Wednesday, July 26, 2006
the worst feeling is that of helplessness. i hate not being able to do anything. to help. to even be there when it happened. i'm not offering you any comfort since you refuse to take any. just my wishes and my hope that animal heaven will treat the kitty better than it was treated here on earth. i wish i could do more than just speak over the phone. i feel hopeless.

sometimes things are so horrid you just need something sweet to numb it all.

johnny cash was soo fugly. i failed to realise it.

i'm still reeling from barzagli's exclusion from the national team. i'm selfish, i know. i want to slay donadoni. hope the list is temporary cause i'll be pissed if he's still not there by 2008.

right now, it's nice to see some pretty-ness.

lovely, lovely..

damn watermarks!

i heart italian MAN-love!

how bangkok?

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Sunday, July 23, 2006
i'm depressed cause barzagli is not in the euro 2008 line-up. the mere sight of him parking his ass on the bench perks me up like LSD. no other drug like him. i'm beginning to hate the new italian coach. lippi why must you go?

i love top of the pops and i hate bbc for cancelling the show. die [whoever/whatever is responsible for totp's dismissal - i loathe you till death] die.

i'm digging the guillemots for it's frenzied lead singer. he's adorable and he's got an awesome mop of unshampooed, uncombed hair.

made up love song

and the fratellis for the ooh ooh aah aah. mima will love the curls. non?

who's henrietta?

jon fratelli describes the song as being about: “the mother of a friend of ours. we like her. she buys us some shoes and takes us for cola. she's an aristocratic nymph who talks nice when she answers the phone."

i like..

gives you ideas what to get for my birthday.
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Friday, July 21, 2006

nacho libre rocks. i have stitches. it hurts. but a good kinda pain. it's been awhile since i laughed THAT hard during a movie. still don't get the 3 half stars. maybe i'm bias. i heart jack black! but it's really hilarious la. but gotta admit.. it's not 'everyone' kinda humour. think napolean dynamite.

i'm going psycho with a nacho libre picspam. [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD]

Nacho: I'm not listening to you! You only believe in Science. That's probably why we never win!
Esqueleto: We never win because you are fat!

Chancho: Nacho! Where are you going?
Nacho: There is no place for me in this world. I don't belong out there, and I don't belong in here. So I'm going out into the Wilderness. Probably, to die.
Chancho: Well, you might need this
[Gives Nacho the sword]
Chancho: My mother gave it to me before she died. It was her lucky machete. You can have it.
Nacho: I hope to see you again little Chancho. Maybe in the next life.

Esqueleto: I brought you something.
[holding corn in both hands]
Nacho: Get that corn out of my face!

Nacho: Ok. Orphans! Listen to Ignacio. I know it is fun to wrestle. A nice piledrive to the face... or a punch to the face... but you cannot do it. Because, it is in the Bible not to wrestle your neighbour.
Chancho: So you've never wrestled?
Nacho: Me? No. Come on. Don't be crazy. I know the wrestlers get all the fancy ladies, and the clothes, and the fancy creams and lotions. But my life is good! Really good! I get to wake up every morning, at 5AM, and make some soup! It's the best. I love it. I get to lay in a bed, all by myself, all of my life! That's fantastic! Go. Go away! Read some books!

this has got to be my favourite line EVER!

Nacho: [signing letter to Sister Encarnacion] Kiss kiss, hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug. Big kiss, little kiss, big hug, little hug, little kiss.
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006
my brains are fried.

i hate it when too many things happen at the same time. papers. quizzes. assignments.

i. need. to. breathe.

ladies and gentlemen, call me miss careless mistakes.

i think i screwed up my mass media paper. could have done way better.. WAY better.. the film questions where the only saving grace. other than that, i should have listen to my gut and NEVER change my answers. cause the first attempt is mostly the freakin RIGHT one. so now, i shall adopt mima's advice. see things from a wider perspective. i placed my paper in the middle of the table. not too near from my face. a habit i've cultivated. i went into my yoga pose. ohmmm.. thumb touching middle finger, above my knees. relax.. read the question word by word. examine the 4 choices. eliminate one by one until i find the answer. that sorta works.

nothing else perks me up quite like the italians.

