Monday, December 31, 2007
dear mr obama,
i think you are made of so much win. i'm constantly interested to know what you have to say. your clarity and the way you voice your opinions is highly engaging. i hope you win. as in, the presidential candidate. but first, you need to be the one leading your party. loads of luck.


i sound like i'm infatuated. maybe i am. when was the last time i was interested in politics? never. maybe 2 years ago. when john kerry had a go. other than that, my interest in politics is close to zero. not that i don't give a damn. i'm a libran. as much as i am extreme in my choices, i like to remain neutral in this area of life. balance is the key. truth is, i hate taking sides. i hate comparisons cause there's never a basis to begin with. but this year, it's slightly different.

so, why do i think senator barack obama rocks?

1. you need to hear what he have to say. his plans are so clear, a non-political individual like me can understand it under two seconds.

2. he is honest. even about past mistakes. i like the fact that he's fully aware of what he's getting into and he made no attempts of empty promises/perfection, often citing that he is doing everything to his best capabilities.

3. he's got a youtube account where he post his videos. rallies and such. i wish i could see him speak. even if i'm not a part of the city he's convincing. i blame across the universe and my undying dream of becoming a hippie circa 1960's. a movement. that's all i ask. before i die, please.

4. he has a myspace page. anyone can friend him. it's pretty cool. the others are doing the same but he's the most popular, i think.

5. he uses twitter! like seriously, can this guy be any cooler? or shall i say, enterprising?

as for the typical shallow reasoning.

1. oprah got his back. big time. i LOVELOVELOVE the interview she did with him and his wife. so personal and the level of respect i have for him just increases from there.

2. unlike my peers at the office, i didn't check my facebook during work. what did i do? i was reading articles on senator's obama political standing. how he's fairing as compared to senator clinton? the people's opinion. THAT, i love to read. the polls make a freakin difference baby.

3. cause professor sachs was the one who first introduced me to him. he shared with the class one day. told us there's a new presidential candidate representing the democrats. barack obama. there's a anecdote about his name. i thought it was very witty and i'm hooked since. i swear, i'm genuinely interested.



i'm reading chekhov right now. sometimes i wish there's friends who share the same interest in books apart from the occasional titles. i'm tired of people scoffing when they see my book titles.

how do i want to spend the hours leading to 2008?

at home. away from human beings. in front of the telly. not watching the countdown. cause it's dumb. i'm tired. terribly lazy beyond words. i only want my cats, books, food and music. occasional movies maybe. i don't really want to think right now.

my wish for 2008.

1. i wish for people to stop complaining cause no one gives a damn anyway.
2. clarity


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

because i said so.
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Saturday, December 29, 2007
since my emo-ness has yet to subside, i like to present the only poem i'll ever be proud of. for it to be displayed here is exceptional. since i'm such a recluse. ever the private person that i am. and i'm not even a celebrity! what's the fear? i'd say, everything. shock, shock. horror, horror. i write all the time. i just don't talk about it. 2008 is going to be IT. i'll make it happen. i don't make resolutions. cause i believe that people make them only to procrastinate.

while thinking of my parents and how much i miss them, (i'm too much of a spoilt brat/baby to even make use of their absence from home to party or do something dumb. it's just not me) i remember my first ever published poem. i remembered dad being so proud. even buying the collection of poetry. mine was just a fraction of a page. but he, he chalked up 50 bucks to get the book. i still have it. stowed in that dusty cupboard of mine. i've always figured it'll take baby steps.

so, here's the poem. it's called, the pessimist's sorrow. you can find it HERE. i was an angsty teenager but i don't rebel, rebel. not towards my parents. i love them too much. argh. i miss them so much. so yeah. basically, i hated the world. i hated people (worse were the malay girls who bullied me just cause i'm 'different' - i will never forget). i hated the way things operate. i still do. i'm just not pessimistic anymore. why? i find reasons not to. easy said then done. finding peace and being at ease is extremely difficult. i'm just glad i've attained it. i like to think that, i'm a spiritual person right now. the world. it ends.

i recall fondly and hauntingly vividly. after reading my poem my mum asked me, "why so sad?" and i replied, "because the world is, mak." my mum being my mum. "well, it doesn't have to be." the littlest lessons in life are easy and at times bloody obvious. they are right in front of you. but sometimes you're too caught up to realise. and those times, you need people to show them to you.

