Sunday, April 29, 2007
i have a headache. sentosa was chillout. but i'm tired. more on today later! on the other hand, this post is long overdue. it occured like 2 weeks ago. blah. had assignments, presenations and finals. busy bee. i figured, if i don't blog about it now, i'd prolly waste the photos i took. so yeah.

hangout with my fc. randomities. i love it when folks come visit or pick me up at my workplace. feels so loved. i like the feeling of expecting someone waiting for me after work. i don't mind if it's not a boyfriend. i swear people at work will die if a boy waits for me. hah.

so yeah. we had lunch at resto. which was kickass as usual. had my dosage of happy soda. it seriously makes me happy. try it sometime. i'll bring you. we couldn't decide where to go. you had one 'anything goes' and one 'i can't choose/decide for the life of me'. we end up walking around. getting caught in the middle of a heavy downpour. with a half-done bridge. helping me tie a bun at the bus-stop. going to an un-open bar. and finally settling at via mar. it's officially my favourite. they played il divo! i'm bias.

i was camera whoring all the way and my cousin was like WHATTHEHELL every 5 seconds. i took pictures while we're on the travelator. i went clickety-click when we had mirrors around us. we snapped away in the toilet. oh gawd, the nausea.

i learnt how to tie a bun with my hair. whee! at last. looks nice eh? i know, i know.. i SO need to learn how to style my hair. it's getting boring. and i'm beginning to get sick of my hang loose style. but heck. it kinda looks like james' tresses. sigh..

the next day, i went to the jurong bird park! hell yeah. it's been ages and the place looks fab. who wants to go? i feel like paying my flying-friendly friends a second visit.

it was an occasion for the family. friends were there. loads of food and there was even a lucky draw! here's a clue.

yes, it's a telephone booth!


look at the trees. aren't they beautiful? i totally miscalculate the huge-ness of the place. it was soo big that i was soo tired by the end of the trip. and we didn't even cover the whole place!

my mum was so psyched about the waterfall. i was like wth? must walk all the way inside. argh. but heck. it was beautiful. who cares if it's manmade?! it's breathtaking. i totally picture myself in the amazon. with the fog but minus the anacondas.

here's the happy camper posing with my new singapore post umbrella. i carry it with me everywhere. i'm. not. kidding.

here's the other 2 scouts. i secretly think my parents loved the trip. even though it was crowded. everyone was sweating. it was pouring. we were lugging around free bags which looked decently good by the way. and we had FREE kfc! so, i'm not complaining.

the birds were flying around. i envy their freedom. i think i'd like the ability to fly. just cause i can travel around the world without any baggage. it's so much easier to travel without a passport. where there's no boudaries. yet you're at risk of becoming a hunter's target. but still. birds always give me the impression that they're carefree and full of live. i'm not a fan of feathers tho. i think i should consult nathan petrelli on this. *winks*

my favourite part has got to be the penguins!!! they are the cutest things ever. standing straight like a security guard who's serious about his job. those who were swimming went wild. knocking against the glass cause there were so many of us pointing and placing our hands on it. kinda like THAT scene in titanic. i think the penguins here are soo much active than the ones at the zoo. i wonder what they have been feeding them?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007
i'm trying to study. real hard. was successful until the maroon 5 song came on the radio. i'm like FUCK! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TAUNT ME?! right there and then, i conclude. i'm obsessed. with james valentine. so, the guy's not that hot. he looks like a street urchin. with his beard and all. but i freakin want his hair la. lately, the latest single keeps playing on the radio. the tv. argh. everywhere. i'm looking at the dude. and there's something about him. the silent type. i like.. WHAT THE HELL??? maroon 5. so lame sia. man, i can do so much better. but heck. james rocks. here's he.

i'm singing, 'rapping' and doing my very own hip hop dancing. mum's right. i'm stressed out.

[Edits: I HAD to post this video. james looks oh-so-adorable during a staring match. le sigh.. who's up for a staring competition with me? i'm game.]

