Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Can you hear me?
No. No one can hear me.
Nobody knows I am here.
But I can hear them.

sometimes i think you're trying to kill me.
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Monday, September 24, 2007
i think i smell bangkok.

i'm hoping it happens. this december. i swear i'll lose it if i'm being denied once more. next year is too much wait. and why not go twice, if possible. i've been dying to go there anyway.

having siblings is like being a mini-celebrity. especially if their friends know you or vice versa. it's the random, "eh, i saw your brother.." example: both my brothers were approached by two of my friends in separate occasions over the weekend. i thought it was funny. and nice. and i saw my bro's friend and he recognized me. thus, the mini-celebrity theory. while pondering about my mini-celebrity status in the car, i can't imagine not having any siblings. i think i'll go mad cause there's no one else to make fun of or play pranks with. very sad life indeed. maybe cause i know how it feels to have brothers around me. and as much as i complain about how they're mean and bully me all the time - i love them to pieces. gazillion pieces that won't do if i miss a piece.

cause i was sitting alone in class just now, i did my word mural in my notebook. if you see me busily writing, it doesn't necessarily mean i'm copying down notes. i'm listening though. i can multi-task. i was thinking of anything that pops in my head that reminds me of the office.

it's jibberish. it says,'the office this thursday. i cannot wait argh. dwight rocks the one liners. without jim there will be chaos. i want a scranton party now.' i've got another page full of retarded phrases still. i won't disclose that though. it's too mentally challenged. even for someone with my brain capacity. gawd. can't thursday come quickly? i want season four now!!!

see, i've got fat halpert on my desktop. even if the day sucked, i'd smile seeing a jimface.

you don't call retarded people retards. it's bad taste. you call your friends retards. - michael scott, the office
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Thursday, September 20, 2007
rashida jones wasn't seated next to john krasinski. can i say yay?

here's my wishlist. it's pretty demanding. you can ignore it if you want. i'll get these stuff one way or another. or not.

i know i've seen all the episodes like a gazillion times but i just want to own it!

the office season one dvd
the office season two dvd
the office season three dvd

other affordable stuff.

rufus wainwright - release the stars
super furry animals - hey venus!
the thrills - teenagers
pj harvey - stories from the city, stories from the sea

la mome
broken english
big fish
the dreamers
nowhere to go but up
the spanish apartment

i love ny tee
wonder woman tee
maroon hoodie
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007
thank you helaine for introducing me to sarpino's pizza. my family is officially hooked! heh.

i'm usually against remakes. like when a new artist try to have their spin of a classic. they normally desecrate it. like 99% of the time. that's how sure i am. example: sabrina. the one with harrison ford was atrocious. sorry sam. i thought they destroyed the original. like totally. it had no spark. what else. oh ya, remember westlife did an album of old songs by frank sinatra. i thought that was blasphemy! who the hell do they think they are? i hate remakes. i'm all for the original! unless it's zombie movies. they always get better.

but lately, there have been several cases of ooh-i-think-i-might-like-this moments. for starters, i was impressed with boys likes girls version of let go. i normally won't care if someone redid a song cause i will always think that it won't match the original version. like ever. especially if i love the song/movie/tv show etc. but i went, WHOA!

then it was hairspray. translating a musical to a movie is not often easy. especially my favourite broadway musical. i've waited a year for the movie and boy was i blown away. they did justice to the musical. there's only two things that gets on my nerves. (1) the fact that every freaking person now knows about hairspray annoys me endless. like i can never forgive zac efron for making it such a hit with senseless teeny boppers. ugh! he's still cute though. hah. (2) they didn't include my favourite song in the movie. it was played during the credits. wtf?!

right now, i can't wait for across the universe. the movie looks yummy. especially since it's entirely based on songs by the beatles. LOVE! on a side note, someone spelt the beatles, 'the beetles' one time. i thought that was funny and sad at the same time. anyways, i used to dig evan rachel wood until she started morphing herself into dita von teese and began to date marilyn manson. seriously. if you separate all three individuals, i would be alot happier. oh ya, i've got jim sturgess version of 'all my loving' on constant replay.

