Wednesday, April 27, 2005
i have no cable.

i have no internet.

i am dying.
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Thursday, April 21, 2005
this just in.

i'm a cd-holic. i desperately need help. but there's no treatment for me. ever heard of cd-holic anonymous? not me. so where do i go for help? i don't think there's a cure.

ok, that's lame shit. seriously, i need to stop splurging my money on cds. i'm weird. unlike ordinary girls. i don't spend my money on clothes, make-up or what-have-yous. Rather have a good meal or a damn good cd before i consider any thoughts of 'girl shopping'. am i what you call a 'low-maintenance' girl? the kind that pretty, all dolled-up girls like to fuss about and go, "eww..".

music and movies are my world. you can't take my discman and tv away from me. they are like my air. i function with their aid.

latest news.

i just got a kitten! yayness. it wasn't planned or anything. dad was of course angry at me for adding another member to the already big brood of cats we have here at home. sowwie!

dad: next time you see any cat just bring home okay (intended to be sarcastic)
me : really ah?!

her name is, spot. yea, we have come to a conclusion that she's in fact a female. for those of you who doesn't know about the story.. basically, my dad and me were arguing about the gender. for a few days we only addressed her as 'it'. haha.. her picture will be posted soon. now using my bro's account so can't access to my photo place thingy.
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Sunday, April 10, 2005
this might sound unsettling. i miss school. so much i can't wait to get in. i'm getting bored at work. it's the same shit day in and day out. and my job is supposed to be fun. it is. i gotta admit but i'm dead bored. i need something to stimulate my mind. something new everyday. argh! i wana go to school! i guess its the lack of connection in my workplace that is slowly making me drift away. i do have friends there. sadly, none that i can go wide-eyed and talk non-stop with. no sparks. no chemistry. friendships like relationships need these things. trust me. or else, it'll fail or be dead boring. like where i am right now.

i do get time off to enjoy like i normally do. last week itself, went on a 'movie marathon'. watched stage beauty and be cool. stage beauty is a must-watch people. especially to those who took othello during the a's. i caught myself mouthing the lines. ain't that cool? although there were some parts i disagree with. like the one about desdemona fighting for her life. if i'm not wrong, she just lay there and continued to defend cassio's innocence. right? apart from a few disagreements, it's got to be one of my favourite so far this year. be cool is just a laugh-out-loud kinda movie. not too bad. by the way, you don't have to catch get shorty to understand this one. get that sandeep?

i seriously don't get the hype about xiaxue's blog. feel that the whole thing is over-rated. yeah, she writes good stuff. but good ain't great to me. it's normal chatter. the difference between her and us is that she's got the time to put it into words. like what my bro said, "she bitches about stuff" and people enjoy reading it. period. i'm not saying that i'm better or what. just that i think it sucks that she's got a weekly column in the new paper and i've got to work my ass to get there. if possible. i think the key here is exposure. take any decent blog. minus the daily ramblings and oh-so-unnecessary jabber market it to the e-kingdom. make everyone read and see how it goes. can be a plan?

just the other day went on a rampage with sam. i'm horrified by the amount of cash we spent and the pile of food we load into our stomachs. basically it starts with breakfast at the army market and ended the day with a '3-course dinner meal' at sakura. the in-betweens i dare not divulge. apart from the pictures below. ooh.. and i got to meet the guy in sam's life. a man of very few words, i must say.

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yesterday was a day at the beach with the family. i've got pictures to show you guys how beautiful sentosa is. discover some spots never been ventured before. it was earth's heaven. well, according to my granny that is. she keeps repeating it to us. watching her makes me worry. i hate the process of aging. not to me, but towards those around me.

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p/s i had to cram everything in one post cause i'm just soo lazy lately.
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