Tuesday, January 29, 2008
i'm lazy to write alot. which is weird. but not really when i'm pms-ing and pretty badly, i might add. i don't feel like talking to anyone. well, except to my family and cats. cause i simply cannot not talk to them. it's inconceivable. being in school helps. weird. i was never a fan. but ayam and sham are a riot. so, thanks guys. you have no idea how much you've helped. i don't think you guys are even aware i'm being angsty this week. just because, i love y'all. eww.. the mushy-ness is killing me. i blame this week's relevation. more of that this friday, i hope.

instead of my usual blabber, i'm posting photos to update what's going on in this head of mine and life in general.

novak djokovic won the australian open. yay!

ok, i admit it. i was rooting for tsonga in the finals. what can i say, i'm a sucker for underdogs. but nole was being a wanker as usual. i dig his speech. he makes me laugh and he's got great potential. one of my favourites. definitely. so much for complaining 'i hate australian open' each time one of my favourites lose.

OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY HAD SAG AWARDS?! well, duh. of course they did. it's an award by the actors for the actors. score!

as usual, the red carpet hawk in me was drooling over gorgeous dresses and beautiful tresses. gah! i want to grace the red carpet so badly. no one has a clue.

my choice for best dress: amanda bynes. love the colour. love the style.

guess what? my favourite tv show won best ensemble cast. THE OFFICE! and jenna, what a lovely speech you gave. i was deeply touched. and girl, i love your dress too.

two words. mark testino. probably my favourite photographer. well, after annie lebowitz that is. and kate looks amazing in this shot. i can't believe i hated her during the titanic days. i was so jealous of her and leo. it's so silly now. she's one example of 'i hate her/him list but i dig her/him now'. it's a LONG list by the way.

note: i lied. i did write alot. i can't help it.
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
when i'm caught in a net and i haven't a clue
all i've got to do is climb the ladder to you
climb the ladder

when there are ghosts in my coat

and everything is askew
all i've got to do is climb the ladder to you
climb the ladder to you

all of these faces are crowding around me
with mouths open wide to devour
but they have no impact no i do not cower
knowing i'm safe in your tower

when my pencil tips broken and my brain is too
all i've got to do is climb the ladder to you
climb the ladder

when i feel like an oar in a sunken canoe
all i've got to do is climb the ladder to you
climb the ladder to you

all of these faces are crowding around me
like grey paint caked on a flower
but they have no impact no value no power
knowing i'm safe in your tower

climb the ladder
of montreal

if only i had my ladder with me. sigh.

sometimes songs makes sense
and it stinks.
if it's sung in a melancholic tune.

now i'm in no mood.
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Friday, January 18, 2008
i rarely get pimples. and when i do, i freak out. as in, major worryfest. it's a quasi-nervous breakdown. the paranoia! i need it to go away NOW! ugh. can't stand seeing it on my nose. i feel really fug. i risk sounding like a bimbo but who gives a shit. well, i certainly don't.

first week of semester. pretty smooth, i think. so far, steady. books are damn heavy though. i envision bad backs. think hunchback of notre dame. i don't mind the reading but feels like we're back in primary school. remember bringing everything when there's no need.

on to much interesting news, i finally saw the first issue of narf zine. PSYCHED! i had my mini fits. no foaming but plenty of moving around. bloody excited. the rush i got when i saw my two articles and my name. priceless. i cannot wait for you guys to take a look at it. rather apprehensive though.

i need to get up early every morning. i'm not complaining. i just need adjusting. after a month of sleeping at 4am in the morning, it's pretty tough. but i think i can make it. it's not that bad considering i have short days. whee! thing is, i cannot seem to sleep early. as much as i tried. i'm wide awake. and when i wake up the next day, i'm tired. but only for a few minutes from the start of class. after that, i'm pretty dapper.

i blame project runway! the show is addictive. my favourite this season is christian. he's such a bitch. the mouth damn laser sia. most entertaining contestant ever. and he's quote-worthy, i swear. with the snide remarks and the deadpan face. heh. worth every sleepless night.

here's a dress made by jack. i LOVE it to bits. i would SO pay him to make me one. pretty, pretty.

oh ya, this season there's only one straight guy. poor bloke. and there's a chick who's super weird. i'm digging the new season. cause the challenges are way crazy. and the designers have so much potential. oh, the drama too!

off to watch episode 4!
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Monday, January 14, 2008
it's finally here bitches.

grand slam #1.

we will be on the stands one day dad.
you and me.
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Sunday, January 13, 2008

relief is the word. silent joy. their month plus absence caused some sort of emptiness in me that can't really be described. it's as if i had a hole in me. i felt hollow. a part of me, well two to be exact, were missing. when people, mostly relatives, ask questions that my parents would normally have answers to - i kept mum. i didn't know what to say. my answer was always, "i wish mum or dad are here". but to myself only.