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Friday, July 14, 2006
i think i'm suffering from the 'no more world cup' withdrawal sypmtoms. the worst of its kind. (it is known that i suffer from such illness everytime a tournament ends. usually it's mulling around like a sick puppy. pouting by the corner. yanking my hair till i find something else to distract myself - horrible, i tell ya!)

i slept at 6am a few days ago. yesterday it was much better. 4am. it's not even the toss and turn kind. more like, just-can't-shut-my-freakin-eyes. it sucks considering i have class the next day. 4 odd hours? not necessarily torture. just fatigue. argh. how come i haven't got the chance to catch the tri-nations?! the weekends sucks when i can't stay at home to watch some rugby action. i need my saturday afternoon!!!

i feel like throwing a youtube junket!

just cause i'm in a daze.


i'm obsessed with this.

remember i wrote something about watching the kinks on tv and seeing the exact same photo of that certain frameshot on google? here it is again!

right now, i'm in my rockstar supernova mode. josh here, is the one i really dig.

i just love the tone of his voice. and his smile. and his ooh-so-licious deeep speaking voice.

nothing is complete without bowie.

i. heart. bowie.

to end, i will leave you guys with my fave boy/manband.. IL DIVO!!!

*shrieks like all fangirls do*

sebastien kehl will forever be known as POPOUT! thanks sandeep!
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006
i won't ramble about the victory.

just this.

after 6 years, the wait was worth every second.

i did the victory dance - alone. my aunt pissed me off with her france rant. i didn't know i could jump THAT high. the crowd at plaza sing was sick. the atmosphere was fantastic even with the mats and ah bengs around. way better than having 'fake' italy fans. i was psyched to see barzagli's legs during the match. he didn't play so i was desperate.. during the celebrations, he was jumping around and screaming - super hilarious. reaching home at 6am. thank god class starts at 1.30pm. phew!

here's a clip of the closing ceremony performance. notice how toni has her attention only to seb. *growls* and seb, being seb, had to flirt back la. look at how he's smiling and shit. and the look. *dies* it's only reserved for ME! argh. i'm soo jealous, it's ridiculous. oh yeah, seb is the one toni leans on as she sings. they're in the same frame most of the time.

die toni DIE!

i know i intended to write more here but right now, my mind is blank. need to grab my david and goliath stuff.

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Sunday, July 09, 2006
tomorrow, tomorrow..

italy flag earrings [checked - will also wear my new blue and white wristbands]
patrizio 'the italian' buanne on constant replay [checked - and a little bit of al bano & romina power as well!]
my 'note' to the team, in italian [checked - read below]
mum's blessing [will ask for it tomorrow]
FABIO GROSSO - i think he's their lucky charm [he has GOT to start the match]

Ai miei guerrieri italiani,

La fortuna buona per il finale.
Giocare duro.
Non importa cio che succede, saro sempre qui.

Lei e i miei eroi.

Con l'amore,

the NERVES is getting to me..

i hope i don't embarass myself in front of everyone tomorrow morning. i can get as silly as the italians when things don't go our way.


right now, i can only think of one. he is soo fine, he's shaggable.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006
i have been a fan of italy for 6 years (yes, 6 years. since sec 3 to be exact. i was there for euro 2000, world cup 2002, euro 2004 - am here for world cup 2006. including the matches in between. friendlies. qualifiers. sometimes olympics but it's never the same team being played on national level. i'm ready for euro 2008. planning to catch them live in world cup 2010).

i've been justifying my reason for being a supporter since day one. you can't really blame me for being very defensive when talking about them. i ain't no ant. i remained when they lost. i will rejoice when they win this coming monday morning. hah. in all honesty, whatever the outcome of the finals, i am still their fan. yes, i do ogle at the italian boys. tell me WHO DON'T?! liars. even if you're a freaking [insert other teams] fan, you'll still footballer(s)-watching. if you don't; you're either a guy/blind/don't dig italian dudes.

