Wednesday, August 31, 2005
mark haddon is my modern-day literary genius.

i want to write like him.

go read, the curious incident of the dog in the night-time. it's a definite pull on your heart-strings kinda story. i simply love the way he writes. i've been trying to find an author that does that. hah. i think me and mr haddon should collaborate on a novel or something.

i have nothing much to write. so this entry will be all about authors that i read/admire/love and what have you. maybe you guys can grab me a book for my birthday? i lurp anyone who does that. heh. i'm easy. blergh. oh ya, you guys can even read some of the stuff i mention. that's if our taste in books are similar.

so yeah. let's start with my latest pick. franz kafka. anyone heard of him? well, i saw a photo of him and did a u-turn. i know. i'm that superficial. seriously, when i saw, 'amerika' i was totally interested. the most amazing part is kafka actually wrote the book about america without even being in america. he didn't even set foot on america. it's a whole lot of imagination, i tell ya.

i borrowed scott fitzgerald's 'this side of paradise' cause of scott. he's one of my fave. i'm just enthralled by the roaring 20's and the fitzgeralds basically epitomised that era. i want to be zelda. minus the mental illnesses, that is. maybe it's vulnerability. maybe it's 1920's hollywood. i just love it.

one of my latest great findings is jasper fforde. he's so wildly imaginative, i can't believe half of the stuff he wrote. it's crazy the things that he created in the thursday next series. i have no idea how to describe him. he's refreshing. very different from the norm. ideal for those who like to be transported. and i mean it literally. haha. he brings you to places never imagined. picture a mammoth stuck in a book. wild isn't it? he's a former journalist. that's even weirder.

i think there's a pattern here. the next author i'm going to talk about is also highly creative in his characters and plots. jostein gaarder, the author of sophie's world(a book that gave me the foundations on how i think and react today) is as imaginative. i'm hugely impressed by the knowledge he has. try reading sophie's world and you'll understand. it's filled with philosophy, philosophers. think socrates. aristotle anyone?

reading is pure delight.
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Wednesday, August 24, 2005
i had the oddest dream. don't mean to offend any johnny depp fans cause clearly i am one. so the images that i can remember is johnny dead [shrieks 'touchwood!' a thousand times] the weird part is he became 4 different corpses. like there were 4 different bodies and different graves and stuff. wasn't a nightmare but more of a, 'argh.. johnny can't be dead' kinda thing. it ended with an image of some guy shoving a stake down johnny's throat. that's freaky.. it's just me or i simply can't wait for the corspe's bride to start screening. right cindy?

bea arthur. betty white. rue mcclanahan. estelle getty. i love them ladies. golden girls rocks.

oh man, i don't want to sound like a teenybopper [don't laugh fellow UB-ians. i'm SO not a paedophile just cause i think frankie is the hottest] but the gotti boys are getting way hot. can't wait for season 3. yippie! heh.

i'm dreading the results. don't want to know.

i want to be virginia moon. whoever that is.

d e a r e s t c o n s t e l l a t i o n . s w e e t e s t i n v i t a t i o n . s e c r e t f a s c i n a t i o n .
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Saturday, August 20, 2005
how can i be a jedi like master yoda if i keep dealing with the absolute?

lately, i realised something. i either yelp, "i LOVE ..." or says this, "i HATE ..." in a squirmish way. i guess i'm done dealing with, "y'know.. it depends.. yadda yadda.." right sandeep? i'm afraid people might not treat what i like or don't like seriously. one of my famous crony from the UB clan would prolly say, "aiya.. you LOVE/HATE everything la" with a deadpan face. idiot.

so, what have i been up to lately?

well.. apart from the occasional visits to starbucks orchard parade toiling my ass like an ah ma. [still don't get why i'm not paid more] and in the process, breaking a nail or two. i've been spending time running around grabbing my purchases from my shopping haven, yayness! i got myself bargains people. heck. i was dressed today like a freakin eBay billboard. they could pay me.. i should be spending my time at home cause mum is on a 2 week 'medical leave'. nothing serious. she just needs to clear her off-days. oh ya, my bro is under house arrest. depressing for him. hilarious for me. something to do with having an mc yet unable to enjoy the free time he's got cause of some ns thing. instead, i've been running around amok pissing my mum and dad cause of the late nights and all. blahblah. okay. i'm exaggerating. i won't run around like a psycho-loon. so not classy for me. yesterday was spend hanging around at mima's place. a supposed dvd session [i've watched sin city! *does a little dance*] turned into a lepak session down at kallang. today was all about germany, the nazis and a few VERY handsome-looking boys. *drools* aah.. it is adonis in the form of frederich weimar. he's panas. nordic god and all. blood and tears too. sigh.. we will all be having dreams tonight.