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

this is a shameless plug-in. possible torture for some. i'm singing. *HORROR* as usual, it's for a class assignment. you guys be a sweetie and leave me a rating. yes?

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Friday, April 13, 2007
it's my mum's birthday y'all!

she took the week off to relax at home. these things are rare and when she does have her free time, it's nice to come home early on a weekday. what else can i do but spend the day with my mummy. it's oh-so-fun dragging her to places i frequent. lets her in to where i go and what i like to do. besides, i want her to get something she wants and spring a surprise on her, by paying instead. she settled for a handbag. so this year's present was that and a photoframe with our picture on it. just cause i'm a sucker for such stuff.

we did our fair share of shopping. don't be fool by the picture. she stuffed everything in 2 plastic bag so that it doesn't seem like we bought alot of stuff. throughout the day i'll chime in, "what would dad say?" and she'll just hush me. heh. we bought quite alot considering my mum is not much of a shopper. she's the opposite of me actually. rather wait and look around before getting something. not me.

since we were in bugis, we decided to wait for the 2nd bro to eat dinner. waited around. got ourselves free drinks. being the freeloaders that we are.

ooh.. your drink looks nice!

i want some!!!

OH NO. i took this at school. according to brandon, it was university of london's graduation. felt like i was in an ant farm. there were shitloads of people, it's funny. i told a friend that i'll prolly suffer a panic attack in the midst of all those people trying to get food.

ooh.. i met up with yan earlier during the week. since i've been down with sore throat for centuries, i decided that i was 3/4 recovered. went on a rampage by getting kfc and ben & jerry's. i'm so good at this that i might be my own cause of death. seriously.

I CAN'T FREAKIN WAIT FOR LICENSE TO WED!!! i want to see jim/john in a role other than jim. it gives me fits. weee!! soon!!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007
introducing, the v tea room..

went to the v tea room with helaine the other day. it's been years since we last promise to pay that place a visit. wow.. i realise we make so many promises/pacts but only got around to making it happen lately. wee!

the decorations are gorgeous. victorian inspired. with the old school armchair. tiny marble tables. it's a wonder all of our food and drinks manage to stay on the table without any spillage.

here's my strawberry tea, aptly called, 'strawberry field'. it taste exactly like the real thing. fresh strawberries in a teapot. i half expect it to be strawberry juice. i need a cube of white sugar for it so that it'll be sweet and refreshing at the same time. great combination for a lazy sunday afternoon. chatting away, reminiscing about the good ol' days.

next to it is the lover's brownie. the brownie is not too dry or hard. which is a nice surprise considering that most brownies served at cafes and such tend to be a little on the dry side. the vanilla ice cream is not too sweet or creamy and goes really well with the chocolate brownie. i reckon you guys should give it a go.

price-wise it's kinda steep for a simple meal of tea and brownie. but if you're in a mood to splurge a little. or maybe you just want a place to relax and chat without having to worry about occupying the seats for far too long, the v tea room would be ideal.

tea anyone?

so yeah. we kinda went crazy on the camera. finally met batman. ironically, batman wasn't as illusive as he ought to be. kinda rough around the edges, i think. still feel he's hot though. hah.


photo credits: helaine's batman
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Friday, April 06, 2007
look who found new shows to watch? i've got many papers to do, it's not even funny. right now, i'm contemplating between continuing with my ntr research paper or start on my com 242 abstract. drats. i've got an article to write too. i'm SO not helping myself. hopefully the mad dash to complete my work will inspire greatness.

so yeah. i've been channel surfing like crazy lately. not because i ran out of shows to watch. think it's cause i find myself in front of the tv at the weirdest time. about 4pm if i got nothing on after school. i don't really want to do work in the afternoon. SO not one of my productive timings.

i just finished watching miami ink.

it's not really a new show. i did watch a couple of episodes with the bros a few times. didn't really stare at the screen and pay attention much. the sound of metal drilling on the skin is too much for me. but i've always been fascinated by tattoos and the reasons behind them. i envy those who can decide on a tattoo and have it engraved on their skin for the rest of their lives. i'm too chicken shit for that. i'll prolly hate my tattoo the next day. that's me.

