Saturday, May 31, 2008
i wanted to blog about this like months ago. around the time when the latest season of american idol began. but i lost complete interest when michael johns got kicked out. HARSH! i even stopped watching the show altogether. i was THAT pissed. i didn't even watch the freakin finale. i couldn't care less who won. both ain't michael in my eyes. anyways, the purpose of the entry was to talk about my love for the show. it's not an undying one. but i've been hooked since season two. i only remembered two things from season 1 though. (1) i digged kelly's blonde streaks, i wanted it for myself. (2) justin is just CHEESE. eww..

here's the intended post. or how it might have looked like if i did post it when i wanted to. phew! that was a handful.

everyone knows by now that MY american idol contestant is elliott yamin. dude is flawless.

i loveLOVElove his voice. such soul. dang! i can come up with a million of reasons why this guy is made of so much win. his late mother was a pivotal reason why i adore him so. the way she's always excited when he's performing. that just kills me each time. especially if he sings a sad song and she cries, I'LL CRY TOO! and he's always giving shoutouts to his mum and telling her he love her. *dies* i gotta be honest. i didn't notice him straight away. but THIS song. i had goosebumps and i was tearing by the end of it. i will forever remember that day.

it's that magical.

other folks and performances worth mentioning:

anwar robinson. man, this guy had so much potential. i was crushed he didn't create an impression. i think some songs are sacred and they should NEVER be sung unless you're the original singer. for example, somewhere over the rainbow and moon river. but heck. he did such an awesome job, i forgot.

i wasn't a fan of mcphee. i still think she's gorgeous though. but her rendition of somewhere over the rainbow was phenomenal. she managed to maintain that old schoolness about the song. everytime i listen to this song, i only want to think of judy garland and no one else. she managed to incorporate that. thank god.


and lastly, michael johns. GAH! i think he's perfect. i thought he would made it to top 3. i was WRONG! and i hate it when my predictions are wrong. cause it's sucky. the oracle is never wrong. meh. i was a fan right from the start. i blame the tennis bit. i cannot resist anything that's related with tennis. he won points right away. i was happy when he covered the doors. he did the song justice, i think. done sexily.

i trust, i'll be seeing/hearing from you soon mr johns.

and here's the photo i promised cindy (ayam you can see this again! haha..). WHY DID BLOGGER SHRINK THIS BEAUTIFUL PHOTO?! it's much bigger on my mac. haha..

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008
i think by now everyone's sick and tired of my bangkok entries. so for the babysitters trip to bangkok, i'll just post our happy photos. don't mind our sticky faces. we were stinky and sweaty (most of it was me) but very giddy. not forgetting trigger happy. here's the snapshots.

since we're on a tight budget, we opted for a guesthouse.

it felt like we're staying in a chalet.

i felt like we're away on ns. our own single bed and a bedside table. we're missing a locker to paste our boyfriends pictures though. heh. here's my bed. we picked our beds antm-style. being the lazy mofo, i just picked the bed in front of me.

us on a tuk tuk. that day was filled with wrong directions and getting lost. but i enjoyed the boat-hoping!

contrary to popular belief, i actually LOVE veggies. NOT! ok, i was forced to eat the salad. heh.

we were cam whoring all the way to the airport.

check out my new shades.

as for the tourist-y photos, i'll post them on my flickr account soon.


i just got back from kl. it was a spontaneous trip. i finally tried mary brown.

french open is on, bitches! i hope i didn't miss anything spectacular.

apologies if i you haven't seen me or heard from me for ages. i've been a busy bee. not kidding. more workload from cat welfare society duties. we're still looking for sub-committee members and volunteers. let me know if you're interested.


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Sunday, May 18, 2008
this is part two of my bangkok trip. i'm sorry it took eons.

the thing i enjoyed most in bangkok was the streets. trust me, i'm no fan of walking but i love soaking up the city. we'll walk for ages. take the bus. get stared at. talk to the locals. get stared at again. hah. i blame my aunties. they're noisy. but tons of fun.

here's the street near my hotel.

i was surprised when my aunt remembered i wanted to go to the floating market. this came from my countless whining about not going to bangkok when everyone has. she laid another shocker when she said, "you want to go to the death railway right?" honest to god. i was stunned. she remembered?! aww.. but we didn't go. next time!

the floating market was bustling with people. i didn't care if it was all for show. the real floating markets didn't exactly look like this. i'm thinking dirtier and smellier. heh. but heck. i was PSYCHED! being on a boat. all the time, i was worried about dropping my camera into the river. i have a knack of doing such things. but i didn't. phew!

here's our hotel. looks impressive eh. it's pretty good.

i was already dreading the flight back home here. ugh.

our luggages always multiply when we travel. heh. that's the way we roll, i'd say.

the next time i was back in bangkok. it was less than a month ago. many debts later. haha.. this time, with the babysitters.

wait for that!