and now they're back. my dad looks like a carbon copy of my late grandpa. it's freaky. i'm so glad they're back. cause now, there's balance. i kinda feel complete. but not in the jerry maguire way. just at ease. content. it's much safer and certain when they're near. or so i feel. there's nothing like love.

my bed is filled with knick knacks. as usual, my mum shops for me more than any other person can ever will. she's always spot on. i just wish i wasn't working tomorrow. i'm lazy. i'm tired. and i love lazy sundays. it's the best. even better with pancakes and csi marathons. oh ya, and taking my time reading the cartoon in the papers. i enjoy waking up on sundays and asking myself, "it's a sunday and i'm in bed". continues to let out a tiny squeal.

school begins in 2 days. i'm dreading it. not cause it's ugh-school but more to holy-shit-it's-the-last-freakin-semester. panic ensues. i hate endings. i wish everything can go on forever. especially times like these. i'm going to miss so many things. especially our lepak sessions at al-ameen. the best storytelling and bitching occurs there. all the time. i'm sentimental and i enjoy collecting memories. i wish we could do those again when we're done with uni. not necessarily at al-ameen. any random mama shop. preferably with a prata stall. and somewhere where mima can smoke while i chug 2 to 3 cans of ice lemon tea. sigh.

the kinks sorta make sense right now. for the babysitters.

this time tomorrow where will we be
on a spaceship somewhere sailing across an empty sea
this time tomorrow what will we know
well we still be here watching an in-flight movie show

for a quick update. so, what have i been up to?

current read

i didn't want to be the few who haven't read this book. oprah digs it. and we all know that i belong to oprah's book club. the author seems like someone i might agree with. as in, her thought process was similar to mine. the way she constantly has inner conversations with herself. the things that she thinks about. i felt like i needed to found out.

current music

i've got the kinks on repeat mode. i got some scenes etched permanently in my head. best 2008 movie thus far.

current entertainment

i always need my weekly fix. i can't believe i found this gem through a random search on something entirely unrelated. it's amazing. i honestly think, i'm more inclined to british humour. british everything actually.

current fixation

ok, i gotta be honest. sometimes i just don't pay attention to the movies emile is in. not that he suck. he's a fab actor. one of those must-see. thing is, i'm too concentrated on looking at him. no. it's more of concern. i'm fascinated by the transformation this boy goes through. one minute he's a skinny ass. one minute he's fat. i hate him blonde. i can't bloody wait for in the wild la. looks awesome. and he looks super fit in it. i wouldn't mind the journey. but i don't want to die alone. in a bus.
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Thursday, January 10, 2008
2008 is starting pretty awesome.

look what the postman left in my mailbox.

THE HISTORY BOYS BBC RADIO RECORDING!!! *squeals* i'm SUPER psyched. i'm listening to it right now. argh! JAMIE/SCRIPPS! plenty of monologues. gawd. i love jamie's laughter. sigh.. and his singing. sigh.. i just wish the original cast would get together once more. i'll travel to london just for THAT.

i honestly believe that the history boys saved my life (apologies to those who are already sick and tired of hearing me talk about them over and over again. i'm sad to say, this won't be the last time. if you care, you'll tahan).

1. well, it certainly diverted my attention. i can't imagine what it would be like if i hadn't had this distraction.

2. my parents being away, i would be awfully miserable with nothing to do. i was on hols. the first time round, i had school. so, that was enough to keep my mind occupied.

3. instead of mopping around, i was set on finding anything and everything on the history boys. it's like a shot of tequila. well, sorta. cause it made me really high. in a good way. i like it when i'm focused on something. i wish i had half of the tenacity for anything academia. gah.

4. as much as it's psychotic, it helped me. tremendously.


everyday rocks when i look at my new kickass calendar!

yayness! and for half of the original price! score!


at the start of each month, i come up with a list of magazines to get. mostly anything with my favourite people. even if it's only a two page spread. but my favourite magazine has got to be interview magazine. and sometimes vanity fair. cause it's thick ass and i read magazines like i read a book. i hate flipping/browsing through. i'm so retarded i even need a bookmark!

here's why i need to get this month's harper's bazaar.


i had fun today. the darjeeling limited = LOVELOVELOVE! even the late dinner with two sleepyheads. thank you all. more hours for bitching please. and a book club meeting soon!

anyways, school is starting soon. shit. i feel like i'm going to be broke on january. shitloads of movies to watch. i bought tons of stuff. like a new wallet. which i MUST show to everyone cause it's oh-so-pretty but not quite done yet.

ok. i need to sleep.
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Monday, January 07, 2008

two words. fabien dubos. the hair. oh gawd. the like-never-bath-for-some-days look. i dig. i've been thinking alot about kyo. how i miss the cd store just below XM. fyi: XM is the advertising and marketing company i was interning for the past 3 months. it's totally unrelated. i just miss the bloody place. every time i walked past it, i glance forlornly at the newly opened chinese restaurant that acts as it's replacement.

i feel like sharing some pretty pictures. more like exercising my right to fandom. my favourite french band.

