Thursday, May 26, 2005
so bo lost. the american public is getting boring every year. why can't they pick an over-aged southern rocker for a change? put carrie in any situation and i can bet you she'll get a record done.

a) singing in a run-down pub amidst drunkard men (1 will bound to be a record producer somehow)

b) entering a low-class talent show in her hometown (she could be oklahoma idol for goodness sake!)

c) busking at orchard mrt station (c'mon. she's good looking. you won't NOT notice her. ken lim will whisk her off to his studio. if not, dick lee can always cast her in his numerous musicals.)

anyhow, i'm not surprised that bo lost. but no worries, he'll get a record. remember what clive davis said last week?

american idol aside, my latest 'obsession'; as some of you might already know, i do this on a monthly basis; is il divo. aren't they a talented bunch? so what if my bro keep yelling, "il homo" or "il gayo" everytime i have them on the pc screen. they are currently playing on the background by the way. listen to, 'mama'. it's soo.. argh! ooh.. and the tenor from america is darn cute. he prolly has the largest mouth. =) he's voice is soo.. argh!

i haven't been hearing from my friends for quite some time now apart from the random smses. i hope all are doing well in their respective shells. do crawl out and give me a ring to meet up or catch up alright. i miss you goons. reading from your blogs isn't satisfying enough. i need to hear your voices. look at your face and touch you guys. ok, the last bit sounds perverse but yeah. i just want to hold on to something tangible. you get what i mean?

school for me, is fun. seriously.
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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
is it too early to say..

my friends are R A D !
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Sunday, May 15, 2005
it's been a whirlwind experience. didn't really know where i'll end up when i received my results. everyone was rooting to enter either nus or ntu. i, on the other hand was feeling rather uncertain. i didn't have the hopes of my friends. the local u's where not everything to me. sure, there's the prestige in entering one. some say it's the lure of credibility. i didn't buy the whole thing. all i know, i wanted to get away from the singapore education system as soon as possible. it was never catered to me. not only was i stuck in mediocrity amidst my peers, i was struggling to 'fit' in the mould that has been created for all of us when we embark on our educational journey. in other words, i was the average student who can't seem to 'shine' in my studies. i was always never here nor there. my parents were always anxious about me. though they don't show it too often(cause they know i'll flip if they do so), there was always this; is-my-daughter-going-to-make-it feel or look. nonetheless, they have and will always have faith in me.

there's a reason why i'm not joining my friends in the local universities. and that's i don't belong there. and no.. i'm not trying to comfort myself. it's the truth. don't pity me for i am happy being where i am right now. i just hope i'll do much better. since it's freedom for me! no more do's and don't's to abide to. my only worry now, plagiarism and the course fee. i have to admit. it's ridiculous. the fees, that is. but my parents are really excited for me and i'm equally excited so i'm staying put. let's just hope we can settle the payments promptly.
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Saturday, May 07, 2005
"when is scv coming back?" "still don't have internet?" "i want to watch my favourite show!" *grumbles and sulks one corner* "pay the bills already?" "i need to check my mail!" *stuck to watching free-to-air channels*

i survived 3 weeks plus of no scv. no cable. i didn't die! i almost did though.. man, that was damn bloody tough. i can't live without these things! let me quote from a favourite musical. 'these are my favourite things.. lalala..' i'm so happy i'm doing my happy dance. it feels good.. i'm so accustomed to channel 10+ and beyond it feels weird having only like 5 choices. aah.. this is SO much better. i loveLOVElove my scv!!!

school started for me just now. had my orientation which turned out to be fun. in case some of you weren't informed, i was accepted to do communications in SIM. yuppie doodle doo.. i know. i know.. didn't tell some of you. but i ain't a speakerbox. i don't go around announcing my fate after a levels. hee.. that's just me i guess. anyway, met new folks. it's a different gameball here in SIM. i got to study like an 'american' since the course is from new york and all. it's refreshing. ideal for someone like me who has been yearning to escape the super rigid education system of singapore.

at the moment, i'm trying to settle down. get my classes started. try to work on my schedule. how to juggle studies with work. yaya.. think i know some of you will probably urge me to stop working. the thing is. i can't. cause i really need the money for transportation plus my textbooks cost a bomb. not going to ask money from my parents. i already asked to much by sending me to the school. period. besides, i already have extra income. it feels good to have cash in hand and not depend on others. seriously. you should try it yourself.

i came up with an idea. well.. it's not really my idea. oprah popularise it. i just thought i'll do it for fun. i've been reading some great books and i figured, "why not share with others?" so here how it goes. it's called a book club. i'll feature a book every month. you guys can get hold of the book and read it. at the end of the month, i'll be doing a short write-up on the book. for those who also read the book you can share with me and the rest on what you think. you guys like the idea?

lesson learnt:
the mind is weak without will power.
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