was distracted half of the time. do NOT do this! --> aliah + soccer match = a distracted, don't pay attention to what else is happening around her aliah - no kidding! she will be glued to the damn tv. i swear, i'm not doing it on purpose. it's just a natural thing to do. watch soccer. hah. especially saturdays.

in new york!

happy belated birthday, mariam!

the jalan raya with the SB-OP people was kekek y'all. damn fun! 20 plus goondus and 11 houses to visit. my place was the last stop. it has it's pros and cons. good: i don't need to travel back home. bad: half of the people went home already. oh well. pics will be up as soon as i get hold of em. didn't bring my camera. so yeah.

i'm finally done with my speech. thank god. it could have been better though. oh well. i'm just psyched the hols are nearing. but that means, EXAMS!!! *shrieks in horror*

3 days to the party!
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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
dear jake jagielski, do you exist here in singapore? i'm having a hard time. there's no one here that comes close to you. the way you look at peyton. that, i would die for. even if you're here and gone the next moment. that, i don't mind.

a trip down memory lane. recalling the first time i set my eyes on rufus. i was instantly captivated. he was so intense, it was surreal. i remember a gay top. long hair that i wanted for myself. his eyes were staring right into the camera. sean lennon's penyek voice. i first saw robert schwartzman too. he was wearing 'i love pacino'. his bangs and the hands. how could i forget? that was one night. ironic. they're 2 of my fave people in music. fav singer. fav band's lead singer.

i'm supposed to post about hari raya. so, here goes. this year was different. i had an assignment due the next day. yes, the day after raya. i had a 9 o'clock class. six party talks with north korea. wtf? of course, prior to raya day, i chuck my stuff aside. there was soo many things to be done, i swear. hah. i was jotting down things in my tiny notebook while house-visiting. that was fun. yeah right. here are the pictures.

the family - my mother's side

all the ladies

i love brownies. i love teddy. i dig roy orbison. never knew falsetto was THAT hot. and i keep thinking of patrick in his maroon hoodie everytime i listen to 'in dreams'. i'm obsessed with that hoodie. I WILL GET IT! peppermint mocha, come to mummy. man, i need chooX2 to wake up and plan the party with me!

forsake the logic. of perfect plans. a perfect moment slip through our hands.

do you remember summerfling?

i miss you so.
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

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Friday, November 03, 2006

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006
they came, all dressed up!

there was batcat!

his fellow cape crusader, supercat!

and snow cat with her owner!

what a halloween!

i'm feeling a tad looney. 3 papers on friday. my brains will be fried by the weekends. ARGH! can't wait till january. if you don't already know.. IL DIVO IS COMING TO SINGAPORE Y'ALL!!! and i'm SO going.

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