Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Omg. Im so goin!
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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
say HOLA to my new darling polly jean, Y'ALL!

isn't she gorgeous?

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Thursday, October 19, 2006
the dude choses a corgi and i went into a frenzy.
that's the extent of my ridiculosity.
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006
for my 21st birthday, i celebrate it with repose. i envisioned grandeur. big deals. the brouhaha about turning two one; i didn't feel it. there's a difference this year. more faces greeted me happy birthday. that's always nice. a day hanging out doing random stuff like buying powder is always nice too. the party a month after the birthday is on its way. still got tons of planning to do. i hope it'll be thrilling for everyone present. *hopes for a blast* that, is my present from the parents. am i spoilt or what?

so far, i got a killer dress from the UB-ians. I LOVE IT Y'ALL! the big, black buttons and the round collar. TOO CUTE! i sorta feel like paddington bear minus the red hat and yellow boot. i will wear it with black leggings and flats. si?YEOW!

here's the UB-ians.

thursday, thursday?

the ones who are distant yet close to heart.

i miss you so.

for halloween, i want to dress up as wonder woman. why? cause she looks alot like nacho. we all know i heart nacho.

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Saturday, October 14, 2006
if i could look like anyone, i choose to be polly jean.

cause she's smokin. and she rocks.
this is love.
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006
what have i been up to lately?

for those who have no clue, you're not missing on anything. nothing spectacular, that is. i had a math test just now. that was ugh. a shitload of assignments due in less that 48 hours. that redneck is testing us! see if we'll break. write this, write that. i don't mind actually. but not that much of work! so yeah. socio project due in less than a week's time. oh ya, maths midterm this coming friday. i'm calling it, 'bloody friday'. after the russian massacre. i will be needing all your prayers. badly. so please. blessings, people!

7 days to go till my birthday. woo. hoo. yeah right. feel the enthusiasm. i'm not exactly dreading it. i just don't feel the exhilaration like i normally do. why? maybe cause birthday plans are shaky. not sure if i'm having the intended celebrations. nothing is concrete since the days are all booked by others. drats. so much for turning 21.

school is draining my energy. i feel like there's too many things to be done. i was commented twice for looking REALLY tired. true enough. i need tv time. the only shows i die-die must watch is reruns of one tree hil (JAKE!), grey's anatomy, prison break. did i mention, i LOVE 8th & ocean!

here's my wishlist. every year around october, i'll come up with one. it'll be super cool if someone did get me something from the list. i won't be able to thank you enough. seriously. of course, i'll love other stuff that i (might) get. so, no worries. i'm easy to please.

- il divo's latest/third album, SIEMPRE (it should be out by october!)
- il divo live at the greek dvd (it will be released on 4th december. but if you think you want to get this for me, i'm all for it! haha..)
- green or purple chuck taylors
- maroon hoodie
- hairspray the musical soundtrack

i'm so passive nowadays. it's infuriating! i lost my pizzazz.

p/s i miss so many of you. you have no idea. silence does not mean ignorance. i think of you all the time. wherever you are.
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Monday, October 02, 2006
i love you through sparks and shining dragons, i do,
now there's poetry, in an empty coke can.
i love you through sparks and shining dragons, i do,
now there's majesty, in a burnt out caravan.
you got me off the paper round, just sprang out of the air,
the best things come from nowhere,
i love you, i don't think you care.
i love you through sparks and shining dragons, i do,
and the symmetry in your northern grin.
i love you through sparks and shining dragons, i do,
i can see myself in the refill litter bin.
you got me off the sofa, just sprang out of the air,
the best things come from nowhere, i can't believe you care.

i named my creative zen micro, ziggy. why? cause i was listening to ziggy stardust. why? cause bowie is my idol. why? cause it needs a name!

ziggy will look like ziggy.

right now, nothing is peachy. the redneck has a hidden agenda. i swear. he wants us to suffer. i can smell his evil plan. there's something fishy about him. i know. can't put a finger on it yet though. ugh. definitions that never did came out. bloody hell. i was curled like a prawn. it felt like i was in siberia or something. suffered from MAJOR leakage. the nose felt like it was a loose tap. disgusting stuff. by the end of the paper, i was fried. i was looking forward to seeing the all blacks training though. that was my own theory. them training at padang. but hell no. some moron had to spoil it for me. never, never, NEVER will i be stuck in the same bus as IT! ugh. so no dan carter. *pouts* IF, he's in singapore. everything is soo BLURRY. even the freakin atmosphere!

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