Wednesday, November 30, 2005
i totally get it now! i know why i didn't realise seb sooner. initially when i first fell in love with il divo, david caught my eyes. well, cause he's physically 'my type'. whatever that is, nowadays, anyway. so yeah. now, i think he's just plain annoying. cause his voice is too high for me. and when he sings, its like he wants to swallow the microphone or something.

when i saw the boys in tops of the pops last week, i went beserk. argh! new album! ancora! must buy! so i did my regular snooping around and had my whole playlist filled with il divo's new songs. not that i don't have any of their songs to begin with. basically, since christmas is around the corner and all, i've been playing and playing their christmas album.

so while i was listening to their songs, one of my personal fav, 'white christmas' came on and i melted. literally. into liquid form. think a puddle of water on the floor. heavenly voice coming from who?

i'm in LOVE, mum..
with seb cause i love his angelic voice. i think i love you. with seb cause i love the way he smiles. i think i love you. with seb cause i want him to serenade me. i think i love you. with seb cause i need him and his voice to help me through the pain i've gone through this shit-ass week. i think i love you. with seb cause he's a man. i think i love you. and i want that man. i think i love you.


my christmas wish(es) this year:
- il divo's christmas album
- il divo's ancora

my personal wish from up above;
for me to catch il divo live. just once in my life. pretty please.

promise i'll be good.

seb. seb. seb.
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you'll be a permanent fixture in my life. along with garrett and ewan. bless you.
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Monday, November 28, 2005
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suffers from il divo overdose. needs a tivo. done with research papers. can breathe once again. feels that she's balding after all the analysing. eyes going to gorge out from the sockets. late nights of work and chat. thanks for the company. you. and you. and you. yeah you. right now i need seb cause i'm scaring too many people with my garrett obsessing. think msn display pic. daily checks on the various garrett fansites. annoying ayam by yakkety-yakking about him all day long. sowwiee. can't help it. oh ya, aliah killer = sebastien iszambard. french vox populi. heavenly voice. argh. kills. me. i hope he's not gay. his voice. drops dead. watched twist of fate. hate matinees. no ambience what-so-ever. the play was fab. love it. whodunnit my kinda thing. the music was aah. the costumes were ooh. the set was whoa! the songs. goes flapperty-flap. dance dance. i need my fall out boy. i'm tired. enough of il divo for today. toodles.

note: i just completed 2 research papers. didn't put much thought into this entry. so yeah. and i was doing the trainspotting choose life thingy.
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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
i will never truly understand the extent of your LOVE for me..
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005
some people are so mendak. a 'polite' english word for that is dense. i don't bother anymore. just don't make me feel guilty. it worked the first few minutes but after that, i'll realise it's not worth my energy. so fock off.

a day at dalina's crib was fun. it was natural for us five to scream and shout like nobody's business. maybe cause the house is like huge-ass. perhaps, it's the familiarity we've established thus far. but mostly, it was the fantabulous company. and thats y'all! *winks*

next stop, cindi's place and my room! heh.

so yeah. we've found a few common understanding. we all think that esprit guy was hot. we also agree that peter pan is annoying. and that gummy/yogi bear is oh-so-adorable! ooh.. and we went crazy for wade robson just now. thanks ayam for transporting me back to my teenyBLOOPER days. you're sorta stuck there though. KIDDING!

let's meet the baby-sitters..

Cindi is vice-president Claudia kishi

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- not cause of the skin colour hor.

Dalina is honorary member Dawn schafer

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- some odd fascination with dawn's diabetes. i think it's the D's la.

Aliah is secretary mary Anne spiers

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- cause of the kitty kat. ooh.. and geek!

Sham is treasurer Stacey mcgill

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- sings, 'tonight, be a naughty girl..' hot, hot, hot!

