Tuesday, May 30, 2006
i'm feeling UGH.


credits: a snarly manis

i want to be like stanford.

"I never do that, approach someone," Stanford says. "I did that once when I was in college. I went up to a girl who was in Larry Clark 's 'Kids' and started talking to her, and you just realize that basically no one ever wants you to come up and speak to them. A lot of people are really good sports about it, and I'll try to be one. But after that one instance, I decided I didn't want to be the person to impose upon someone or put them on the spot."

Stanford is a self-described introvert. The attention of strangers makes him uncomfortable. He says he's been in the company of exhibitionist peers who craved the crowd. He adds that he fell into acting in part to overcome his shyness, to be a pretend extrovert if not a real one.

What isn't common is Stanford's refusal to act as if he enjoys the attention beyond the camera. He feels no compulsion to share his views on the war in Iraq. There's nothing he's desperate to buy, no car (unnecessary in the New York area), no flashy jewelry (it would clash with his studied casual look), no first-class plane tickets for trips he hopes he won't have time to take for a while.

"An indulgence? I don't have one," he says. "I pick up bar tabs a lot more for friends than I used to. But I keep it pretty simple. I'm less careful with things now because I have a little more financial stability, although who knows how long that's going to last?"

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Saturday, May 27, 2006
i choked on a chicken bone. my throat is sore. i'm sick but i've been google-ing stanford the whole day. my cat just jumped on the laptop. she smells funky. i watched all the clips of winter solstice. i even bid on the dvd that i know can never been found in singapore. sometimes i loathe the discretion. all the stuff i want are unavailable. the frustration!

twice of x-men in 2 days. sneak preview with the girls. cindi smirking at my reaction everytime pyro appears on the screen. think. hands on the head. grinning like a retard. sigh. puts hands down. return to concentrate on the movie. from the corner of my eyes, i see ayam looking over at me. waiting for a seizure. i didn't. just because i killed the suspense by watching all possible spoiler videos (containing pyro, of course - like duh!) that were available online prior to the screening. big mistake. still.. another time with teddy who couldn't wait to watch it and had no one else to go see it with. he went, "woo hoo!" when beast appears. i knew it! my take on the movie, HELL YEAH! not that bad. one word to describe it? beast. he totally kickass.

the highlight of american idol finale was prince. period. nothing else matters. well, to me at least. i'm such a sucker for campy-ness. i think i need to go get his album. probably musicology.

went to the student exchange bbq thingy. it was surprisingly fun. apart from the zzz moments. the american students where really friendly. a few came over to say hi and introduce themselves. weird. cause i think i was supposed to do that first. but i'm a reluctant social-iser. so yeah. the food, as usual, was my favourite part of the whole thing. dirty jokes. guys laughing their asses off.

obsessive fangirlishness. i think it's part of me. i might kill you guys by my ooh-ing and aah-ing. but i'm nice enough not to. just for today.

oh ya, did i mention i dreamed of stanford last night? he was passing me something. not too vivid to remember. dang!

i was tagged by caca to do this. WHY?!

1.come up with 8 points of my perfect lover
2.have to mention the gender
3.tag another 8 people to do it. do leave a comment to let them know.
4.tagged 2nd time,you dont have to repeat it
5.have FUN!

here goes;
1. accepting; me the way i am(obsessive fangirlism included)
2. animal lover, esp cats
3. patient
4. honest
5. sports fan, esp soccer, tennis and rugby
6. tall, lean and has naturally-sculpted hair(NO GREASY HAIR GEL)
7. not hairy
8. no corny/lame/please-kill-me(referring to self) jokes

p/s my list is lame.

i'm not tagging this to anyone specifically. you, who's bored and have nothing better to do can do ok?

next post will be the soccer players to lookout for during the world cup in june. that'll be for hiddy. done by special request. soon!

letssingit ask stupid questions. but i'll answer. so, who's stupid-er?
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Tuesday, May 23, 2006
too much of something is never good. even if you lack of sleep. don't go beyond the required 8 hours on your next sleep. why? cause it'll be a brain-ache.

moving on to 'fake' news.

lindsay lohan is no elizabeth taylor.

*rolls eyes*

who says madonna is the queen of reinvention? more like a copycat to me.

here's she in her confessions tour.

see anything?

wah piang! want to copy also at least change the colour of your leotard lah. no creativity sia.

even freaking hung up has abba's gimme gimme gimme tune in it. more like f*cked up to me.

i don't mind her copying anyone else. but abba?! hell no.

i was watching the x-men press conference at cannes just now. and i'm wondering to myself, what it's like to be facing a gazillion camera lenses, flashes everywhere. your every move is captured. walking down the red carpet must be mind-boggling.

the mutants in cannes.

he's no camera whore.

and i love his expression. *dies*


so yeah.

get ready for the berserk. i'm starting to scare people. even before watching the movie!

tomorrow, tomorrow.

