Sunday, June 29, 2008
i find it increasingly uncomfortable to be digging a younger dude. not only does the age difference bothers me (yaya.. in an unrealistic way *rolls eyes*). watching the guy grow up in front of your eyes makes you feel old. and slightly paedophelic, for lack of a better word. it's distressing.

it's so hard to try and not act all excited. and yak about it all day long. i think it's harder for me to keep quiet. let's just say i'm a sharer. and if you know me well enough, it's possibly one of my favouritest things in life. period.

i love my family. especially mum. why? for layan-ing my celebrity/sportsman/actors/singers crushes. endlessly.

me: mak, mak! come see my boyfriend!
mum: where?
[notice she didn't ask me to shut up. no mention of "nonsense la you" or anything remotely negative that might dampen my hopes]

mum: this one ah *points to nadal*
me: NO!

the camera switches to the other end of the tennis court.

me: him.. *sigh*

mum: oh.. hansem!



caca is leaving in less than a week's time. and yesterday, it finally felt like, "yup. she's leaving for a year. man, it'll suck." and that, my friends, is an understatement. the escapist in me tried blardy hard not to think about it. well, it worked. until now. sitting on the couch, laughing made me think, "when will be the next time we're able to do this?"

one year maybe? life will be so different without you, ca. who the hell will i turn too if i want to complain about the most silliest things? it won't be the same. no one is going to layan my ass like you do! argh. i shan't be a baby but dude, i'm going to miss you so.

tuesday gotta kickass.

on a happier note, i'm playing tennis tomorrow. can i say, at last?!


almost forgot.

deustchland vs espana tonight.

i'm not taking sides cause i'm a fan of both teams. for very different reasons. but somehow, i think i know who's going to win. and it's the one with the hot coach. not the oldest coach. those who know their soccer/euro 2008 know who and which team i'm talking about. all the best, i'd say.

change of plans. instead of watching the finals outside with friends, we're opting for the telly at home. my mum is ecstatic it's annoying.
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Thursday, June 26, 2008
ernests lost.

i'm pretty much depressed right now.

i've never been heavily invested.

and now i'm exhausted.

since i'm emo-ing, i was listening to take that's never forget. how apt.

we've come so far and we've reached so high
and we've looked each day and night in the eye
and were still so young and we hope for more



it's almost customary to end a post with a photo of ernests.

next time, bb. sigh..
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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ok, this is much delayed. i was jumping up and down. like literally. when i saw the results last night. around midnight. i swear manis was giving me the wtf look cause she was sleeping. but heck. and nope, no sign of ernests on day two. star sports was busy with nadal, venus and the likes. i'm banking on thursday. please show the match. on centre court maybe? i'm contented if it's court one.

it's going to be ernests gulbis vs rafael nadal! i don't really want to think of the outcome though.

here's the sweater cardigan and the bag i wanted.

i'm not a fan of gold. but dude, put the class into everything.

wimbledon's pretty kind so far. no rain. and most of my favourites are still in. score! grosjean will be meeting gasquet. ARGH! is it possible for both to win? hmph. robredo is in. surprise, surprise. and gosh, tommy haas is looking mighty good with the short hair. he's possibly the first few tennis players i dig back in secondary school. aah, the times!


i've been glued to my ds. my eyesight is getting from bad to worse. i'm pretty sure i'm comfortable being a couch potato. i think my mum is slightly worried. but being my mum, she knows better than to give me time. i think my dad is the silliest person i know. ask me why. the story is too long to narrate here.

i've been hearing ben barne's voice everyday. no, i'm not delusional. he's on my ringtone. some boyband he was in. funny shit.

i think i have alot of people to meet. being broke is making me anti-social and extremely passive.
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008
wimbledon is finally here.

vijay singh (i met him before. he went to starbucks a couple of days before wimbledon 2006 or 2007, i think!) and the other dude, alan something starts commentating around 6.30-ish. i was already planted on my bed. first match was on court 14. i'm like wth?! where's federer?! well, i did get to see roger beat hrbaty ass. he looked immaculate in his wimbledon sweater. the dude is classy y'all! and i want his bag! the white one. ugh. too pretty! i have till 2am. 7 hours of tennis per day. THE LIFE!

fyi: the amount of junk i eat is ridiculous.

i cannot wait for tomorrow. my boy, ernests is playing. woot woot! the dude gotta kick some isner-ass cause he'll be meeting nadal if he wins. honest to god though. i think isner is a giant. here's he.

he doesn't look as threatening here but don't let that boy next door look fool you. i googled. he's 2.06cm. no shit!

here's my favourite guy flashing his signature grin.