i feel like a 'real' fairy tonight. thanks to my $10 skirt from eBay. i was tinkerbell for a few hours.

how come feminists don't wear skirts? or are they just lesbians-in-disguise?

i think this song is so apt.

i'm not in love
so don't forget it
it's just a silly phase i'm going through
and just because i call you up
don't get me wrong
don't think you've got it made
i'm not in love
no, no
it's because

i'd like to see you
but then again
it doesn't mean you mean that much to me
so if i call you
don't make a fuss
don't tell your friends about the two of us
i'm not in love
no, no
it's because

i keep your picture
upon the wall
it hides a nasty stain that's lying there
so don't you ask me
to give it back
i know you know it doesn't mean that much to me
i'm not in love
no, no
it's because

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
if you think that paris hilton's sex tape was scandalous, it's obvious you haven't heard of old hollywood.

welcome to the grandeur of the golden screens where screen sirens light up the walls of theatres all across america. a diva was once referred to an amazing actress. not some lady with issues who loves demanding others. everything was different then. it was glory to be movie stars.

if you want scandal, old hollywood will bring it to you. actresses slept with all her co-stars. married, divorced, separated from his wife, gay, bi. anything goes. there are those who sleep with men to gain favours. alcoholism was a common illness. drugs were happy medications.

ooh.. how i love the old hollywood! the current one is so dull i might just lose interest. heh.

i think i learnt alot from my cats. they thought me that my possessions (except my beloved discman, tv, handphone..) doesn't really matter as long as i have my loved ones by jumping on my table and knocking everything down and in the process breaking them. i guess it's me gearing up for the day when eventually, i will lose them all.

i'm bummed. so bummed that daniel carter is out for 12 weeks! that's like 3 freaking months! argh. what will i do..? darn it.
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Saturday, August 13, 2005
i got thinking after reading mima's latest entry. i concluded that the type of boys that i tend to like are all..



so, that's a problem i need to analyse. not. i couldn't care less anymore. who would waste their time on thrash? and in thrash, what i mean is, wastage. boys are nice. i won't tire of them but i'm not going to worry myself out.

charlie and the chocolate factory is so silly i find myself giggling like a schoolgirl. i lurp you 'johnny depp as willy wonka'. you're so freaky. i like.. heh. the 5 o'clock shadow did distract me from your immaculate face though. sigh.. even with that scary haircut, i still see the beauty.
so what if the oompha loomphas are annoying with the singing and dancing. they ought to be. right? i think burton did the book justice. although i didn't expect half of the things that he included. i hope there's going to be charlie and the glass elevator. cause it's my favourite! maybe i should write to tim. hmm..

hols is here people! while most of you are away in school, i'll be lazing my ass around. muahaha.. prolly work a bit cause seriously i get bored easily. i can't just stay home and do nothing. i'll miss my fellow UB-ians. we gotta meet up for movie marathon or something. oh ya, the tennis showdown too. ooh.. dragonboat people! don't forget y'all.

p/s who wants to watch napola with me? i want to catch that blonde hottie out. he's panas! heh.
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Monday, August 08, 2005
the tv fell on my bro's leg.

enough said.

note: hanging-out with 2 film freaks is a hoot. especially when they start 'remaking' movies. their style.
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Sunday, August 07, 2005
i'm so thrilled, i might pee in my pants! without a trace is back on channel 5 baby! and for that, i'm loving mediacorp. just for that hour. oh man, i can't believe it's back! i love, love, love the show. argh! so happy! wee wee wee..! *skiping around the room like a fairy high on drugs*

shopping is oh-so-fun when you have money. been splurging my pay on clothes and stuff. largely through ebay since i'm addicted to it and all. but shopping with the girls was really cool cause it felt like a girls day out. i never knew the meaning of girlfriends till i met you crazy loons. and for that, i am blessed. i heart you ladies.

steve-o is so dumb. that whiny voice. damn irritating.

robert deniro as an old lady surrounded by cats is an image of horror.

i think i need to study now.
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i started this without having anything to say. times flies. so many things occured over the week. i don't really think i can write it all down. everything happens so fast. there's no time to stop and recall. sad. i can't remember what i wanted to share with you folks.

so i figured, as long as i write something 'un-boring' i'll be a-ok. it's true what caca said. 'boring-ism' is indeed catching up with me. drats.

i thought to myself, "how come i've been listening to the same old new songs over and over again?" i'm starting to get sick and tired of the songs in my playlist that i've been going around asking for song titles. suddenly, it came flooding. all the old songs. well, not that old. a couple of years back maybe. i was rocking to everclear's father of mine. oh how i LOVE that song. and the memories that came with that period.

some people can be asses. think i should just hand out mirrors so they can see themselves clearer. whatever.
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