Wednesday, January 25, 2006
i will follow the herd. i will list in NO PARTICULAR ORDER the men in my life. just cause i can't decide who i like more than the other. this is my list. enjoy!

here goes..

trent's like the brit boy i can never have. he's the one with the eyes that bores right straight into my heart and left it fluttering. intense balls! that quote about love was heart-wrenching!

i couldn't find a decent photo of aaron! argh! this will do. cause he's super hot as pyro. sizzling! he's the one with the cherubic face. especially the lower part of his face. soo CUTE! i say, he's the anti-hollywood guy.

justin, justin, justin.. he's like my very own tortured artist. first saw him in mulholland drive and wham! i'm in love! haha.. there's something about him that's awfully attractive to me. smouldering? tall, dark and handsome? i can't really put a finger to it.

this has got the be one of my all-time fave picture of christian! and boy, i've been a fan ever since i'm a tweenager! that's like way before grouchy batman. he's got this knack for doing accents and is bloody versatile. i remember wanting to be a vegetarian cause of him.

my sexiest man ever. i don't care if he looks scruffy in this picture. he's THE most sexiest man ever. to me. post-soundgarden. pre-audioslave is where i best like him. in the middle of euphoria morning. i like.. lovely. lovely man.

i heart rooney! and i heart robert! wasn't he just adorable in the princess diaries? didn't you go, 'aww..' everytime he looks at mia with those puppy dog eyes. darn it! i just love the way he goes beserk whenever they're performing. with that hair of his!

one, two, three, ayam and me scream, "JOAQUIN!!!" man, this guy is such a brooding character. so what if everyone else seems to disagree. i especially like this photo. i didn't notice how good he look from the side view. gorgeous jawline. can't wait for walk the line!

carmine is a mix of everything nice. he's got a dose of italian in him. some new york flavour. hot, hot, hot! he's the kind you'll miss in the first frame. i took like half a season of csi ny to notice him! like wtf?!

aah! my panas boy! life is unfair cause garrett's in LA and i'm in singapore. sigh.. so this boy is like my dream prom date. he being around the same age and all. he's super hot in four brothers. with that 4 to 5 inch high hair of his. damn nice ah..

sebby! you're so lofty! i still adore you anyways. now i know better not to scream cause.. his voice is AMAZING people! goosebumps. tingling. a good kinda squirmish feeling. aah.. what a heavenly voice! *melts*

i think i'm done. that was alot of work! i'm off to zzz.
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Monday, January 23, 2006
so i'm broke. not even exaggerating. the 7th seems a galaxy away. i have a knack of wasting my money when i need it the most. i have to borrow. being in debt is like mental imprisonment. i'm the sort of person who, if i owe people money, will constantly remind myself every single hour that a certain amount has to be paid to someone somewhere. so, if i owe you money. fret not. i have it ingrained in this puny head of mine. i will pay you asap! oh ya, before chinese new year?

one word to describe school. argh.

i don't want to work anymore.

the word is listless.

you say
i just can't help myself
i really really wish i could be
somewhere else
than here.

my sentiments exactly.

the fridge has got to STOP making that annoying sound!

so i have to apologize to someone for linking. thousand apologies.

few shout outs.

i miss you too dude. your opinions are always needed. just not now cause i don't have anything on me. THAT boring..

i miss alot of people. those i haven't seen for more than 6 weeks better book a date cause it's way past my 6-weeks rule. got that? i read it from somewhere. something about being distant. not seeing each other for so long. 'busy' is an excuse. there's always time. like what dr. hocking wrote in his course syllabus, "you can not make it only if you're hospitalised or DEAD!" so there.

and mima stop asking my to buy cds cause i'm broke! argh..

dear handsome admirer
i always think that you’re a very nice fellow
but suddenly you make me feel so mellow
every time you say: “HELLO!”

maybe i'm eleanor rigby?
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Thursday, January 19, 2006
i need to be S.H.O.T.

the only things i'm good at?

wasting money.

mocking others.

getting annoyed.

right now, only razorlight's somewhere else makes sense.

i just can't help myself..
i really really wish i could be..

and i got myself this. for free. phew! and it's huge-ass. *screams and runs around*

many thanks to the folks at gramaphone. love you all!
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

bloody hell. i HAVE to HAVE this! let's all pray that aliah gets this poster. or else..
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Friday, January 06, 2006
i got the tix! franz ferdinand here we come! me and ayam's gonna rock the bleachers. hell yeah!

was wondering if there's any kings of convenience fans out there? i'm finding kakis to go their concert in march. anyone? i know some of you may utter to yourselves, "wah! this girl so much money ah?" NO! i'm working my ass off to save up for such pleasurable pursuits. i'm earning.. and scraping.. and 'killing' myself in the process. so, it's all worthwhile. besides, 2006 is such an amazing start. can't believe oasis is here. though i can't go see em. to compensate for that lost, i'm going for franz ferdinand. i'm so lucky, lucky, lucky! then there's kings to look forward to. damn. i HAVE to catch them. HAVE TO! i'm hoping i'll get to see the sun's at the sembawang music fest or something like that. i want to go, 'Cececiliiiiaaaa..!!' who's going for that?

we gotta plan early people!

i die-die want to go bangkok fest but it won't work. the expenses and all. have to come up with the money by now(?!) like what the fuck? so mima, i ENVY you. to hell with all the drama. SOAK IT ALL UP dude. and make me more jealous by ranting all about it once you're back. dammit. how come you get to go? argh. hate it. i will never let go of the fact that you get to see placebo and i don't. blardy hell la.

few discoveries in a day's work.

german dudes are hawt! peroxide yellow blonde hair with piercing blue eyes. balls..[aliah stares at that german fella from afar] think john robinson in elephant. smokin!

english dudes who calls you 'sweetheart' and 'my love' are a catch. you wipe your specs only to realise that they're like 50 years older than you! eww.. but still. aww..

i'm so used to seeing foreigners at my store that the sight of them don't affect me much anymore. y'know how we all use to go, "ahh.. ang moh ah.. so handsome!"

to that psycho-bitch online seller, "embrassez mon bout!"
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
i need to be sedated.

Image hosted by

the only thing that makes me high is il divo. i don't need drugs. i don't need cigs. i'm SO not cool. and i don't give a damn.

i just need ancora. the 2006 calender. that poster that was dumped in a corner at gramaphone. damn. i want that so badly. ok magazine (us publication). what else eh?

the next person who says il divo is a bunch of gays need to be shot. they're not! so deal with it.

i'm such a nerd.

i just wish i was in the uk. the fans there get all the privileges. envy.. envy.. envy..

i have a superpower y'all! i can sleep while being sandwiched in a crowded mrt. and i mean sleep. not nap. not batting the eyelids. open close kinda 'sleep'. its close eyes and don't wake up until jurong east mrt.


cause you are the light by which i travel into this and that - thanks mimi!
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