Wednesday, April 26, 2006
say hello to miss screwed up.

that is me.

ach mein gott!!!

i NEARLY missed my ugc final paper! FREAKING HELL! it would prolly cost me a heart attack if my heart wasn't as strong as steel. heh. quoting stalin over there. the word 'nearly' has a new meaning to me. never will i underestimate my dumb-ness. ever again. it will be the last time i'll pull such a stunt! even if i'm not aware of it. like just now..


the scenario
had this impression that the paper starts at noon. even had it stored in my handphone! wakes up around 9-ish. laze around. oblivious to what's in store. clearly. what an oxymoron!

at approximately 9.50-ish, wakes up. switched on the computer. went to the student portal. had the time to read the student council's mail regarding the need for orientation leaders. heh. went to the e-board. had a MAJOR FREAK OUT!!! it says:

BAC-UGC112, BSCBA: EXAM 10.00AM - 12.00PM RM3.01

followed by, 'WTF!' x100. scrambled like a headless chicken. got ready in a world record timing of 5 minutes. again, i learn something today. the importance of deodorant. never underestimate it. n.e.v.e.r. continuing with the story.. hopped into a cab. managed to flag one asap. halfway through, ransacked my bag to realise [sound effect please] JENG JENG JENG! i didn't bring my wallet. for real. it's not even funny. we made a u-turn. wasted like 10 minutes. i was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. i prayed to God. PLEASE HELP ME!!! the cabby was sweet enough to speed it up abit. thank you soo much pak cik! i owe you one. hopefully the 1+ dollar tip was worth it.

i made it in time. how? God. with my mum's prayers. mine. the cab driver's excellent driving. come to think of it.. he was really good at calming me down. i kept saying, "saye dah lambat cik' to him and he was all, what's cooler than being cool? ice cold! (trivia for sham. guess the song people!) but not in a bo chap kinda way. it felt like 'i will get you there in time'!

i entered at 10.29am. i am not exaggerating. 1 minute away from being allowed for the exam. big PHEW!

i have been myspacemusic-hopping. my my.. i found loads of kick-ass bands. a spew of bands from viva le france. oui, oui! mima will be oh-so-proud. and so would mr one dollar. heh. it's addictive! i found a really cool band i fancy called nervous cabaret. the lead looks like a pirate!

ahoy mate!

this song ALWAYS gets to me. always.

you are here so am i
maybe millions of people go by
but they all disappear from view

and i only have eyes for you
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Sunday, April 23, 2006
i fear no chicken tonight.
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Tuesday, April 18, 2006
i wanted to write about tadpole-ing and how much i want a tadpole for myself. and no, i'm not talking about pre-frogs here. i shan't go into details. ask me if you want to know. anyways, i was browsing through imdb and was really surprised to see the horrible reviews. I LOVE TADPOLE - the movie! and i disagree with the bitching. especially about my fave guy, aaron stanford. here's he.

adorable as he can be!

he's soo.. argh! i really fancy the anti-hollywood types.

the reason for my wanting a tadpole is simple. william moseley. the kid from narnia. who's got the vcd or dvd? i wanna watch!! oh, that boy is ripped i tell ya. he's smokin hothothot. with an oh-so-sweet face nonetheless. gawd! here's a preview.

the boy who..

why is he called mr teacup?

anyways, i realise there's a trend. william is 19? garrett is 20 i think. david is 17? omg. SEE! these are potential tadpoles. so much for being 'older'. i'm turning 21. i can't wait to VOTE! i've been wanting to do so since i was little. my dad was in charged of some voting thingy back when we were in telok blangah. flashback about 10 years. it was soo cool, i tell ya.

my not commenting on the recent blog farcas does not mean i'm ignorant to/of the issue. i just choose not to say anything. you'll be surprise how distance is no longer a barrier with the presence of technology. oh well.

was supposed to start on my interpersonal com piece of shit. but no. someone was hogging the comp. so after grey's anatomy, i went to zzz. i only have today left. i HATE last minute deadlines. it gives me chest pains. i'm. not. kidding.

what's going on with me? nothing much. i hate weeks coming to exams. finals sucks cause they have more weightage. i want to go see the producers. but haven't got the time. not really. if it were up to me, i'll go right now. i have dresden dolls on my media player. that's a yay for me! but double yay means forking out 37bucks for their cd. heart pain. oh ya, it's final. he's just a friend. i'm sure.

me can't wait for charlotte's web!

weezer's newest, perfect situation, just reminds me so much of the green album. i needed that album. it helped me through the 'dark' times. whenever needed. maybe you should give it a try?

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Saturday, April 08, 2006
i HAD to quote this.

and i am antony and u are rufus in that ''whore''

i mean that whore song

*dies laughing*
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Wednesday, April 05, 2006
i LOVELOVELOVE csi ny!!! the pace of season 2 was super fab la! it went WHAM BAM BANG sia. the carmine fixation is back y'all. dammit. he's looking hotter than ever. there was a shot when he was walking down the corridor muttering in his thick-ass new york accent (AAH) and i was staring like nobody's business at his awesome super toned arms lah. argh. HELP! anyways, vanessa the latino chick is leaving next episode. oops. spoiler alert. heh. and a new girl is coming in. WEEE!!!


so we watched transamerica over at mima's place. hah. i thought it was nicely done. but felicity huffman was looking really awful in there. for a tight-budget movie, they sure had amazing make-up people. so convincing.. and that kevin dude is looking oh-so-cute with his dimples.

school's been a drag apart from the random-ness. i should seriously STOP making fun of people. STOP mocking altogether. i. am. a. nice. person. everything's a pain. it's all over the place. i feel displaced. i have no idea what to do first. there is no form of organization. argh. i sound disoriented in the past few entries. like a total airhead. just rambling. it's too much chaos!

i have a few expired photos. a tad grainy. but still.

dinner with my 'thai' friends.

my gem card. big deal. helps boost self-esteem tho.

we were franz ferdinand-ied!

quiet is the new loud, kings of convenience.

i CANNOT wait for charlotte's web! there's oprah. yay! there's andre 300. yay!

life is indeed unfair. kirsten UGH dunst is dating a pwetty cute bloke from SNL. darn it. he's the kind that we all will go CUUUTEEE lor.

ooh.. i SO wanna watch the rocky horror show. anyone have seen it before? looks CREEPY! fantastick!

i do sound like entertainment news huh? my kawan kerabats don't call me, 'tabloid' for nothing. heh.
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Sunday, April 02, 2006
why eva braun?

hitler was MARRIED? for 36 hours nevertheless. holy crap. and hitler HAD sex? ok, that was unnecessary. but still. man, this is big news. to me, at least. somehow, minus the evil and satanic ideologies, hitler is engrossing. facts of his life just makes you sit up and go, WHOA! the relevations about eva braun's devoted loyalty to him just amazes me. that girl was hawt for a german chick. she had curves and was always prancing around in cute swimming suits. dancing away. why him? *shakes head*

anne 'princess diaries' hathaway as jane austen? O RLY? austen in jeans?! O NO!

ryan seacrest + teri hatcher = WRONG

now all my nightmares know my name.

i doubt singapore will allow marilyn manson's alice in wonderland.


man, i really need to READ! i sound like..
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