Saturday, November 13, 2004
i want to be a bollywood actress for a day.

just one day..

and i'm not kidding!

get swirl into the kind of romance..

bollywood style

and my choice of leading men.. yes, i want 2!

sigh.. he was super duper hot in lagaan. really..

little clothes, hairy chest, sweaty arms just did it for me. and those intense eyes.. HOT-ilicious! he's 40 for goodness sake!

*swoon* ok, ok. he's not your typical handsome-looking hindi actor. in fact, i don't think he's THAT handsome. he's just way sexy. and manly. very! knees. go. wobbly.

tall, dark and handsome. besides, he's got the bachan blood. so what if he's not as gorgeous as his dad. think he's *sigh* sexy.

see! he's got the skills to woo any girl.. 'me! me! me! puh-leeze..'

note: the writer has been self-diagnose with an illness called 'temporary bollywood giddyness'. do send fruits and flowers to her home, wishing for her to get well soon. VERY SOON! she might lapse into a bollywood coma if not nursed back to health.

p/s i'm thinkin, ca, you're prolly having a good laugh out of this right?
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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
i'm going to set the record straight. i'm so going to let it all out. damn. it's just a movie. heck. i've no idea why i'm being over-sentimental about it. i get offended when someone say it's 'typical' or 'mediocre'. i'm surprised with the response. me and my bro love the movie. and we watched it at the comfort of out couch. it was a hoot.

shark tale is NOT another finding nemo.

whoever has that idea ought to be shot. it's not even a reproduction of finding nemo. yes, i do love finding nemo. but shark tale is a different movie altogether. i guess the similarities are too much of a coincidence. that's because the makers got the idea by watching nemo and his escapades dimwit.

the setting: time square, new york

notice how hard they tried to model the city to time square. i thought it was a feat. considering they had the taxis talking in a foreign twang. one is indian, if i'm not mistaken. the advertisements and stuff. that was cool..

the characters

they have human expressions! that's so original. notice that wan ru? they even resemble the actors that provided the voice-overs! have to agree that at some point, will smith was getting annoying. but who can resist lenny.


ain't he a cutie?

so adorable! a vegetarian shark! wong might click with him. haha..

no basis of comparison

have an open mind before watching shark tale. if you're thinking, 'this is not like finding nemo', hell yeah. it's not. cause it's nothing like it. don't have reservations at the back of your head. i think you just have to treat it in it's own form. so what if they're all fishes? fish=finding nemo. not necessarily what. they just happened to be of the same species. wider variation on shark tale though. there's the sharks, octopus, whale.. etc.

note: in case you don't notice, i'm being bias here. very.
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Saturday, November 06, 2004
i've been spending the measly hours online(the time has been severedly cut) surfing through people's profiles and looking at their pictures on friendster. don't ask me why? lately, i tend to find humour by doing the most redundant things. take this friendster thing for an example. i can browse from one page to another finding fault with what someone wrote or a photo that depicts a certain something. indeed, a picture does speaks a thousand words. based on my countless researching, i finally managed to identify a current pattern. the out-of-the bed look. nope. it's not the harmless, 'ooh, lookie here. i just woke up' photo. the picture often screams, 'see! it's me and my boyfriend/girlfriend. we just had s.e.x!' yayaya.. i know i might be generalising but seriously. why would you have a picture of you and your darling/dearest/sweetie pie/honey buns/mummy/daddy/wife/husband in YOUR ROOM (heck. whoever's room it is. you two are in a room ALONE! wonder what you guys were doing prior to the picture-taking)? and did i mention, normally one individual is often shirtless. showing their bare skin to the lense. what is that all about? ooh ooh.. focus on their faces. there's this 'look'. *shudders*

oh ya, did i tell you guys that it's a hoot to watch the 9pm chinese drama, 'the champion'. i don't know why.. but i find delight in watching it. not for entertainment value, mind you. i don't get it actually. the whole hoo-haa over that show. there's nothing credible about it. except maybe polar bear's presence. man, he's cute. sorry to those who loves this show. it's comical. i think it'll make a fab comedy. i can laugh at something as dumb as the pre-timed jumps into the pool(just watch how leslie does it) to fiona xie's constipated face everytime she's with toro a.k.a his face reminds me of a rat and whenever that annoying girl with the japanese bangs come between them. aww.. a love triangle. no. make it two! and what's with that jeanette aw? just for useless information, i pronounce her surname 'aw' as, 'ooh' instead. you can stick an ironing board up her back and she won't feel it. try it. i think i should stop here. although there's really no end to the humour. muahaha.. i've already incurred the wrath of 'the champion' die-hard fans. man, i'm in deep-shit.

p/s this is what you get when you're clearly OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM.
i know i am.

does this sound familiar guys?
(think gp compre paper)

one must make choices,
before fate makes the choice for you.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
i want john kerry to win.


i really want him to win.

america seriously need a fresh start. that's what his campaign promises. i believe in him. although he tend to be ambigious.. (which is inadvisable for a president, mind you) hey, just like me! right helaine? but he does have credibility. i trust he will change the current situation. maybe alter the world's opinion of america? who knows?

i wish i could vote.

a vote could make a difference.


not another day of bush's day.

i have a funny feeling about this.

it ain't going my way.
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