Thursday, December 30, 2004
when a fellow colleague warn me on my first day of work that it's going to be tiring, i dismiss it. cause naturally, i'm up for anything. being a workaholic, i figured it'll come as an advantage. i was so wrong. i wasn't used to multi-tasking at work. now i know i'm only good at it provided i enjoy doing the task. that makes perfect sense right? so, i'm deemed as 'slow'. forgive me cause i'm new and there's a whole lot of things to remember. am i supposed to feel guilty? i'm not. as much as i'm complaining right now, it's been fun, fun, fun! just not the part where everyone goes, 'i told you to remember the recipes right?', 'don't guess!', 'you do the thrash already?' and a few seconds later one bugger goes, 'why never go bussing first?' argh. i'm way confused. many a times, i ask myself, 'so, what shall i do first?' hell no. being cautious slows you down. then comes the nagging. if i fasten my speed, i might slip and fall(like i always do) or break something. so what is the best next thing to do?

here's a photo of my crazy bunch of fellow trainees. it was a hell of a week.

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had a blast!

by the way, my first and utmost important new year resolution is..
to pay all my debts once i get paid!
it's been an ass. bugging me every single second. i hate owing money.

as a deed, i'm helping to sell DIY bangles for only 4 bucks! cheap, cheap, cheap!

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so, if you're interested, just give me a ring or sms me or e-mail me.
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
a short story of how a girl met a boy.

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*sigh* at last.. he turn to look at me.. Posted by Hello

..nearby someone started puking at the sight of it.. Posted by Hello

note: the story and characters are fictional. any resemblance to real life was purely coincidental.
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Monday, December 20, 2004
when you thought you've got it all figured out.
you don't do you.
to be frank, you have no freaking idea.

you know what makes my blood boil?

having to wait for answers when there's no time limit. having to figure out all the missing links without being provided the clues with. having to guess a reaction, an emotion. i do that sometimes. i'm aware. but i don't do it on purpose or out of pretense. it's just natural to want people to guess what you're feeling or what you think. you get a sense of satisfaction. i'm not sure why but that's the way it is.


that doesn't mean you can go around keeping someone in the dark. not letting them know whether their intentions are being reciprocated. if you have something to say, don't wait. there's not much time. cause at the end of the day, life is too short. sometimes you're shy. sometimes you're afraid. whatever the reason, it's not as death-defying as a bungee-jump or being tied up in chains underwater. you're not going to die if you let your feelings known. or whatever that is in your mind.

speak moron. share idiot. let me know nincompoop.

i'm done.

my only advice. don't get too caught up with the 'what ifs'. maybe if you can just open your eyes, you'll realise you're wasting your time when clearly you're stuck in a dead end. but if there's a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. maybe. just maybe. there's hope.

everybody deserves a second chance.
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Saturday, December 18, 2004
here's the long overdued photos i've been meaning to post.

early morning of hari raya Posted by Hello

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me & choo-choo :D Posted by Hello

teddy & me :O) Posted by Hello

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me and my family :) Posted by Hello
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Sunday, December 12, 2004
even love has its own conventions.

you either think it's easy to fall head over heels in love with someone cause emotions can be a beneficial catalyst OR think that falling in love is the most pain-in-the-ass experience ever. especially close to the hearts of singletons. queries like, 'why issit hard for me to find a friggin nice guy?', 'are all the good guys sold out?' so, what's the secret ingredient to those who have managed to snag themselves a partner? it ain't tough afterall.

are we too picky?

but that's besides the point. we are entitled to have our own choices. picky or not. it'll guarantee our lifelong happiness. you can't settle for good. you gotta find the most greatest, fantastic, wonderful, amazing guy there is. no wonder i'm still pathetically single..

conventions of love. in terms of age, gender, societal standing, qualifications, wealth.

why is it so?

when a woman falls for a younger guy, you're a paedophile. if a guy is dating an older woman, he's a tadpole. to play it safe, you go out with someone of the same age. in comes the question of maturity. the differences in understanding. is he acting too childish? is she too much of a teenybooper? things like that.