fabien is looking mighty hot in here la. JACKETS/HOODIES = LOVE! i want tons of em. like right now, i'm itching to get a purple jacket. oh ya, my maroon hoodie is still out there somewhere. i NEED to get that. i wish i could wear jackets/hoodies everywhere i go. it's soo comfy.

somehow i like this shot of the band. especially the flower in front. how the heck did they do the shadowy stuff at the corners?! maybe my vivitar can do that.

fabien should SO keep this look forever. never ever shave his hair. ever! and the whole moustache and goatee pairing works. i don't dig facial hair but for fabien, anything. heh. i don't even care if he's got a quirky-looking/dressing girlfriend. the chick wore boots to a gala premiere lor. like wtf?! i would wear a pucci dress! once again, totally unrelated.


i finally trim my mess of a hair. it looks decent now. not like an untamed beast. i can move my head better now. ok, i'm exaggerating. i kinda have tons of new clothes to wear. but don't know where to. they look nice. adding more clutter to my room. i need another room!

last week of hols. mad dash to meet many people. i'm not as lazy to get out. but my feet hurt. and i have some injuries. massive bruise on my knee. i have absolutely no idea how i got it. i cut my upper lip drinking tea from a chipped mug. an eye sore. like a tiny bump on my left eyelid which rendered me incapable to work.

i wanted to post a photo of ewan as iago. but i can't find it! dammit. shall scour for it.

i've got tons of movies to look forward to. gah!
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Friday, January 04, 2008
i hope i've completed my assignment for the samsung yp-t10 trial.


When I was given the Samsung YP-T10 mp3 player, it looked tiny. Being a clumsy oaf, I was afraid I might drop it. So far, I’ve taken good care of it. What kind of a Samsung wizard will I be if I don’t?

My thoughts on the mp3 player:

In terms of sound quality, the audio is super clear. I was impressed. I’ve never used a Samsung player before and right now, I’m in awe. The Bluetooth headset allows me to listen to my music without the hassle of my earphones wires. In addition to that, I thoroughly enjoy sharing songs with my friends through the bluetooth feature. Not only was it easy to use, it was fast and efficient.

As for the design, it’s simple yet chic. The mp3 player slender body fits perfectly on my palm. It’s not too small and not too big. The size is just nice and it’s lightweight. I love that it’s so light that I can put it in my pocket.

The lighted navigation buttons reminded me of the mooninites from the American animated television series, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It looks something like this.

Kinda cute, don’t you think?

However, there are some cons. For starters, I had problems with the USB cable. It was hard for me to take out the cable after I’m done transferring files or charging the mp3 player. I was afraid I might spoil it or something. Am I the only one facing this problem?

Other than that, I was annoyed with the fingerprint stains on the screen. It was unsightly especially since I have sweaty palms and I kept leaving prints all over the screen. Even after wiping it clean, it will reappear once I touch the screen again.

I think this can be solved via two ways. One, to have a protective layer over the mp3 player. Kind of like a silicone screen protector of some sort. Two, instead of the current plastic exterior, the surface can be changed to one that does not leaves fingerprint stains. This is just a suggestion.

Cons aside, I really am digging the Samsung YP-T10 mp3 player albeit the fingerprint stains. The quality is top-notched. The screen is bright and clear. I’m easily amused by the dog moving about the screen. It’s simple to use. Even the user manual is just a few pages. I guarantee everyone

My brother is already eyeing on my player. I don’t think I’ll be surprised if he decides to borrow it from me.


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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

it's 2008 already?! you gotta be kidding me. it seems like it was yesterday when i went for il divo's concert. row 3. approximately 5 metres away from seb. possible the highlight of 2007.

to sum it up, 2007 was a year of crossing out things from my list of things to do before i die. it's a long list. i'll get it all done. someday. but i'm glad it's moving.

i think the year ended pretty sucky cause my parents are away. somehow i like being with my mum when retards are counting down the seconds on tv. but mum called and dad send me a super funny sms. something about not coming home late cause syaitans (translation: devils) are roaming around at night. i've been receiving complains about my late nights. i'm lazy to even go out nowadays. explaining is tiring.

i enjoy the relevations i got when it comes to music. it's my life. a waste i don't make music. it's just not in the blood, i guess. heh. more like lazy to get up and learn an instrument. well, technically i do know how to play the pianica. but which band needs that anyway.

i'm pretty bad at remembering. the past year went by in a flash. i remember losing my cat for several days. a few days before my birthday. that was distressing. she went for a walk. a rarity considering she never set her feet out of the door. maybe she was just sick and tired being cooped up at home. other than that 2007 was kind to me.

so it's 2008 huh. my parents will be back! i've got 3 concerts to look forward to. last semester. bittersweet, i imagine. graduation. gap year perhaps. heh. yeah right. i need dough to do that. gap year will come after about 6 months of labour. i'm hoping. oh gawd. 2010 is coming soon. i cannot wait!

thank you blackinkblots for the image.
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