Tuesday, November 27, 2007
you want to know why george harrison is the coolest? the dude had a concert for bangladesh for goodness sake. i think i won't be calling him the hot beatle anymore. from now on, i will call him the beatle whose songs i dig the most.

it took me years to decide on which beatles songs i like most. when i was younger, i really liked the more commercial ones. the ones you hear all the time. stuff like i want to hold your hand, strawberrys fields forever, all you need is love. then, i started to dig songs like help, hello goodbye and penny lane just cause they're the quirky ones and fun to watch. and for one point of time, i was stuck with eleanor rigby cause she felt real. maybe she is real. lately, i've been listening to the songs that george harrison wrote. i have to thank zach cause after hearing him sing here comes the sun, i'm stuck. yeah, sylar can sing. sigh..

anyways, my current top 3 the beatles songs are all by george harrison. no kidding. here comes the sun, while my guitar gently weeps and something. they are fab. gawd. i can't stop listening to them. let me bring you the live versions from the concert for bangladesh 1971. fyi: george harrison is heavily influenced by indian music. thus, the collaboration with ravi shankar. i should take up music history eh? nah.

the thing is, no beatles fan can decide on ONE favourite song. there's soo many to choose from. and it's just unfair. so, i'd leave it as that. oh ya, is, i hope you enjoyed this post. well, kinda.

i better hit the notes like now. the only reason i've been updating - i don't think i'll be smelling bangkok's air and THAT is leaving me very angsty. and sick to the stomach. cause seriously, no one has a clue how badly i want to go bangkok. it's not just a holiday. it's a freaking to do list before i die kind of shit. and i love thailand. when will i ever get there, like seriously? i think i want to cry.
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Monday, November 26, 2007
i want to be one of those coolass people who decorate their macbooks with stickers and shit. well, actually it's just 2 djs. steve aoki and mark ronson. i'm sure there's others. but i've only seen their macbooks. so yeah. thing is, i'm too chicken shit to paste on halpert. cause he's so perfect in his pristine white-ness. and i can't find stuff that i would like permanently to stick on my macbook anyway.

talking about mark ronson, i remember reading a post on mima's blog about version. didn't pay much attention. but i did pay attention when i saw a photoshoot of his. very burberry-esque. i like.. can't find it now. and the fact that he was once engaged to rashida jones. WTF?! forget about me hating the woman. i want to be rashida jones! first mark. then, jim/john?! she must be fantabulous or something.

about the album, as much as i hate covers i need to give the man props. largely cause he had alex greenwald for the radiohead cover. whee! i will never understand why i'm into phantom planet. well, not anymore sans jason schwartzman. i was impressed by the smith's cover. and i can listen to oh my god without screaming upon hearing lily allen's voice. i'm alot upset that valerie is now an anthem of some sort. firstly, the zutons rock. amy did the song justice but i don't enjoy it's contant airplay.

while rushing for my magazine articles, (yay! i got them done on time! go me! and i think i did a decent job. not too shabby, i hope..) i went back a few years. i realise i like to watch or listen to old songs when i'm working on something. last night, i was having a kylie minogue marathon. it started off with the first kylie song i ever saw/heard and it's got to be my favourite song of hers. i remember it vividly, i was in secondary school cause it was 1997. damn. it's a decade ago.

classic giler.
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Thursday, November 22, 2007
my handphone is DEAD/MATI/DIE ALREADY!

i'm currently using my mum's. apparently, i can't transfer the contacts in my sim card to the phone. your numbers, zilch.

EVERYONE who's reading this -> kindly sms me so i can store your numbers into my temporary phone - which i kinda like, to tell you the truth. but i'm going to get my polly jean fixed asap!

this week sucks. first my phone. then, then..

technically, semester is over. study break and then the FINALS! gah! 2 papers. i cannot wait for bangkok. i can smell it already. soon, soon!

and because i love pushing daisies oh-so-much. and i do need some cheering up.

ned and chuck always makes me smile. le sigh.. off to see this week's episode!
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Friday, November 16, 2007
i am officially depressed. just saw the last episode of THE OFFICE. i think i might watch it again. *cries* no more season 4 for now. damn, writer's strike. as much as i'm behind the writers, i hate that all the shows are coming to a halt. or ever worse, an end! wishing and hoping and praying real hard, THE OFFICE will return asap. please don't be dunzo. i'd be clinically depressed, i swear. not abruptly. my favourite show cannot end in midair. no. argh. I WANT MY JIM HALPERT!

one for the memories.

bears. beets. battlestar galatica. till THE OFFICE returns bb.

these are just random TV facts that i conjure.

1. as much as i adore rory gilmore, i've always felt more like lane. minus the psycho mother though.
2. i'd ride illegally with sylar to US anyday, anytime. le sigh.. that man is made of so much sexiness - it's almost illegal.
3. i wish there's a ned for everyone cause he's too sweet. everyone deserves a smile. and a pie.
4. i'm secretly waiting for my jim halpert. even if it's impossible.
5. the office theme song NEVER fail to bring a smile to my face. and i mean, a semi-permanent grin will be plastered on my face.

this is why.

my scottish bast*rd, ewan is on the cover of mean magazine. damn, that magazine rocks. first, j.kras. now ewan. i can't find it in singapore though. gah!

looking oh-so-geeky ala woody allen.

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