OH GOD! can january 12 come soon?!

oh ya, did i mention? I CANNOT FREAKIN WAIT FOR NARF'S FIRST ISSUE! fyi: narf zine is a zine that my bro, me and our group of friends are currently working on. do give us your undying support. you can check out our empty website HERE. or add us on facebook. i'll get our myspace up and running. oh ya, i'll get copies. yes they'll be in print too. two bloody articles written by yours truly. i simply CANNOT wait. and now to the second issue. fark.
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Wednesday, December 26, 2007
there's nothing i hate more than people taking their time at the atm machine. c'mon, i take less than 5 minutes when it's my turn. IT'S NOT THAT HARD RIGHT??? and please. don't help your whole family to take out their money. have the courtesy to look behind at the queue. everyone is waiting. i can never get how people can make others wait while they take their time. isn't it selfish? if i have a couple of transactions, i'll prolly go to different atm machines for the various transactions. god bless ibanking.

i think that life is pretty screwed up. i love the idea of irony but at times it's just not as funny. seriously. people complain about bad service. working at starbucks, i learn the importance of the customer first policy. but to get moronic, good-for-nothing customers is not worth it. in addition to that, to be the brunt of the bad customer service is another issue altogether. i like to think that with my 3 years of f&b experience, i make a pretty nice customer. i hate it when i smile, say hello and order my things nicely - i have sales assistants or customer service people giving me the black face or TO MY HORROR, scoffing at ME?! DUDE?! I COULD KILL YOU. SERIOUSLY. i mean it. i don't get it. you have nice people serving horrible customers. and have great customers served by demonic service people. THE IRONY! HOW MORONIC?!

the past week was fun. had a slumber party at helaine's. i'm lazy to post all the photos tho. check it out HERE. and the xmas get-together went great. secret santa was screwed up since everyone knew who their present was from. ugh. i hate when these things happen. i'm pretty anal about such details. i'm psychotic, i know.

i had a chat with sandeep about the future. we were freaking out about my impending graduation. well, i was panicking about dealing with the idea of not going to school anymore. i can always further but it's not in my immediate plan. and he. well, he was counting the years till he graduate. which is about 3 years from now. hah. i'm surprise. after all these years, he's fully aware of the person that i am. which is interesting. he not being around. it goes to show that you don't need to be around the person 24/7 to know, know them well. dude, i got your back if you decide to pursue your dreams of being a professional playa.

anyways, it got me thinking. like the friendships i have so far. true that we agree to disagree. but i will always feel like the odd one out. always. i don't mind but i'm starting to think that it does make a difference. in it's little ways. bugging me one way or another. but i'm either too chicken shit to confront anyone about it or just plain lazy to even bother. i especially abhor that we possess different thinking systems. i'm not saying we all should totally be the same. but, it's like i absolutely don't get the way everyone is shaping their life. like it's a check list. and the madness. academia?! where will that be when we're dead?

there have been others whom i feel in total unison. we're pretty much in sync apart from the occasional differences and the squabbling but it's different. at the end of the day, i think interest is a necessity. being able to relate is such comfort. i've always taken refuge with others who get what i'm saying. even if half of the time, i'm talking jibberish.

it's the time of the month. i'm never emo otherwise.
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Tuesday, December 18, 2007
i suck. i apologize for not turning up/cancelling. this week has been a blur. so many things happening. so many places to be at. more to come. i hope i don't disappoint anyone else.

here's me displaying my remorse.

i lied. i just wanted an oppurtunity to use this picture. gah!

i haven't touch the TV for 3 days. it's worrying. my back hurts cause i've been staring at the computer screen far too long. both at work and home. i've been sleeping at 4am in the morning everyday. you don't want to know why. i need to stop rewatching the history boys before i literally drop dead. my obsession is brinking dangerously on temporary insanity. i seek help. how? i think i need to go out more. meet real people. only then will i stop thinking of jamie parker and his delicious voice. no more reruns please. i need to distract myself. ugh.

mosaic is looking pretty awesome. here's why.

(1) harry connick jr. *screams* i must admit, he's the one who made me fall in love with jazz. and he's possibly responsible for me digging flappers. well, kinda. and he sings one of my favourite songs of all time, it had to be you.

i cannot believe he's coming to singapore. I WANT TO GOGOGO! anyone interested? i don't mind going alone if there's no one.

(2) sondre lerche

i credit is for introducing me to this norwegian singer. i remember is hyperventilating when she saw dimas' multiply. the dude had the chance to meet the man himself. *envious* LET'S GO?

(3) the bird and the bee

i dig them. i want to see their live set. i want to sing, "again and again" x100. heh.

i'm going to be SO broke. march is this year's january. but i simply cannot say no.


i am seriously disturbed that i don't fancy the spanish apartment as much as i think i would. maybe it's the hype. cause i felt like i was expecting more. i still can't figure it out. this is so odd.

still undergoing music enlightenment, i discovered the band, the hoosiers via nevermind the buzzcocks. the singer looks like a cross between ben stiller and a chimp. but his voice is fab. and they've got a cool sound. i've got goodbye mr a stuck in my head. catchy, i must say.

is it just me or am i interested in gypsy and balkan folk? beirut. gogol bordello. patrick & eugene.
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Sunday, December 16, 2007
i cannot help it. i'm obssessed with the history boys. this movie is made of so much win - i want to burst! sorry if you're the unlucky few i've been yapping to. why didn't i watch it earlier? why didn't i watch it when i was sitting for my 'a' levels? i think i might have done better. tons better. seriously.

and my favourite history boy? scripps, of course. jamie parker is normally not my kind of a hot guy. but there's something about him. a sparkle. to quote mr margorium's wonder emporium. he's adorable. resembles a hobbit with blonde hair. has a deliciously sexy deep voice. he plays the piano. he's going to be in tom cruise's next movie. valkyrie. the one with the controversy. i am SO watching.

he is too cute. ooh, guess which is jamie? the one on the right or left? i know. both make really adorable HOBBITS! another version of merry and pippin. heh.

since i'm feeling delirious. here's just some of the quotes i thought was pretty funny. kinda bordering on blasphemy though.

