Tuesday, July 22, 2008
got an e-mail from caca.

that totally made my day.

facts (some are funny) from the e-mail:

- her e-mail was longer than mine. now, that's rare! hah.
- she's found a place. yay!
- it's freezing there
- she called me mate

i think i'm going to send her a postcard.


i hope mima have fun in tokyo.

good luck sham.

i want to bore cinsi with more ernests-related stories. gah!

ayam is turning into a zombie!

we need more babysitters time. yakking is fun!


a shot i took from dad's car.

i want to hop on the flyer. next week, maybe.


i'm looking for WRITERS. you'll be paid. must love music.
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Sunday, July 20, 2008
i'm beat.

i'll post about everything soon.
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008
this whole fuss about graduation and the bash after that is making my head spin. don't get me wrong. i'm excited. but gee whiz! i hate spending money when i know i need to save up for australian open cum january. yep, it's definitely happening people. and i'm PSYCHED! it's the only thing i'm looking forward to right now.

i had to get shoes for my graduation. only black court shoes. wtf?! so dull sia. and i was already planning to wear my purple chucks cause it'll look super cool. my parents will allow it. the administration people? don't think so.

here's what happened when i showed my dad my new shoes.

me: pak, nice?

dad looks at my shoes.

dad: you want to become imelda marcos ah?

*rolls eyes*


funny. i actually can't wait for the olympics. after the controversy, i was pretty put off. especially after the report about shoddy work and unfinished infrastructure among other things. c'mon man. it's a freakin international sporting event. you gotta do better.

surprise, surprise. tennis returned as a sport in the olympics. after years of exclusion. so yay!

i cannot wait for this.

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Monday, July 07, 2008
caca's off to sydney. :(
the earth officially feels different.

after the goodbyes, my granny turned to me and said, "you want to buy chocolate?"

i almost died.

i think she could read the distress in my eyes.
fyi: chocolate solves everything.

i love you nyai. thank you for the reese peanut butter cups. i think i'll be okay.


i think federer is losing to rafa. shit. i thought i might stand a chance to win the tickets to london. i got it right with venus. *prays for a win after the rain*

one reason why i love tennis:
love is zero
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Thursday, July 03, 2008
tuesday was awesome.

my favourites.

we went to the flyer. but for popeye's! no pictures of the food cause we were starving. heh. as promised, alot of camwhoring along the way. my bros are naturals.

after much indecisiveness, we decided on kbox.

my bro was belting song after song like a seasoned pro. don't like karaoke my ass! you, microphone hogger!

our song choices were interesting. i had fun choosing songs. cause most of them everyone sorta knew. phew!

channeling his inner sinatra.

we ended the night with chocolate fondue at haagen dazs.

ice-cream does go well with melted chocolate. i disagree with the green apple though.


thanks to everyone who was involved in the fantabulous day! i don't have much to write cause i don't think words can justify the good times we had.


i know you're leaving for sydney, ca. i almost forgot what a daunting experience it'll be for you. instead of making a fuss of your departure, i should just be your fc and say, "everything's going to be okay." sydney will be mad fun. i hope you'll have a great time with your homies. don't you forget about me. keep me posted. always. i love you. and i'll see you in january. *fingers crossed*

in the meantime.

sweet, sweet burn
of sun and summer wind
and you my friend
my new fun thing
my summerfling

oh how we would laugh
at anything
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