Sunday, April 27, 2008
it's happening. and when it happens, it's going to kick your ass.

THIS is possibly one of my favourite JAM moment thus far. i couldn't stop grinning for about a day after that episode.

and in a way, i think that the quote from jim rings true. especially with the bangkok trip. the uncertainties. some of us lost hope. we thought the plan will never materialise. but no. i kept saying, i'm gonna make it happen. guess what? WE made it happen. yay for us! ok, i better start packing now.


on friday, we decided to hangout since helaine's leaving for spain and it's been far too long.

we went to rail mall to eat. which looks awesome. but a tad out of the way. unless you drive. hmph. this is the part where i'm supposed to think about getting a license. but no, i'm too lazy to drive and i think its expensive. ooh, and massively overrated since i'm at it.

it's an italian deli. can't remember the name though.

here's us.

the desserts.

it's way appetizing in real life. i was too excited about my chocolate mousse to concentrate on taking a photo.
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Friday, April 25, 2008
with a POOF! exams are over.

here's me mugging.


as much as a i dread mugging for papers, there was a certain melancholy when i made my way out of the school. my last paper. my last day at school. as an undergraduate. look ma, i'm done! well, about done is a better word. i still have convocation and prom. yay for that.

like any after-exams-let's-go-celebrate days, this time round we decided to go popeye's!

one word. awesome.

i make a terrible food critic, don't i? too short and simple for elaboration. more like lazy and i tend to run out of adjectives pretty fast. even for someone who rocks at scrabble! *wink, wink*

so, who wants to go? let's gogogo!

here's my plans for now:

- make bangkok/grad trip happen
- score the interview
- finish reading raise high
- meet for a game of scrabble
- movie marathon with the babysitters
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Wednesday, April 23, 2008
i like that pretty much everyone i know is either painfully distracted or restless hours before an exam. it's like everyone's dying to get it over and done with. and i agree. completely. anywho, i need to get back to my psy text. not before fantasizing about what it would be like if jim/john is my prof. presenting, prof krasinski.

he did mention he wanted to be an english teacher in a recent article. dammit. i'll definitely ace his class la.

i'm thinking.. will it be another trip to bkk for me? next week maybe? please god. promise i'll be good.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

the contender asia finale.

like finally. we came early in a taxi. grabbed a drink. met some familiar faces. and went to search for our seats. holy shit. my bro went, "are those really our seats?" and i went, "i'm good." coupled with a smirk. we sat on the front row, metres away from the ring. i was psyched.

the girls undercard match made me think. i seriously want to take up muay thai now. that and yoga. cause i want to be fighting next season's finale. heh. me, a nak muay? we'll see. fyi: nak muay = boxer/fighter. gawd. i can think of my possible wai khru right now.

so, what went down?

4 hours of muay thai. 2 undercard matches. 3 fights from the previous contestants. soren vs sean. zack vs zidov. rafiq vs dzabhar. and the match that determines the winner of the contender asia. spoilers ahead!

yodsaenklai vs john wayne parr.

possibly the best fight ever la. everyone was screaming and up on their feet. it was awesome. i was rooting for both of em actually. the best muay thai fighter vs the legendary farang in muay thai. both guys rock. and i can't decide who i want to win. in the end, both kicked ass. especially john wayne. dude is old but he's quick! the squat move was ridiculous. i remember shrieking and slamming my bro's arm. it was THAT exciting. well, if you 'get it' la.

anywho, i won't yabber much cause most are not familiar with the sport and the terms i might use. so yeah. unless you're interested, i don't mind yakking about it. heh. i'll let the photos do the talking then. ooh.. i went clickety-mad, i swear. my battery died after the night ended. even though i wanted to get some more photos of a certain someone in stripes. dude is popular. i don't get why i'm SO jealous. does. not. make. any. sense. at. all. heck. maybe i'll cause a scene if i went to the after-party. haha..

here's the photos folks.

my favourite guy, soren. sigh..

the fight of the night. one word. awesome.

happy camper.

i've got more photos HERE! haven't uploaded everything though.


i'm sorry if i spoiled the suspense for those who will be watching the show on channel 5.


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