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Monday, May 12, 2008

i've been searching for the song you're listening to while reading this FOR YEARS! i'm. not. kidding. since 1999 to be exact. i kept having the chorus in my head, time and again. it's like an itch that i couldn't get rid of. i want to thank my handphone and the internet for helping me find this song. GAH! my phone rocks, i swear. it has a track id function. i record 30 seconds of the song and it'll help me find a title and a name. hell yeah. i was a sceptic initially. but not right now, baby.

i can't believe i spend my weekend on a korean drama and movie. i eat my words. totally and whole-heartedly. i blame daniel henney. why must you be gorgeous? i also blame my advertising class. my group used mr henney as our model for the pseudo-tv ad. not good. i think a week ago, i saw him talking about his mummy and i just lost it. my brain stopped functioning and i went, "must have daniel henney". he's adorable. i don't care if he looks plastic. you know who you are. hah.

i think he's blardy fine.

if you must know, i love LISTS!

case in point: people's 50 most beautiful, vanity fair hollywood issue, time's 100 most influential people etc.

i'm going to start a list of lists from now on. first up, ALIAH'S TOP 5 ACTORS. and i mean this with candor.

1. EWAN MCGREGOR (like duh!)
2. christian bale
3. guy pearce
4. gary oldman
5. adrien brody

before i leave, a funny conversation i had a couple of days ago.

me: i want to work for greenpeace.
C: huh?
me: WHAT?! you don't know what's greenpeace?
C: erm..
S: i know, i know!
me: what is it?
S: it's green peas right [begins to show with her hand the size of a pea]

*this is where i burst out laughing

me: you guys go google it
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Monday, May 05, 2008
i really do. with all my heart. and so much more. i just need to do a couple of things till it's perfect.

1. learn thai
2. make some thai friends
3. get a permanent residency
4. my mum ask me to buy a house there. not a joke.

anyways, apologies for my very late blog post on bangkok. i've been there twice. in a span of a month, nonetheless and still no peek-tures!

here's part one.

my first time in bangkok. with my two aunts. who were absolutely fabulous. i can never say enough thank yous for making it happen. i think they were sick of me pouting everytime someone mentions the word, 'bangkok'. i'm afraid they failed at shutting me up cause i've never stopped talking since.

the whole village turned up. by village i mean, my whole family. granny included.

the bangkok i imagined. and more.

i was talking to cinsi and ayam about a certain air i got when i got there. it was just like stepping into a filipino/thai movie, where everything's sorta in sepia. but slightly yellowish. a certain surrealism.

we took the tuk tuk everywhere we go. it was damn cool la. i don't mind having smoke and grime on my face at all. was soaking it all up. the city, the sounds. even the unhealthy air.

the traffic. it wasn't THAT bad. or maybe i'm just bias.

the chao phraya river.

it was once the heart of bangkok. everything was done on the river. everyone had to go through the river. it's like their expressway. it's slowly losing it's importance. apart from being a tourist attraction. which is kinda sad.

wat pho. temple of dawn. pretty view from the bottom. i didn't go up cause the stairs were whoa. haha.. i hate stairs. enough said.

you can find people feeding the fishes with bread. if i'm not wrong, it's kinda like an offering. the fishes in the river are considered sacred and are not allowed to be killed.

this guy is one of the vendors from the floating market. their shop is their boat. more of that later.

it was pretty amazing to watch him sell his products. reminds me of an ice-cream truck. constantly on the move. ooh, you need agility for this.

we managed to eat in between our shopping spree. didn't have much trouble finding halal food. like seriously.

here's a glimpse of chatuchak weekend market. one word. CRAZY! i went nuts in there. wanted to buy every freakin thing i saw.

we caught the sunset on our way out.

part two next. i'll write more on my trip to the floating market.


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