Monday, May 31, 2004
maybe it's nothing
maybe it's all just in my mind
maybe I'm foolish
maybe it's just a waste of time

but I don't think so
maybe I definately know
why do I keep fooling myself
why can't I let go
this is not like me
but now I definately see
that maybe
maybe I'm in...
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Saturday, May 29, 2004
i asked for his number. can't believe i did it. it's so un-me right? all thanks to sam. the phrase, 'you won't see him again' just did it for me. all of a sudden i went into my carpe diem mode. didn't know i was able to muster that much courage to go up to him and ask for his number. this is unbelievable. did i just did what i just did? it's ridiculous. so embarassing.. was so relieved when he gave his number. history didn't repeat itself. thank god. he giving his number was mind-blowing. i couldn't be happier. so, i called. he wasn't at home. fell asleep reading my gp notes. then sam called. lucky me. or else i've fallen asleep and forget all about calling him. she pestered me to call again and i did. he picked up the phone. he remembered! how delightful! chatted for a while but he just got back and i could tell that he was tired. bummer. guess what?! he asked for my number instead! was overwhelmed. cause he said he'll call. so yeah. if he calls, i'll be thrilled. if he doesn't, i'll go, 'que sera sera'. at least i've tried.
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Thursday, May 27, 2004
i nearly died.. not knowing i was going to. this is scary. am i supposed to fear for my life? what about my family? and my cats? will we die together then? that's what i always wanted.. but i'm still breathing am i?

mum just informed me that we nearly burnt to death last night. i'm not kidding. i was fast asleep. yeah, i slept pretty early yesterday. grandma left the stove fire on and went to sleep. the pot was burning. dad was sleeping outside. the rest of us inside. smoke was everywhere. dad awoke from the smell of something burning. he was on time. the pot was charred. everyone was fast asleep. mum flipped big time. i still can't believe it.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2004
bust enhancement ads are there to trick you. they want to make you believe that whatever gadgets or cream they use does wonders. don't be fooled. it's all fake. don't get your hopes high. have you seen the movie, 'breast men'? watch it before you go through your boob job. trust me, you'll change your mind.

it's amazing how i can do nothing yet feel tired the next day. it's a wonder how the human body works. i can get the required amount of sleep yet feel so restless in the morning. on the other hand, if i stayed up late the whole night, the possibility of me being wide awake is high. in fact, i often feel energised. its odd. think its called reverse psychology. yeah.

i dread mid terms. its often labelled the highlight of the school year. the midpoint. where you can gauge how much you've done. how well you fair. its depressing. i hate it. i hate the madness. the constant, 'have you studied?' or 'i never study! sure die.' dialogues that will occur amidst the frantic attempts for last minute revision. usually coming from those around me. it's fine with me if they say they never studied and failed. but if they can whine and complain about failing but they actually don't. that pisses me off big time. the slightest things offend me. it's that easy to get on my nerves. it's just a matter of me showing my discontent or not.

oh well, i cant wait till sports day. yippee doodle doo! something to look forward to.. eh, that rhymes!
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Sunday, May 23, 2004
never be fooled by slimming ads. it's the dumbest camera trick done ever. take a look at the before and after pictures very carefully. if you're sharp enough, you'll notice that they're 2 different people. seriously. it's a scam. bloody clever camera trick. this is blasphemous. this goes without saying, don't always believe what you see on tv. cause you've been tricked.

still in the topic of losing weight, i urge everyone of you who consider dieting as an alternative to stop and think of the consequences that comes with it. i've seen what it can do to you. it turns into an obsession once you achieve success. however minimal. it's like a bad habit that you can't get rid of. you refuse to eat cause you badly want to cut down some weight. worst case scenario: you lapse into a temporary period of subconsciousness after successfully turning into a zombie-like being. your face sunken due to the lack of food. and you only think of one thing: diet. it could be twice as bad if you never did recover from the transitory moment of partial coma.

symptoms: denial, consumming granola bars for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sudden visible changes to the physique, lethargy, refusal to eat anything that is being offered (usually junk food like sweets and chocs) trust me, i've been through bringing back someone from the depths of dieting. it nearly took her away from me. i don't want to lose her again. not like that.

once again i stress on the dangers of dieting. if you want to lose weight, exercise. that's the safest bet. if not, cut down on your food intake little by little. it's a slow process that will gradually takes place almost naturally. refusing to eat at all is not the way to go about it. take care of yourselves and act smartly.

now that i've taken that load off my chest.. sundays are the best. i get to slack at home. i feel free. i can watch tv. log on. do whatever i please. i dread when the night slowly creeps in. knowing that monday will loom ahead. back to school. a drag. damn tiring as well.
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Saturday, May 22, 2004
something is wrong with my layout. where's ewan? the picture is not showing. heck.

up to date, waiting for bollywood actors to come out from their hotel was the craziest thing i've ever done. period. the funniest thing is, i'm not even a fan of hindi movies!

the day went like this..