good luck! ernests! i'll be rooting for you, homie. to more towel-head moments and kissing of rackets. CAN'T BLOODY WAIT LAH!

things you need to know about aliah:

wimbledon is her favourite grand slam EVER!
she needs to be there, one day.
she intends to replace georgina kang chang as wimbledon's correspondant
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Sunday, June 22, 2008

one day to wimbledon, bitches!

apart from totally immersing myself with anything tennis-related (i don't think i can spare you guys. i truly LOVE tennis! and the countless hot studs on court. hah.), life's been pretty normal. well, if you consider semi-bumming normal lah. technically, i'm half-employed.

so, when are you getting a full-time job?

a real job, most would say. well, when i'm ready and if IT finds me. don't get me wrong. i'm looking. but true to my nature, i won't settle. i don't expect a big paycheck. it'll be nice but it's not number one on my list. is that a joke?! sorry, no.


i'm looking for a job that doesn't depress me endlessly. of course, there'll be the dreading and looking forward to weekends bit. but that's part and parcel of working, ain't it?

i haven't been paying much attention to euro 2008 as much as i should. why? i have work in the morning. i don't like being a walking zombie. i am, however, going to stay up all morning to watch the italy vs spain match later. gotta back my homies. forza italia! i don't care if they're made up of has-beens and old farts.

i need to thank the boys from flight of the conchords for being oh-so-precious. they're the epitome of hilarious without trying. i've grinned like an idiot in the bus listening to their songs countless times. wait, on a daily basis actually. haha.. that's how awesome they are.

here's me showing off my 'i love fotc' badge.

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Friday, June 13, 2008
this week is coming to an end. THANK GOD!

i'm pretty much in one piece.

i'm lazy to go into details. here's everything in point form. just like back in the days. copying notes in lectures.

- i have a temp job sorting papers for the examination board.

- i see a hello kitty pajamas. did mum just bought it for me? *beams*

- we're truly relegated to strangers, aren't we? i'm not sure if i'm happy with the new arrangement.

- if it's written in the stars, i might be heading for australian open 2009.

- i'm itching to play tennis.

- can someone shoot me please?! they're showing the queen's championship on star sports. HAD NO FREAKIN IDEA! and now gulbis is out. THANKS AH! some kinda stupid joke.

- caca is over for a sleepover. yay! i've got tons to say. but i don't think time is on my side. it's true when they say you never realise how important someone is until they're away.

- i know i'm lazy. but i look worse when i'm surrounded by gung-ho people who wants to do everything!

a conversation i had with my mum.

mum: what's that on your forehead?
me: pimple *sulks*
mum: that's for daydreaming to much.
me: i know.

the truth is never simpler.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
i feel like crap.

i cannot wait for this week to be over.
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Sunday, June 08, 2008
two words. i'm PSYCHED!

it's ridiculous. i wasn't too happy with their previous albums. 2 cds after the green album, to be precise. just because it was too glossy for my liking. i DO NOT like the idea of the boys frolicking with beverly hills bombshells. yuck! i prefer them ala buddy holly. or lounging with animals in island in the sun. yay!

i had no clue there was a sixth album until the whole youtube video. cute, i must say. pork and beans. check it out if you're bored. it's pretty entertaining. watch out for some familiar faces. heh.

and my, have i forgotten how much i dig lanky dudes with floppy hair. GAH!

talking about hair. it's official. i have a hair fetish. but first.

french open 2008 = awesome shit

tonight's the men's finals. federer vs nadal, bitches! i don't have any favourites cause both guys are spectacular to watch. either way, a record will be set. it's whether we want to see nadal win his fourth consecutive french open or for federer to win all 4 grand slams (he's won the other 3 grand slams except the french open). never been done before. pretty historic, i'd say.

this picture kinda sums up them as players.

cool, classy federer VS fiery, aggresive nadal.

i've been stuck in front of my telly for the past two weeks. like a daily routine, it starts at 8pm and ends around midnight. all the while i'm dreaming about the time i'll be on the stands. watching the matches LIVE!

a few years from now, i know.

back to the topic of my unfortunate hair fetish. like a smack on my face gulbis came into view. the dude is underage. i feel like a paedophile. i swear ayam will start taunting me about this. i blame the europeans! why must a 19 year old latvian boy look like he's old enough to date me? muahaha..

his hair is perfection.

i tried concentrating on his game but GAWD! the curls. i was mesmerized. it looks like he's using a fabulous shampoo. his hair looks happy. ok, that sounded weird. but gosh, i LOVE natural hair on guys. no gels, no wax. nothing. just leave it be.

i've got a massive headache but i think i'll be fine by 8pm.
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