Wednesday, March 30, 2005
when i was studying management like eons ago. hehe.. i like the sound of that. though it's not necessarily true. i only ended school like months ago. not too long eh. anyway, for hrm we did performance appraisal and whatnot. it's weird now. cause being in the receiving end is totally different than reading from a text. i was sitting down with my manager discussing about my performance at work. it suddenly feels real. very unlike the way ms tee taught it in class. she ought to be electrocuted for making it soo bloody dry. it was a pain for me personally. no offense to those of you who adore her. shoot me if you will but i have my own opinions.

just recently i made an amazing discovery. fine. i'm exaggerating. as usual. but that's the way it should be right? or else, life would be so empty. and boring. just the way ms tee sees it. muahaha.. ok. i don't mean that. i just don't get her. that's all. so stiff. so.. square? where was i? oh ya, i realise that a malay family; known for it's large number and being the boisterous pack as compared to it's fellow counter-races resembles freakily like an italian family. not only do we have the mob mentality, the 'you mess with my family, you mess with me' shit. we also exist as an entity. one strong foundation that keeps breeding and breeding. yes, i have the statistics. the malays are popping babies like mad. just take a look at my own family. i don't even know some of the kids names. everytime there's a family function i'll go, "who's that?"

lately it's been work and tv for me. hey, it's more like blur's coffee and tv that goes like this..

so give me coffee and tv, please hurry
i've seen so much, i'm going blind
and i'm braindead virtually
socialability is hard enough for me
take me away from this big bad world
and agree to marry me
so we can start over again

ooh.. and there's a really cute guy i like on tv. again. and his name is joey gilbert. he's in the contender. damn. he looks good.. realy realy good..
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Friday, March 18, 2005
i am an embarassment to all women. i do not know how to cook. or how to do household chores. apart from the simple ones like sweeping, mopping, doing the laundry, washing the dishes. those activities that even a numbskull is able to undertake. i should be ashamed of myself. but i'm not. i feel guilty though. i know i'm not the only one.

a call from my mummy made the light bulb hovering over my head flicker. early morning she called to wake me up and at the same time instruct me to cut and cook the vegetables. my only response, "how?" and the occasional, "i dunno. how to do?" only to be replied by a curt, "you must learn or you'll never know." ouch.

men loathe women like me. where do all the traditional girls go? they wonder. the one that cooks and takes care of the family while the men are away at work. they are still around, mind you. it's just that the numbers are dwindling. sadly. the term house husband is creating it's own niche. much to my amusement. is it move along boys, it's time for girls to conquer the world now? not. stop any possible notions of me being a feminist. cause i'm not. i advocate equality not one-sideness. no gender is greater than the other.

anyhow, i'm obsessed with the show without a trace. it's terrifying. of course it's one of my favourite. like duh. wednesday nights just aint the same without midnight fbi drama for me. it's a void that can only be filled by 3am re-runs of season 2 on thursdays. is it worth it? i guess so. won't stop me from surfing the net going clickity-clik on season 3 screencaps. which just shows how pathetically tv-consumed i am. it's just me and my tv. a connection no one can understand. not even those other 'tv-addicts' wannabes. what fakes.

you will only know the real me if you see me in front of my tv. and it's very scary..
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005
how do you decide from which store to buy your ramly burger or otak-otak when there's like 4 to 5 vendors selling the same thing at the pasar malam?! cause if you say quality-wise, how to? they look the same. they are prepared the same way. i guess, it's the ingredients that make the difference. as weird as it may sound, i pick the person i buy from based on their style of cooking. the way they look when preparing the food. or the way they greet you when you're seen looking at the food display. other than that, i'll just go, " hmm.. why not i buy from this auntie."
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Thursday, March 10, 2005
the thing about women; i can never understand. and i myself am one. i really pity men. how do you know what to do/say to a woman without offending her or making her sad? you know us. women = emotional. but the thing that i will never fathom is how we are so bloody indecisive.

picture this.

i walked into the supermarket wanting to buy a drink cause i was thirsty and all. had only a few cents so was thinking to myself, "hmm.. why not i buy a couple of other stuff so i can use nets?" was going around the shelves nodding to myself, 'yupyup. that's a good idea. besides, i can buy tidbits! yippee doodle doo.' after browsing i end up at the counter with everything, paid and left. just as i was walking out i went, "eh, where's my drink?"

do you guys get what i'm trying to say? i didn't buy any drink!

go figure that one out.

oh ya, did you know?

i L O V E anwar robinson! i LOVEloveLOVE him. he's just awesome. *sigh* ooh.. and he has a knack of choosing my favourite songs. first it was moon river(one of my ultimate faves), then it was what's going on and the latest, what a wonderful world. i went, "ooh.. *swoon* aah.. he sang my fave song.." and ran all over the place cooing, "i like him.." much to my brothers dismay.
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Wednesday, March 02, 2005
i feel sick to the stomach.
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