we had our annual family buffet at the royal holiday inn. ate like pigs. the food was fab as usual but was a tad disappointed cause most of the food were fish-oriented. like pasta with tuna, tuna sandwiches. eww.. the dessert was the best! had the most delicious strawberry mousse cake ever. the taste just melts in your mouth. heavenly.. after that, i followed my aunts. who would pass a chance to go shopping? besides, i gotta get my perfume. feel so insecure not wearing any for the past weeks. before that, my aunts suggested that we waited with the other hundreds of hindi movie fanatics to see the stars. the idea struck me as nonsensical. initially, tried covering my face with my sleeves so that anybody that i know who happened to walk pass hyatt hotel won't see my face. haha.. embarassed sia. after a while, i said 'heck. why not follow the crowd and scream and shout, wave my hands up in the air like a goondu'. i did just that. boy did i fit in. haha.. i saw bollywood stars in the flesh. it was exhilarating man. security people were trying to stop us from running across to the actors. imagine if i see ewan mcgregor. i think i'll faint. not before i give him a hug or something lah. maybe a peck on the cheek. so yeah, saw the man himself. yes, shah rukh khan. he's short! ..amitabh bachan and SANJAY DUTT! argh! he's my fave. i sacrificed 3 hours just to watch his movie. it was fun and my aunties are crazy people. now i know where i got my loony streak from.

what i learn from the experience: the hindi stars have sharp nose and they're fairer than me. shucks.
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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
we came in second last for our 4x100m relay. disappointed. i couldn't quite figure out why i was being damn optimistic about the whole thing. i think maybe cause there were people who were pessimistic. it's like, you have to counter react. you can't afford to be equally depressing right? i'm not like that at all. perhaps neutral. not too optimistic or overly pessimistic.

troy was possibly the best movie of the year thus far. it's so damn bloody good i don't mind watching it all over again. it could break my fellowship of the ring record (watched it in the theatres 4 times). that is if i was loaded with cash. but i'm all out. no funds to support my hedonistic lifestyle. shall save up. really want to work and earn some cash. that's the only way i can indulge myself. basically a cd each month, movies, junk, accesories. oh well. times are hard. mum and dad are struggling. i got to do my part. so yeah. where was i? oh ya, the movie was 2hr 40 min long but i didn't feel that it was that long. i wanted to see more! wolfgang petersen is insane! he's a genius! the fighting scenes were fab and the settings were breath-taking. troy looked magnificent. a pity it was burned down to ashes by the greed of one man. though it's glory still lingers. i think brad pitt looks super hot. and no, it's not cause half of the time he's naked and walking around like nobody's business. must admit he has a nice bod and especially a nice ass. haha.. i'm not a butt person but his was.. nice. he looks good.. something wrong with the face though. man, i don't want to sound cheesy but eric bana has the handsomest set of upper body ever! serious. it was gleaming. i did concentrate on the movie ok. didn't just drool at guys in skirts. they just looked good lah. it's hard not to notice. nonetheless, at the end of the movie i was cursing at the fact that human beings could be dumb enough to engage in a war that doesn't benefit anyone. nobody gets anything. everyone either died or ran away. what a waste! human stupidity irks me. it's so dumb that it furiates me. argh! i love the movie though. it's the best. go watch it. even if you're not a fan of greek mythology like me. it teaches you something about humans and their recklessness, stupidity, pride, innocence and love.

hence, i shall embark on my next mission: try to attempt reading homer's iliad

the introduction for your view..

Sing, O goddess, the anger of Achilles son of Peleus, that brought countless ills upon the Achaeans. Many a brave soul did it send hurrying down to Hades, and many a hero did it yield a prey to dogs and vultures, for so were the counsels of Jove fulfilled from the day on which the son of Atreus, king of men, and great Achilles, first fell out with one another.
this is going to be hard.
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Monday, May 17, 2004
i just realise that my blog doesn't allow people to comment on my post. it's the layout i think. heck. whoever has anything to say, do it at the tagboard.

it's been good. the past few days. not sure how long it'll last though. think once i get back my common test results, i'll feel miserable again. but that's if i fail or something. if i either pass or improve i'll be contented right? certainly. by the way, i passed mrs lim's history paper! yay for me! now awaiting mr lee's paper results..

seriously, i can't run for nuts. it's just not my nature to travel a certain distance just for the sake of moving my legs. i think it's dumb. it's pointless. i don't see the logic in doing something as aimless as that. it's just a waste of time. why do runners run? do they ever question the reason for doing it? maybe they'll go, 'eh, what am i doing huh?'

sometimes i question the reasons why we do the things we do.
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Sunday, May 16, 2004
it's been a blast. yesterday was a dream. though we were out working our asses off for half of the day. i had fun! the drama people are a hilarious bunch. hadn't laugh so bloody hard like that for ages. it really sucks cause just as we start bonding, we got to leave the cca. oh well.

after a week of misery, i had my lease of life. it feels great! drama won gold for the syf. argh! still can't believe it. it's surreal.

mum and dad brought a surprise home yesterday. a kitten in a box! you should have seen my face. i look like dr victor frankenstein right when he said, 'it's alive.. it's alive..!' i was so thrilled but shocked at the same time. my parents have always declined my offer of getting a new addition to out cat family. then suddenly, out of the blue comes the tiny kitty. she has yet to be named by the way. no one can decide on a name for her. so for the time being we're just calling her whatever that comes to our mind. she's a bundle of energy. prancing around. the cutest thing ever. i guess it's the endearing look that she gives that won my mum's heart. it's a rarity and i'm still trying to figure what just happened. odd. the explanation they gave was, 'we kept of promise. hopefully, this will act as a boost considering that you'll be taking your a's this year'. i gotta ace the a's dammit. thanks mum and dad. i love you guys. for now, i gotta make all the 3 kitties comfy with each other. or else.. world war 3.
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