Mima is junior officer Mallory pike

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- the hair. the specs. you should go read up on her.

everyone's so US lor. it's not coincidences.

for the record. we didn't realise of the similarity in the initials till cindi had to mention it la. A-LAH-MAAAK!

we got to go makan ben & jerry's soon la babes!
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Monday, November 14, 2005
try living life without animals.

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you must be joking. [puts a huge blue tick by the side]
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Sunday, November 13, 2005
feels loved. got mentioned in 2 of my fwens blogs. *beams at the thought of people acknowledging my existence in this earth - shall stop the melodrama* one, im not too happy with. cause summer said MY drug garrett ain't hot. rah! he is so to moi! pui. so, you wanna catch eragon together? muahaha..

i don't want to be an ass. but i can't help it. as everyone is scrambling to get their tixs to twist of fate, i already got mine. yeah. like way before lor. a month ago maybe. idiotic channel 5 had to advertise the play like mad. dammit. now, everyone's going, "eh.. want to watch twist of fate? heard it's good. blahblah.." i'm being a twit.

so, i tried 'flirting' with a gay customer. tough luck. clearly, he wasn't impressed and i believe, he was amuse that a GIRL complimented him. i think he prolly wondered to himself, "is this girl dumb? i'm gay. yes?" my dodo effort was a minute of embarassement. i went, "you look good by the way." he did the diva thing they always do. wave his hand aside. gave me a weird look and smile. but he's cute la. especially when he ask for pasta salad. must lean forward cause he always whisper. heh.

i have no idea to what extent i can supercede my retarded-ness stage. right now, i don't feel sassy. i do the dumbest things.. rah! it seemed smart at that moment. fast forward a few hours? i didn't go, "crafty!" for sure. it's the what-the-hell-did-i-do-that-for moment. STOP THE FOOLISH!

oh ya, i used to hate mark wahlberg. but now, i think he's alright. bobby mercer won me over. period. i so wanted a girl for him. heck. besides, he's donnie's lil bro. everyone loves donnie right?
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Thursday, November 10, 2005
helaine, you were right. my blog is now officially a part-time fansite. i can't help it though. soo many beautiful faces to appreciate. i'm such a visual being. and for the record, i'm not the giggling teeny-bopper i once was. i've grown up and have matured to a stage where i drool silently as i gaze at the pretty boys faces.

for instance, when i'm feeling very the 'mendak' i will type [garrett hedlund] and GOOGLE! that's how i get my thrill nowadays. well, i do that all the time but [insert a different name here]. heh. y'know, it's amazing how that pretty face can cheer me up in a jiffy. it's like a panadol for my headache or something. really effective!

bighed smooige works for me!

i'm seriously disturbed by the story of a twelve year old girl who's obsessed with MY drug. cause she's like, "ooh, i'm 12 but i think garrett is hot!" eww.. eww.. eww.. then, there's another girl from hungary who went psycho and trailed him all around until he had to get his guards to pry her away and get him to safety. hell yeah. that's scary. i don't think i'll go to that extend. prolly stand by the corner and smile sheepishly and continue my shoe-gazing. mima can supply the background music. play ian brown man. muahaha..

so, here's MY panas boy.

he rocks my world..
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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
hope was all i had until you came..

..maybe you can't see how much you mean to me
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Friday, November 04, 2005
my bro went psycho - dismantled the comp.

the thing i miss most? MSN. argh. i want to yakkety yak with my fwens!

the thing i hate about festives is that, it'll leave me with a killer sore throat and shitloads of fat around my tummy. but the money is good and my room is clean. so, yeah.

oh ya, did i tell you guys that I LOVE MY ROOM! aside from the occasional dust here and there, it's oh-so-pretty with my books lining up the table. ooh.. and i've got a clothes rack ala boutique. colour coordinated. yeah, i'm that anal. i just need to frame the love me if you dare poster, hang it on the wall and my room shall be GORGEOUS!

i've been thinking of landon.

landon, landon, landon..
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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
i'm done being in the middle of everything.

it's time for me to shine!
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