finally! my bro uploaded the heroes photos. i apologize for the delay.

thanks cindy for the vip pass! *hearts*

someone had a poster that said, 'where's peter?' haha..

i thought this picture was super cool. it accentuates greg grunberg's personality. he's fab!

the lucky four who got up and close. dammit.

masi oka had an adorable expression in this but it's kinda blury. dang! honest to god. the dude is like a walking toy. he's soo CUTE!!!

one for all you mohinder fans. i know there's a couple of you out there. can i say is and sham? muahaha..

here's us after the whole event. it was a blast!

there's was a girl in front of us who went beserk when she saw our copy of the comic. and she went fangirly when i said i like greg grunberg's character. reminds me of me IF i was ever high on steroids or something.

oh ya, i want to thank cindy again. i literally screamed on the phone when she asked if i want to go. haha.. i love the fact that we had a goodie bag that was filled with fun stuff. can't wait to wear my heroes t-shirt and scribble my heroes notebook. *dies* THANK YOU CINDY!

p/s i've got more photos if any of you want to take a look.
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Monday, September 17, 2007
the past week was sorta horrid. it went by in a blur. well, not really. considering i remember most of what happened. it felt like being stuck in a vortex. i've never dread project work before. right now, the mention of group work makes me squirmish. i've never been stuck in so many uncomfortable situations. i'm not a fan of people who won't listen to what others have to say. i don't enjoy public speaking that much. it's fasting month and i'm lazy to talk. everyone's busy talking to someone else anyway.

i think being ignored is my hugest pet peeve in my never-ending list of things that pisses me off.

they say the emmy's this year pretty much sucked. but i don't really care as long as i can get to see the red carpet portion of it. i love e! i've seen the 2 hours of stars talking about what they're wearing and random stuff like their show and what they do to maintain a rocking body, like more than twice. i might see it again. just for the few minutes with john krasinski on it. GAH! i hope that's not rashida jones beside him. ENVY!

i haven't go fangirly on you guys for awhile now.. i'm BAAACK!!! muahaha..

MY jim/john at the emmy's.

he is TOO cute. *dies*

i love the office!!! i can't wait for season 4. next week?

i'm supposed to blog about womad and post the heroes photos. (1) it's like rotten news. (2) my stinky bro haven't upload the freaking pictures! i swear i'll get it up soon.

we had dinner with gaylene, our former world civilization lecturer last friday. it was fun and the place was pretty cool. barefoot dining anyone?

here's us.

i think i'll post a birthday wishlist next.
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Thursday, September 06, 2007
this entry is solely for the cats i've been working on for the past few months.

these cats need help. they have been living in cages for all their lives. it was only recently that they are allowed to roam around the house. i've been working with a fellow caregiver and the cat welfare society in this case for the last few months. we've been sending our furry friends for sterilization. two out of the 13 cats have been adopted out. bless their souls.

the problem: the owner is out of job. there's 11 cats to feed. most of them have been sick. from flu and recently two of the lot suffered severe eye infection. one has been hospitalized. their living condition is horrid. i'm not asking much. if there's anyone looking for cats, maybe you want to adopt one of these lovely kitties. they deserve a kind and loving home. if they don't find new homes soon, they might be put down. i'm praying this doesn't happen though.

if you feel like helping out, somehow. i'm collecting donations of any amount. the money will help buy food and pay their medical bills. currently, there have been kind souls providing financial aid. but the amount is fast depleting with the recent hospitalization of ah ah who has high fever and two ulcers in his eye.

i don't know how long they have. i just hope i can help them as much as i can.

i don't want you guys to pass judgement. what the cats need now is help. if you intend to help out, any way you can, please contact me.

thank you.
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