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Friday, May 19, 2006
the disappointment couldn't be masked. arsenal lost in such an unjust manner to a worthy winner, barcelona. i'm upset. for those who witness the match, you should know what went down. i personally feel that it does not seem like a final. referee damn kayu. barca playing on advantage. clumsy ass lehmann made a stupendous mistake. 10 men gunners. too tired, to lose.

elliot is out. he don't need to be the american idol. what he needs? an album filled with mood for love-esque songs. that's all i ask.

i've been indulging myself on sprees. argh. it should be contraband. for me at least. oh, what did i buy?

i'm feeling sarcastic and i'm taking it out on sandeep. poor soul.

i have found myself a tadpole. his name is cesc. y yo lo adoro. his young. he's been through a mullet. ugh. he's cute. not sure if his available though. but heck. it's been eons since i last dig a footballer. those were the days..

pass no judgement.

the eyebrows are real.

oh ya, tom hanks looks fugly in da vinci code.

aah. you suck my blood like a leech. you break the law and you preach. screw my brain till it hurts.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
i'm bummed. no more aras. no more hot yoga. no more drooling. no more, no more. i was pretty undecided about him winning survivor. though, it's the first time a favourite player of mine wins. after 12 freaking seasons. wah piang!

here's hot yoga instructor, aras.

he needs to stay in panama. just cause he's looking fit in there.

right now. he's bloated.

the dude loves to eat. as you can see.

i need those yoga lessons from him. santa monica, here i come!

man.. now, i'm left with FULL BODY LATEX. right helaine? me and my inside joke that so far, nobody understands. pity. i'll heed your advice. i'm going to tell the inside joke to anyone and everyone. i don't give two hoots if i'm the only one laughing. heh.

first day of school today. was dreading it since i'm pretty much in the holiday mood. the lecture is an epic story waiting to unfold. sorta like an installation of lotr or something. it's about 4 hours plus. one shot. with 15 mins of break. which is tentative. that one is from our very own university. which is pretty cool. he's got this habit of repeating his sentences. gives a threatening vibe. part funny, part annoying. got what i'm saying? hehe..

oh ya, it was nice to see my 69ers in school. they remembered me?! thrilling! i've got a picture of us. minus angela, who was blocked. poor thing. oh ya, plus hai. who's in front posing.

what a fun bunch! came up with pretty hilarious stuff. especially the 'pole-dancing'. man, these kids are diirrty-minded.

my favourite, rooney did a cover of queen's death on two legs. currently on constant replay. over and over again. not sick of it. i just love it.

death on two legs
you're tearing me apart
death on two legs
you never had a heart of your own

kill joy, bad guy
big talking, small fry
you're just an old barrow-boy
have you found a new toy to replace me
can you face me

but now you can kiss my ass goodbye

feel good, are you satisfied ?
do you feel like suicide (i think you should)
is your conscience all right
does it plague you at night
do you feel good - feel good
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Sunday, May 14, 2006
kudos to helaine for designing this fantabulous layout for me. wee! i lurp you pretzie. this is SO me. thanks so much dearie.

i'm digging the new look. do you?

what now? nothing much. been scouring the net for anything to do with x-men: the last stand. i'm that 'free'. can't wait any longer. starts to count down the days to it's premiere here in singapore. FASTER COME!


10 days to go.

holy maccaroni!


i'm really really really looking forward to seeing aaron in there. *shrieks a fangirl scream*

pyro is HAWT!

like totally.
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Friday, May 12, 2006
i'm feeling this.

same as you, aaron. le sigh.

all the talk about male stars turning gay is getting lame. even bradley cooper. bradley who? heck. go watch sex and the city. he's in there or somewhere. try today's episode of law and order: svu. piercing blue eyes! man..

right now its, "erm, i have a feeling i shouldn't care."

so what. we all love rupert right?

i'm listening to the special's ghost town. vintage, balls.

i'm loving supernatural. it helps that hot stud jensen ackles is in that one. man, that dude just screams _ _ _. even way during his days of our lives days. pun intended.

here's he.

i know, i know. he's super cheesy all-american boy. but hey! he's got an attitude to boot.

got back my results. i'm fine with what i got. but wait, i'm easily satisfied so that doesn't count. honestly, i'm not exactly your typical grades-crazed student. i won't go psycho if i don't get an A. i don't crave for anything spectacular. thus, the mediocrity. in actuality, i'm more interested in the process. the result is only secondary. maybe maybe.. i don't fit in this singaporean way of thinking. i'm off! no children of mine will be 'drilled' to conform. not unless they're born like malcolm in the middle or something. heh.