WHY is it a crime to drool at hot italian guys and be a supporter of italy?!
WHY? i've been through this soo many countless times IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY DAMMIT! especially with italy being in the finals. now it's, "aiya. you support italy cause they in the finals right?" I WAS THERE WHEN ITALY FREAKIN LOST TO SOUTH KOREA!!! i am still behind them. will always will. even if the whole team is made up of fugly italian guys, I'M STILL A FAN!

i hate it that half of everyone is rooting for italy. it just makes me smaller than i already am.

p/s i may seem overdramatic here but i truly treat this seriously. it's lame but so what. forza azzurri.

man, i digress too much. what i really i wanted to say was, i've never been this proud.


recipe for italy's success:
wearing my italy flag earrings
patrizio 'the italian' buanne on constant replay
my 'note' to the team, in italian
mum's blessing
FABIO GROSSO - i think he's their lucky charm

reasons why i enjoy wimbledon: (and yes, i try my best to look out for updates)
unseeded players fighting the odds
oh ya, the random wildcards
watching my faves get kicked on their asses - it wasn't funny at first but now, i'm so used to it
the commentary
green grass and white lines

i was watching sounds of the sixties and the kinks was on.

i'm not a fan or what but it was freaky how i was googling for their pictures and i came to this one and when i look up, the tv was showing the exact same shot! i'm not kidding.

you know what, I LOVE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! it's SO my fave show. i've decided. if you ask me to list ONE show as my fave show, it'll be ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS. i adore joanne lumley. i remembered seeing her for the first time and wondered to myself, "my.. what big teeth she have!"

ooh.. you know what make great gifts (for ME)? ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS complete seasons y'all!!! from season 1 to god knows what season they are at right now! wee!!!

rockstar supernova kicks ass. the contestants this year are soo good i can't decide which one i'm going to dig. there's a couple actually. and the girls, WHOA! some of em have voices that rocked harder than the guys. man, all my fave shows are coming back. woot woot. i can't wait for the contender. never knew boxing was in me.
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Monday, July 03, 2006
i SWEAR the next time someone says he/she thinks cristiano ronaldo is CUTE (like WTF???), i will BITCHSLAP the person(s) like nobody's business - it won't be FUNNY. at all.

man.. i seriously need to get that off my chest. no offence to anyone of you who's digging him. just get away from me if you intend to giggle and ogle about him. i. can't. stand. him. and i have my reasons. do not utter his name near my ears. i'm. not. kidding.

thanks sham for inviting me to your sis wedding. clearly i was going giddy over the food. YUMMY! the whole thing was super fun! especially the cute caterer. hah. too bad we missed the ceremony. my fault. *bows to seek forgiveness - NOT!*

we had xy's birthday celebrations yesterday. it was a blast. was soo shacked, i slept like a log. heh. for more details and camera-whoring, proceed to WONG's.

i LOVE my bro, choo-choo! that's the 2nd one by the way. he bought bee gees greatest hit! *does a jig* argh! me a HUGE fan of bee gees y'all! MORE THAN A WOMAN..! AAAH!!

tomorrow's the BIG match. i'm getting all jittery. germany was in the finals 4 years ago.. they're at home, in front of their own crowd.. maybe, maybe.. the italians haven't had a decent italian meal for a month. they're getting angsty. i can see it. they need their spaghettis. but i have faith in my boys.

make me proud my fellow italianos.

my message to the team:

A mio il più caro,
La desidero bene. Giocare duro. Giocare orgoglioso.
Lei gli individui saranno sempre il mio numero un.

Il mio cuore appartiene a lei, dunque lo porta.
(My heart belongs to you, so take it.)

Con l'amore,

italia.. ITALIA.. italia.. per sempre e mai!


i'm feeling nostalgic..

THIS was the moment..

i know it's cheesy. but.. SIGH!!!
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