Tuesday, January 30, 2007
i know i went beserk for awhile and decline to blog apart from my school blog and random stuff elsewhere. anyhow, i'm back. just because i got tons of photos to parade!

i'm going to kick things off with the muse concert @ fort canning.

two words. HELL YEAH!

went with the bro. being the sweet sister that i'm normally not, i treat my bro to a ticket. it's his birthday. and i owe him money. hah. two crazy ass muse fans. we go WAY back. it pisses me off how young and dumb the new fans are. no offence to anyone who's reading this. in sorta elitist way, i like to think that i dig them when they were unknowns. back in secondary school. blasting plug in baby when mr heng was talking to me during art class. that was fun. imagine the hysteria (pun intended) when they played the old songs. we went wild. i was standing on a rock. want to know the long story? ask me personally. i'll tell it all over again. i can't write it here cause i need gestures and facial expressions to describe how sweet the spot was.

next was the highly anticipated il divo live @ the indoor stadium.

i was PSYCHED! i was LATE! fashionably late, if i may add. considering that most of the people have already settled in their seats when i arrived. sorry eleanor for making you wait. i was stucked in traffic. in a cab. the uncle was genuinely worried i might miss the start of the concert. bless his soul. and he was a fan! he played regressa mi while driving. i thought it was the uncanniest thing that could happen to me.

i didn't miss anything. thank god. managed to grab front row seats. third row from the stage to be exact. right smack in the middle. where i wanted to be. where seb always stands. so yeah. i splurged 250 bucks on it. shoot me. i would spend a coupla hundreds more to fly out and see them if i need to. one word to describe the whole exprience. surreal. they were pitch perfect. they were so close i couldn't believe my eyes. i had the silliest grin slapped on my face the entire time.

oh ya, i got seb's autograph! yay me!

for more il divo photos, click HERE!

lastly, the gig at barbaablackchic. jens lekman was here on a social visit y'all! haha..

i thought it was random for him to perform here. his reason being, to visit a friend in australia. man, you gotta love the guy. so he's the one that prances around, with a flower behind one ear. whistling to a tune. angering zainal along the way.

yeah, i went with the blokes. we had fun didn't we? it sucks that i got to leave early. once you go black, you can't come back? i know i miss out on a chance to hang out with jens and be his buddy. ARGH! stop reminding me already? yes, i'm referring to you azmie. no group hug for me. :( but he drew a flag for me! yay! i got his autograph too. but that's for another post. :)

right now, i'm kinda adamant about marrying a swede. some might already hear about my whole theory about their education incentives. free school for the kids! i'm not even sure i'm having any.

here's me and my favourite swede! he's soo cute! jens mat balding. hur hur..

note: there's soo much details i left out here. but seriously, i need my hand gestures and whathaveyou's to make it justifiable. for now, this will do.

photo credits goes to me and azmie.

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Monday, January 22, 2007
i'm on a self-imposed hiatus from blogger. caused by my recent booboo with old blogger. i typed out a long entry, littered with photos some more. what happened? it went KAPOOT! i'm still sulking. i will update on the concerts and the upcoming gig at barbaablackchic. jens, here i come!

friends, i've got a favour to ask. there's another blog of mine that needs commenting. it's for school. my introduction to internet class, to be exact. it's HERE. do swing by and leave a comment okay. i need the traffic. i think.

thank god for australian open. i feel like it's been centuries since i last saw a tennis match.
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

WTF??? marilyn manson is dating evan rachel woods! that's so not-cool. don't get me wrong. i dig marilyn manson. blame my brothers for their wayward influence. and i've had a crush on evan since once and again. but he's 34 and she's 19! that's SO unfair. cause i know it won't happen to me. as in, what are the chances of me snagging a way older and mucho cooler rockstar? ZERO. NA-DAH. KOSONG, i tell you. ugh. i hope dita hooks up with a hot model or something. cause she's so hot, it's a sin.

i've been tagged by caca. i know i did this before. but heck, i'm too free to decline.