i'm going for a gap year. i'm making mum realise that i need the break. the experience before i decide what i want to do next. after the course of my studies, that is. hoping for a smooth and fantastic run. *prays* my pals at starbucks were asking me about my plans after 2 years. i didn't know the answer to that. talks about going to new york. that'll be a dream. i might get my break there. on broadway, baby. i seriously don't know. all i know is that we are going to do a gap year like what hocking said. si?

french & sauders (don't ask which one of us is which mima - i can't decide, darrrling..!) went hunting for those cds after work one day. i even had a list! and i end up with yann tiersen. SWEET VICTORY! i've been on the search for ages. i seriously need to marry that man. i don't care if he's old and fugly. even that crooked nose. he's a genius. i used to listen to the soundtrack of amelie over and over before a touch rugby match just to get psyched. it works. no other sound.


my yann. not-so-bad in here.


is there more gays or lesbians here in singapore?

i'm just curious about the numbers. cause the emergence of gay dudes. their exposure and shit, is scaring the shit out of me. leave us some straight guys, will ya?
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
i now know why crash won the oscar. no sympathies to brokeback mountan. all those cry foul-ing by ang lee/lee ang (whatever his name is) were ridiculous, i must say. crash deserved the win. it was awesome shit. i was blown away.

narnia wasn't that bad. i adored it actually. i even call my tabby cat, aslan now! he's real name is spot, by the way. and that name has its own story. maybe next time. anyways, i felt that the story wasn't as sucky as some have proclaimed. not too draggy for me. maybe i'm being bias. cause i'm giggly google doo towards king peter better known as smokin HAWT william moseley. hah. it does help that there's a certain james mcavoy in there too. mr tumnus?! man, do i love my scots! he was one of the few i fell for watching band of brothers. ooh, and children of dune. that one was nice.

and so it goes.

i'm a certified celebrity junkie! oh, what a life!

the year ones orientation was a blast. sentosa was scorching hot but a dip in the sea was worth the heat. charades in the water. wee! more next time. running around at the beach wasn't such a good idea since i have work the next day. they had no idea. i collapsed into bed and didn't wake up 14 hours later. not kidding.

sour is the word to describe the working situation. i hate to say, i told you so. i'm going to leave the place like a bad apple. i was hoping for it to be an amicable thing. guess not. i'm going gone.

why am i not affected by the rumour that wentworth is gay? odd. i'm loving the guy. he is mcdreamy to me. oh so dreamy.. not doctor shephard. that guy is too sappy for his own good. i can't stand the fact that he's into that meredith chick. she's annoying. change the title or something. don't make it grey. cause she's getting on me nerves.

go here. if you love magic!

why is everyone picking on me today?

anderson cooper said, "will i ever feel again?"

from russia, with love.
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
i'm depressed.

Dear Aliah,
Thank you for your email and kind support. Unfortunately, we don't have the rights to telecast Prison Break. Sorry to disappoint you.

AXN Asia

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i dig elyas khan.


one hot gypsy.

i'm thinking. a fantabulous birthday present would be the nervous cabaret album. order from online. plus overseas postage. freaking expensive. no lies. i have the site for purchase. any willing individuals? i would love thee endlessly. with guarantee.

i was away at the chalet over the weekend. i don't have any pictures with me right now to help visualise the event but it was splendid. fab food. kudos to the cooking team. wonderful company. thanks for the ones who came. made it what it was. had fun. went cycling. i was dead tired cause of that alone. my arms were aching. we chose a terribly heavy bicycle. lugging it around wasn't funny. at all. but having the one hour just riding in pasir ris park was nice. chatting till 3 with caca. interruptions and all. haha.. it's been so long. i miss our occasional sleepovers. we need to watch late night soccer matches once more. i want to wake up so you can fall asleep and for you to wake up, in order for me to sleep. its complicated. heh.

i need some wentworth miller. gotta get a fix on this.


i'm wondering if axn is showing prison break anytime soon.. [starts working on e-mailing axn-asia regarding the possibility of airing the show - wish me luck!] the image of a bald-headed wentworth. body inked with tattoo. plotting ways to escape jail. extremely tempting! i don't quite like the shaven look on wentworth. but still, how can you NOT love those eyes?! le sigh..

** fan girl alert: ON **

i just love LOVE love the way he has his hand on hers while she has it on his chest. le sigh.. gives me the oohs and the aahs.. i seriously am having sweet imaginations of mr miller.

at the moment, i'm rewinding my brain to that few scenes from the human stain. he was super dreamy in that one. the first i caught a glimpse of him. that was nice.

p/s i haven't got the chance to answer your tags cause the laptop is disallowing it to happen. i can't comment since there is no box to enter anything. and yes, i did manage to finish my paper. i figured my fellow comrades had to face similar situations by themselves. i conclude, we are retarded.
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