Tuesday, December 30, 2008
one/two more day to the new year. 2008 was kind. and i can't wait for 2009. less than 2 weeks and i'm off. time to leave the country. australia, here i come! i cannot wait. it's going to be sweltering hot. and i'll be baked under the hot sun for about 4 days (AUSTRALIAN OPEN, BITCHES!). i signed up for it! and ernests. GAH! i'm gonna bring him home, babysitters! yeah right?!

before the start of a new year, i enjoy looking for calendars i end up not using. think: the office 2008 calendar. oh-so-pretty! ended up in my drawer cause i can't bear to tear the plastic. no worries. the photos are of use. dates serves as remembrance. anyways. i'm stuck. i've got a couple of choices. HELP! which should i choose?

for now, let's reflect by looking at photos of people i adore.

my babysitters. my fellow fangirls.

JIans. you guys been there through the years. to us!

the ever exclusive finer things club. sarcasm aside, i love you guys.

my funfunfun bunch! work's bearable because of you guys.

and no, i don't do resolutions. i don't believe in them. why must you work on resolutions once a year? shouldn't it be an ongoing thing? well, that's just me. making short-term plans every minute. more like, which country to conquer next? hah.

because i'm such a fan of anne taintor. here are all the artworks i dig and believe the most.

i especially LOVE the last one. she liked imaginary men best of all. i choose no other.


we're moving office this friday. fuck. boxes with my name on it makes me angsty. the unpacking. and sitting further away from my writers. i think i'll be fine.

as much as i'm dreading the early mornings and one hour or so train + bus journey to work - i'm pretty psyched about decorating my tiny and sorry ass space i call my 'cubicle'.

p/s i love making photo mosaics! <3
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Sunday, December 14, 2008
today was funfunfun! finally! a trip to the toy museum! SQUEE! man, that's alot of exclamation marks. i gotta chill. too much enthusiasm.

the musuem is tucked away in a row of shops. a quaint building, i must say. i dig it alot.

i took tons of photos. cause i'm still giddy from the trip, i can't wait to blog! :D will add the photos once i've uploaded them. thankyouokaybye!

i spent the longest time at the beatles section. like duh? was snapping away like nobody's business. and my camera battery died. thanks eh.

king kong = MAD LOVE

we played hopscotch. not.

my attempt at being the fifth beatle. cheesy but it's cool okay?!


i love this shot. and the tee. and i miss bangkok. i hope it's safe enough come april.

till we meet again.


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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
that prolly make a good pick up line. heh.

just a week ago i was questioning my job. i was seriously contemplating a career switch. more on that later. anyways, it was a constant buzzing in my ears from outside sources sorta thing. it got on my nerves for a few days. think a negative infused why is a degree holder doing this? usually, i won't give a damn what others think. but last week, i had a relapse. uncertainty makes me angsty. more so when there's doubts.

but yesterday, i realised something. i love my job. guess who's easy to please?

someone got invited to a media event. well, sorta. many thanks to Z for detesting twilight. heh.

i went for the movie premiere of twilight. can i say WHEE?! and goodies. not many but still.

there was a pseudo-red carpet. but didn't spot any celebrities. i think we went in too early! heh.

rabid twilighters decked in their t-shirts.

it was a mistake sitting a row in front of them. i do not appreciate screaming fangirls. at all. i'm a fangirl. but i don't scream. I SQUEE instead.

the movie was entertaining but a tad cheesy. i swear i was cringing (and i'm supposed to be a supportive fan?!). but i liked it. LOVE the prom scene. and the song. GAH! robert pattinson looks hot in that scene. not so busuk. just the way i like him. post cedric diggory, pre twilight state.

so who wants to watch twilight with me? i'm up for another round! heh.
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Thursday, December 04, 2008
i was right. today sucked. there's hammering in my head. i take back my words. headaches are not a state of mind. they exist and they suck. cause i can't think. and something shitty is affecting me. i need to snap out of it. i need fresh air. a different setting. i don't care if australia is hot. i want my two weeks now.

this made my day. kinda.

i can't wait to see this. in flesh.
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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
this week's been a blast. so far. every day feels like a friday. tomorrow will suck cause tami and su will be leaving. ugh. am seriously dreading the move. heavy heart. i blame the great distance. and me waking up earlier than now. suckass. and the packing. fuck. shitloads of stuff to pack from my editorial side. i envision tons of boxes. HELP.

latest news.
i'm in a band. we don't have a name at the moment though.



i seriously feel like i'm in the office (as in my favourite show ever, the office). and i'm pam. sorta. pick up calls. doodle on my notebook. no sign of jim though.

reasons why i feel like i'm in the office
- i'm in the party planning committee
- msn conversations (okay so jim and pam don't exactly use msn but same difference lah)
- office party (albeit a farewell one)
- pranks and more pranks


camhos going at it.

to more chillout sessions!
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