Scripps: It's what you don't do.
Dakin: You don't *not wank*? Jesus, you're headed for the bin.
Scripps: It's not for ever.
Dakin: Yeah? Well, tell me on the big day and I'll stand well back.
Dakin: So how would you say thank you?
Scripps: Same as you probably. On my knees.
Wilkes: One day it will save your life.
Posner: Nothing saves anyone's life sir. It just postpones their death.
Wilkes: You're letting yourself down. You're letting God down.
Lockwood: What's God got to do with it?
Wilkes: Listen, boy. This isn't your body.
Lockwood: No?
Wilkes: This body is on loan to you from God.
Lockwood: Fuck me!
Wilkes: I heard that. Give me twenty.
Lockwood: Twenty what, Hail Marys?
Wilkes: Do it.

The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - that you'd thought special, particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you've never met, maybe even someone long dead. And it's as if a hand has come out, and taken yours.


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Friday, December 14, 2007
kl was kl. nice substitute for bangkok. for now. surprisingly no bags. just clothes and shoes. whee! i did some photo taking. i'll load it up on my flickr page. it's HERE. i've got all kinds of random shots. it's pretty empty now. with my new ricoh reddish-pink camera which is made of awesomeness, if i might add - i will go clickety click. most of them will be photos of my cats or clouds. cause one, my cats are phenomenal. two, i love clouds and the shape they make. if only they were as fluffy.

here's a shot. very manhattan-ish, i think.

oh ya, thats the view from my hotel room.


the samsung yp-t10 mp3 player is made of so much win. I LOVE IT! seriously. it's light. sound quality is fab. i think it's pretty slick. one thing i hate though. fingerprint stains. other than that, i think it rocks. so far, i think the battery life is pretty solid. it's been my constant companion since i got it.

here's me posing with my new gadget.

i think it's garnered quite a few fans. heh. i'm thinking of video taping the response of friends who are digging it. kinda like the geek in the pink video. shall credit mr mraz. oh, i can get discounts for those of you who intend to get it. how much? i'm not sure yet. but i have a feeling it'll be good.


nothing fancy for my holidays. my aunt and granny are staying over for the month while my parents are away for haj. it's been interesting. i realise i'm quite bossy. especially when it comes to conserving the energy. switch off the lights puh-leeze! argh.

we did went for an after-exams party held by the nus kids. it was fun. i don't dig the scene but i love to dance. ok. well, not exactly dancing. more like flapping my hands around. basically, moving. i think i make a funny dancer. it's dark anyway. and there's far too many sexy dancers. gah!


i've encountered what i like to term, music enlightenment. i've never been so excited to discover new bands for quite sometime now. it's like. one band after the other. the past few weeks has been fruitful. the amount of new acts i'm digging = YAY! like totally. i can't believe i took such a long time to realise. man, i'm slow. i feel so ketinggalan zaman (translation: behind time/era). but still.

from patrick wolf to duke special. through duke special i heard neil hannon's voice. amazing shit. deep, deep voice. then, i realise he's got a band called the divine comedy. oh-so-quirky. HEARTS! just recently, i stumble across beirut. natalie portman was talking about them on trl. zach condon is a genius. i am floored. so young, such talent. i'm impressed.

there's nothing sexier than a guy with an accordion. for me at least. THE perfect musical instrument.


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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

the pubic speaking paper was alright, i guess. but marketing. three, no. make it six words. NOT ENOUGH TIME, MR DA SILVA! seriously. i was scrambling. well, i wasn't alone. cause most of my classmates were shaking their heads after the paper, complaining they didn't finish their paper. ugh. WHY?! i dig this module. i hope it'll turn out good.

our way of celebrating our post exam status is by paying a visit to orchard road when its raining cats and dogs. my shoes and socks were soaked. why? cause i've got holes. but everything was all fun and dandy. even though i was coughing like crazy. my lungs hurt and i've got a splitting headache.

but wait!

i 'met' jim/john! the photo won't work. i'll get it up someday. sigh.

my phone died. return to life. and died again yesterday. farewell, polly jean. i love thee. right now, i have a new baby. she's called PJ. a tribute to my fallen phone. isn't she lovely?

oh ya, i think i'm getting a free samsung yp-t10 mp3 player. tomorrow?

can't wait to try it out. you guys will be able to try it out too. i'm sharing the love. well, sorta.


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Monday, December 03, 2007
two more days to the first paper, bitches.

i'm gonna rock the finals like polly jean harvey, y'all.

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