Saturday, March 31, 2007
i have a horrible sore throat. it's not fun. i hate you, sore throat. this entry will be a huge ass picture post. i went click-ty mad.

while waiting for carrie's class. we had 3 hours to kill. i was bored.

me and sang.

sham went cuckoo. she thought she was driving a car. i on the other hand, resemble a turtle.

met my fc for post-birthday celebrations cum our 'weekly' hangout session. we went mad jack! i nearly missed the stop cause i fell asleep. heh. we should go there one of these days. in between classes maybe. it's freakin near to school.

the view from our table. neat eh?

here's the birthday girl! gawd. you're so fair it's NOT even funny.

i thought this was funny. kinda remind me the time we all went to perth. those were the days.

my plate got vandalised. can you guys make out the word? tootsie rolls for the person who gets it right. what's tootsie rolls? it's a candy from the us. chewy choc lovelies, i say. YUMYUM!

thanks for coming out to play. i had funfunfun. can't wait for tuesday. at last can take out my kite!

my cats are LOVE. here's manis lying on my pillow. she's so human-like. i sometimes forget she's not one. drats.

i swear, spot was a gymnast in his previous life.

cheaky's got a clothes fetish. she likes to dig in deep in our clean laundry and place herself in between shirts and skirts.

cheaky giving me her WHATCHULOOKINATBITCH look.

it's me and yan. i like this pic. wee!

arsenal freakin lost to liverpool. argh. this sucks. i hate crouch.
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Tuesday, March 27, 2007
i can't help it. 2 of my current favourite people together. steve buscemi and eddie izzard. geniuses.

i was watching fargo the other day. was thrilled - it was very weird. i've watched it a couple of times. to this day, i have no idea why i enjoy it so much. so yeah. i dig buscemi. he's one of those actors you don't really pay attention to. unless you're a fan. but that's another story. thing is, you'll watch a couple of movies. then you'll sit up and say, "isn't that dude in most of the movies i just watched?" well, he's that sorta actor, i think. understated. it doesn't help that he plays rat-y characters all the time. hah. ghost world was a change. that movie was nice too. i'm bias. scarjo was in there. thora (who will always be my childhood favourite - think now and then) is rocking the nerdy specs.

eddie is my favourite comic ever. i think it's the whole cross-dressing thingy. he looks hot in a dress. it's not even funny. i got to agree with my bro. his jokes can sometimes be text-y. but heck. he's too charming to turn me off. i remember first seeing him in the cat's meow as charlie chaplin. i was kinda bummed charlie didn't look like charlie. that's just because i've never seen him without make-up.

i love the scottish accent, it knows no bounds. ewan. billy. james. gerry. i turn into powder form when you guys speak. it's sick.

i dig german dudes. i don't want to say why.

starring in a silent movie will be a dream. i would love to be louis brook. the protagonist who speaks through her eyes. i SO want to rock a bob ala my favourite flapper. but everyone's doing it nowadays. how lame.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007
i'm so lazy. weekly class blogging has stripped me of my energy. i have no drive to update. unless it's something to do with fandom. THAT, i'm awake 24/7. so anyways, i'm hoping everyone is well. i'm on my assignment week. tons of research papers to be done. loads of procrastinating. semester is ending in a month's time. no kidding. time flies really fast when you're enjoying the ride. don't get me wrong. school is tough. some teachers sucks - cause they're bias. thank god for my cronies for keeping it real. i can't believe it'll be over so soon. i don't ever want it to end. well, not really. but it's been a ride. oh gawd. let's wait till next year for tears.

last week. the babysitters went for a seventeen event. no shit. music & lyrics cost 5 bucks. on a saturday! all we need to do was take part in some games. put on a little bit of make-up. well, except ayam. she was our sacrificial lamb. poor pseudo-malaysian actress.

this is our notebook. isn't it cute?

busy bees working on our notebook. cutting papers and sticking sequins. it's pretty funny.

it was pretty intense. cause a 'few' of us were competitive. *winks*

we didn't win. blame it on lack of time. lack of materials. but we were a happy bunch. smiling for the camera. posing with our fasio sticker. mascara really does wonders. thing is, how do i apply it without blinding myself? heh. i poke my eye all the time. so yeah.

1st april 2007. after waiting for 5 years. phantom is here. i CANNOT wait for 'all i ask of you'. i might bawl. blah.

this is kinda interesting.

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Friday, March 23, 2007
finding acclaim.

Technorati Profile

this is cause of school. ignore this post if you don't know what 'technorati' is.
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Thursday, March 15, 2007
i think i'm infatuated.

he's real. just far away.

his voice, such sweet melody.

i would look fitting in my flapper dress next to him.

school is making me floozy.

and i love TWITTER! add me. i'm wideeyedmuse.

thanks kevin. for the tootsie rolls too.
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Monday, March 05, 2007
well, well, well. it's been eons since i last update. why? cause i'm lazy and seriously, school is taking up most of my time. midterms in 2 days time. woo hoo. not. so yeah. i'm supposed to do my readings but dexter's on right now and i love michael c.hall. did you know that i set the alarm at 10pm every monday? television is slowly leading me to retardation. i want to try something out. not to watch tv a day before my paper. see if that's possible and if it'll work. talking about school, carrie is such a pain in the ass. i swear i'm controlling myself from gagging everytime she 'flirts' with the boys. what did i do wrong? why GOD why, is life so unfair? do i really deserve the personal attacks and backlash? i'm quiet in her class. i don't poke fun at her. what's wrong? blardy fucked up. quote unquote from a friend, "i'm SO not winning at life".

surprise, surprise. i got mentioned on LIME magazine. no biggie. just 1-2 sentences maybe. yay-ness. here's the article. they mentioned what i said about online shopping being my 'panadol'. i'm NOT kidding.

we were mima's cheerleaders during her magazine launch. as usual, we were late. never did get to see the 'launching' itself. funny. was hanging around. there were hip hop and shitloads of underage boys. rap. that i can never get. but i dig ludacris. why? cause he's hot.

we came all dressed up. that's nice. all of us wore a dress! *shrieks* haha.. oh ya, cindi brought along her homestay kid, yuna. that was an experience. having dinner, sharing our culture with her. hope she doesn't think we're weird or anything. heh.

us + yuna at Singapore Art Museum

it's null and me. all dressed in red and black! i like..

i've just posted a video on youtube! it's my cat spot, meowing and me saying hi and bye to him. so yeah. dumb but cute. my cats can talk! and here's PROOF! haha.. i'm thinking of posting videos of my cats cause they so cute! sharing the love mah.

17th march, 8pm. quasimodo is performing at the arts house. yes, azmie's (along with ibrahim,zainal and their friends) band is having their first gig. so come down and bring your friends. must support friends right?

to listen to their songs, go HERE.
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