there's always an ulterior motive for my fascination with something. gawd.. that sounds so wrong. in this case, it's chris nunez. he's prolly one of the best tattoo artist EVER. take a look HERE. i might be bias. *winks*

man, he's a stunner.

i gotta agree with helaine on this. my taste in men has EVOLVED. i never knew i had it in me to dig someone who is 3/4 covered with tattoos. i lurveee them bad boys. ooh..

next is the family show, american chopper.

i'm not into bikes or anything. i last rode a freakin bike when i was three, i think. my dad had a scooter. everyday after work, fresh from our bath, he'll take all three of us for a ride around the carpark. it's amazing how the littlest things make us happy. i wish i'm still that easy.

the show revolves around a family business set up by dad and his son. the main attraction of the show for me is the bickering. it's hilarious watching two big-sized duded going at each other. loads of F words are exchanged. funny shit. the youngest, with his curly blonde hair runs around doing nothing. he doodles. answers the phone and hangs up on the callers. heh. everyone loves mickey!

check out their choppers. pretty cool stuff.

here's a clip. i especially LOVE this episode cause the guys went biking around europe with my very own scottish bastard (don't ask me why i call him that. blame my first bro), EWAN MCGREGOR!!! ewan's obsessed with bikes. ooh.. and they got in touch with their inner scottish by wearing kilts!

to end things, i was watching wildboyz and i'm thinking to myself, "gosh. johnny knoxville rules." i'm such a moron.
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Monday, April 02, 2007
1st april 2007. a day to remember. we waited 5 years for today. it sounds melodramatic but it's the truth. the pact we made when we were in ji. it seemed like we had to wait a lifetime for phantom. keep saying, "2007, here we come!" just so that it'll happen soon. only you would understand. we made it!

it came and went so fast. i'm still reeling from the after effects.

since helaine couldn't bring batman along, we had to rely on my trusty polly jean for pictures. some are rather dark due to horrible lighting tho. but i ain't complaining. i got a necklace and the prima donna tee. wee!

before the show, we were walking around killing time. kinda funny to think about it. once we reach, the ushers were rushing us by saying, "quick! they're going to close the doors soon!" i'm like WTF??? i waited 5 years and you want to freakin close the door on my face. it ain't happening man. so yeah.

here's a look at the stage. probably one of the most detailed and magnificent set i've ever seen. and no, i'm not being bias. i LOVE the whole set up. so intricate. the faces of the figurines looked real. if you guys watched the movie, it's interesting to see whilst watching the musical in esplanade, it's like being the audience in the movie. you got to watch the movie to understand this.

the use of props was so cool. phantom was running around all over the place. i was looking around like a maniac trying to find him in case he decides to appear. he was so near yet so far. even in the dark, you notice how he hides. that is so sad. it is so sad. i still feel sad. it's depressing.

they delivered. lines after lines. song after song. i felt that all was in tune. especially LOVE the point of no return. it was flawless. i felt goosebumps. it was SO convincing, it's sick. the whole caressing his hand over hers was very sensual, i think. WHOA! i've got that scene etched in my mind. along with the masquerade scene. which i must say is my favourite part ever! the lightings. the costumes. GAWD! it was mesmerizing. to see them dance around. argh.. i'm trying very hard not to spoil things for anyone who hasn't seen it. dang!

i did cry a little during all i ask of you. just because.. it's something about the song. i truly feel every word. i don't even care if there's no raoul to sing it to me. it gets me each time. for the record, raoul was freakin hawt la. in MY kinda way. very tall. brown hair. that karipap hair. le sigh..

as for phantom, he was sad. sad that i totally believed he was phantom phantom. ok i'm not making any sense here. heck. the dude was towering, i tell ya. gives me the ibby jibbies. maybe cause christine is short. who is not at all annoying. wow. she's actually quite good.

the songs are like on repeat mode in my head right now. it's funny i keep humming think of me and prima donna. i still can't believe it. everything is surreal.

i can't believe its OVER! *sobs*


till we meet again.


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