what about those who choose to 'connect' with someone of the same gender? morally, who are we to say whether it's right or wrong? individual rights advocate the freedom of choice. sometimes.. when you can't the right person of a different gender, as normally sought by people, you tend to turn to someone who happens to be of the same sex. voila! he/she might be THE ONE for all we know. then, why the reservations?

i'm not even going to touch on the other factors. it's pointless. a waste of my godDAMNbloody time. and i definitely disagree.

p/s did i mention, colin firth is so stiff, he's sexy.
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Friday, December 10, 2004
when forest gump said, 'life is a box of chocolates' he didn't specify what type of chocolate and what brand. i think its cause the type of chocolate varies for different people. as for the brand, its entirely up to the person right? well, brand doesn't really matter cause we're talking in terms of life right now.

if i were to describe mine, it'll prolly be bitter. just like dark chocolate. it's blackness an ominous sign of bleakness. though there is the aftertaste of slight sweetness. nothing much. but it helps wash the bitterness away.

death preys silently and often without caution. deadly when it strikes, it snatches away a life almost instantaneously. in comic books, they usually depict a grim ripper-like 'angel of death' going around with the axe thing slowly masking itself around back alleys, behind shadows trailing it's 'prey'. when it's time, it will stand over you and slowly suck out all the life in you. and that is how you die.

i witness a death occured back in the hospital yesterday. fortunately, behind closed curtains. all that was heard, wailing. it was weird because some people were oblivious to what was happening. number one, being my granny. she was too consumed with the fright of possibly having to undergo a surgery she was semi-stoned. it was oxymoronic as there were aunties yapping aloud, letting their handphones ring across the room. when it was establish 'telepathicly' that the old lady has passed away, everyone became awfully quiet and kept looking around. the atmosphere was bleak.

the disintegration of the human body is like watching seconds tick. painfully slow. one by one, organs will fail to function. just like when a prisoner gets lethal injection. they inject one by one until slowly the poison kills every inch of the body till there is no life left. old age and illnesses does the exact same thing to you. it robs you away your life.

enough of bitterness. the sweetness, however minimal it is.. tremendously lift my spirits. training has been fun, fun, fun! i love the coaches. so far. especially trudi. she's special. i don't know why and how. so, don't ask. meet great people. quite a bunch i must say. think some of them might be reading this. anyhow, it's been a pleasure knowing you all. please remember my face. cause i might drop by your store and hopefully you guys will acknowledge my presence. i won't ask for free drinks so fret not.

it's been quite a week.
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Friday, December 03, 2004
truth is..

i start my training this coming monday. so, no more 'happy hour' for me. too bad. soo sad. i was having tons of fun. mum was always on my case cause i'm out late and i'm out almost everyday. tsk. tsk tsk. not happy there.

the past few weeks for me has been going out, out, out. at last, no more obligations. worries still far behind. sometime in february i supposed. studying was a thing of the past. school a memory.

it's refreshing to return to nature. a total different dimension altogther. coupled with great company. both the animals and wannabe-orang utan helaine. serene and filled with tranquility, i recall having thoughts like,'i wish i was as free as an animal..' though caged up in their own compounds, the animals at the zoo are free from danger. harm caused by illegal poachers. they don't worry about school, work or home. it's just so cool to laze around just staring into the sun. should try it sometime.

a day at the beach.
typical outing. we got the sun, sand and sea. plus a few additional 'new' members. eat, swim, ball games, eat, eat and eat. bickering over the smallest things happen to be our group's forte. decision-making are never a breeze.

movies. movies and more movies.
i'm almost convinced i'm fit to be a movie reviewer.

i saw shutters, the incredibles, twice of bridget jones and just a few hours ago a french movie, comme un image.

next week, i'm dragging xia yan to watch, i want to be famous staring justin theroux(wowiee! yippee doodle doo.. doo wop pi doo doo!) and my all time fave french actress, audrey tautao! aah.. been waiting for that movie for ages. it was released in america last year for goodness sake! i am a 'very' patient fan.

ooh.. i'm so gonna catch blade trinity with my bro. it's like our thing. we watched the previous two. so, it's like a tradition. our tradition. i'm hoping it'll blow me away. cause the second one was just whoa-worthy. especially the one with vampire-eating vampires. cool huh?
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