Once tagged by this entry, the assignment is to write a blog entry of some kind with six random facts about yourself. Then, pick six of your friends and tag them; no tag backs. This explanation should be included.

1. i can't wait for awards season - next tuesday, golden globes baby!
2. my mum is beginning to think that my online shopping is a problem
3. i need to get those white headphones
4. my room is beginning to run out of space
5. i'm seeing muse and il divo in a week's time. then jens towards the end of the month - GO ME!
6. exercising should be my resolution

i don't know who have done this so i'm tagging ALL of you who reads this. please humour me!

i'll write about the 3 days of renovation that went down at my place after this. i need to watch tv.
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Monday, January 01, 2007
this post is long overdued. i'm just lazy to finish up the entry which was supposed to be posted on the 1st. seems like there's nothing to google. no videos on youtube i haven't seen. just hours spent in front of the tv. it's like a religion for me. i'm so loyal, it's sick. monday night comedies on star world. tuesday is cold case. wednesday used to be project runaway. thur is my FAVOURITE day of the week. the office, prison break and without a trace. ARGH!!! friday is survivor. weekends are saved for my soccer matches. i'm a sucker for re-runs. so scv is the best friend. in between, there'll be reality shows like real world, ghost hunters, matchmaker, cheaters and the several kickass bbc shows. see! how can i not love tv as much as i already have? thing is, i just need TIVO. that will be a dream.. that will also mean, i won't get out from my house. like ever! haha..

on with the intended post!


today marks the first day of 2007. 2006 rocks. no doubt about it. but i can't wait. january is finally here! *shrieks* i'm thinking.. normally folks list the best of 2006 and shit. but i'm bad with memory and i hate leaving things out when i start listing them. so yeah. as usual, no resolutions for me. it sucks cause i can't never keep em.

the past few weeks went zooming FAST! i want my holidays back! ugh.

at cindy's

it's a day at the living room. minus sham. once again. we finally get to crash cindy's crib after much complaining. apparently everyone has been to her place except US! so off we went. we went swimming at her pool. but as usual, i was waddling around. i'm SOO not a swimming pool person. i can't swim laps for nuts. i'm more of a beach person cause i won't be discriminated for sitting around the shore instead of actually swimming. SENTOSA, HERE WE COME!

christmas with my homies

i organized the outing cause i felt like it's been eons since all of us came together. and i missed that. the 'shouting' instead of speaking to each other.. it's an endearing habit. i'm not much of a loud person. BIG JOKE to some right? thing is, when i'm with a relatively large group and there are others who are far louder than me, i tend to mellow down. it's the "why are you so quiet aliah?" it's weird. cause i can be really loud. very weird.

we went makan at lau pa sat and got hounded by vendors like dogs on a prowl. it's scary! if it were up to me, i won't cave in to their demands and will buy stuff from elsewhere. i just feel that most of these people are out to trick us, patrons. seriously.

as usual, we were trigger happy.

i'm a brunette now

i'm looking kinda glum in the photo. maybe cause i've been on the chair for 2 hours plus already! i had 3 different hairdressers fussy over my hair. for that moment in time, i felt like a hollywood star. haha.. i got the whole treatment. cut, colour and highlights. although halfway through, i was falling asleep!

so far, the response has been great. my granny digs the highlights! it's funny. i think my dad is the only one that hates it. hah. as long as i've got everyone else's back, i'm good. it seems like i have to answer to everyone with my hair. family? checked. friends? checked. folks at work? checked. babysitters? not yet checked.

the hair is different.. but i'm not THAT unrecognisable right? i wonder sometimes..

02A3 class bbq

cicak and ina organized a bbq for the class. at the same time, we celebrated sofi's birthday. she kena sabo-ed with eggs and whipped cream, i think. she got injured cause of a stubborn egg. poor thing. i hate sabo-ing. cause i know i'll hate it more if i kena sabo-ed. it's just not nice. it's fun to laugh for a few minutes. but that's it. the mess. ugh. and the embarassment. ARGH!

i think i over-wear my nacho tee. i love it too much!
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