Monday, March 31, 2008
i know i've got alot of things to write about here. namely, trip to the zoo and bangkok. but i'm lazy. and tired of advertising class. the group is killing me. perfection was never something i strive for. i might be in the wrong team. i will never understand the euphoria of grades. letters and numbers will never satisfy me. it's just a temporary yay. if i do badly, it's because i suck. all i'm worried is getting to the end. when all is done, will i have enough good to let me through.

for now, i keep thinking to myself..

i would fit perfectly in 1960's woodstock.

fyi: i promise tons of photos and commentary.
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Tuesday, March 11, 2008
past couple of days were filled with tons of music. more than my average dosage, that is. they were awesome tunes. LOVE. once again, thank you mosaic. if only i can devise a plan to bring aaron in for next year's festival. hmm.. that'll be my modus operandi.

it feels like i'm taking a hiatus. carefree is the nearest word. i think music should seriously be considered medicine. cause it works for me. all the time. while spacing out, i came up with a list of bands i want to watch. the aim is 5 years time. the rule, do or die - must go see them live. eh, that rhymes!

super furry animals
dirty pretty things
the thrills
the hoosiers

of course there's tons more i want to see. bands and singers alike. but this is my immediate plan lah. one step at a time mah. it'll be a riot if they come to singapore. but i'm guessing no. i have to travel and find kakis. well, when the time comes i'll make it work somehow.

right now though, i'm only thinking of one thing.

21st march come quick.

i need to study. now.
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Monday, March 10, 2008
first - thank you cindi-san for scoring us superb seats.

second - rabid fans block my view and i had to half sit. whatever that means.

third - gawd. my love for canadian bands. gah!

fourth - SAMMY! i know, i know. enough of 'hims' already right? but i can't help it. he's SO my kind, it's not even funny.

fifth - i thought they were fab. amazing set. LOVE the introduction. brownie points for humour.

sixth - i'm incoherent.

i'm sucha a fangirl i should just stop. i took this photo cause i wanted to show his freakin nice blue stripe shirt to everyone. it's too pretty! i want it! shame i couldn't get a closer shot. well, it felt like we were super close. so yeah. alot was at line. thus the refrain.

seriously though, watching sammy play i can't help but wonder. i now understand why i dig guys in bands so much. probe me for details. it's too 'deep' to be written out for all to see.

tomorrow. trey. i think i'm spending too much time at the esplanade. but heck. mosaic festival 2008 rocks!
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Saturday, March 08, 2008
photo by savannah grandfather

this cannot wait. 

i keep seeing snippets of tonight's show every few minutes. in my mind. and beats that keep ringing in my head. kinda like memento. think guy pearce trying to recollect. hot stuff. i love my aussie men!

one word. phenomenal.

harry connick jr, i think you were flawless. and a total dork. your charm, my gawd. *dies* once again, thank you for tonight. i LOVE it.

what a night! argh. if only it went all night. cause honest to god, it was such a fantastic set. my first concert with cindi-san was fantabulous! to trey and this sunday. yay!

i swear i stopped breathing for about 2 to 3 seconds when he sang it had to be you for the encore. a bad song to end the night?! are you kidding me?! it's possibly my most favourite (along with the whole concert theatre lah) love song. which also includes, i love you for sentimental reasons, night and day and what a difference a day makes. but that's for another post. oh ya, and the very thought of you too.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008
fact: the wireless at coffee bean is for starhub users. suckass.

imagine trying to rush a deadline on a busy saturday night. IT'S NOT FUNNY. i manage by sitting outside a crowded starbucks. yes, at the seats along orchard road. people were staring. i think at mima's black macbook. cues oohs and aahs. hah. but i managed only to get reprimanded. which was apt, if you think about it. well, that's another story.

i think i hurt my back. it's pretty sore. i've never been injury-prone my whole life. not even while i was playing sports. age is catching up on me. i blame work. was carrying heavy loads. i don't know why. there were many boys working that day. i just don't have a habit of asking for help from the men at work. *pukes*

by the way, i totally went against my 'no online shopping for the month of february' for THIS.

look what i got. a hamburger!

hello, hello.

kinda like juno.

when i saw it, i went "I WANT!" so yeah. i got it and now i'm giddy. people call me now. i promise i won't be snarky.

here's what/who i wake up to every morning. how to hate. i call it love in furs.
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Saturday, March 01, 2008
guess what? I'M BACK!

after a hellish week, friday came right on time. i'm thinking, next week will be oh-so-fine. apart from presenting on tuesday, that is. the pressure! ugh. i hope things will get better for some. i'm praying for health. i also wish for many more talks. with all the babysitters next time.

p.s. i love you was lovely. one word. saccharine. but i still like it. maybe i'm bias. cause i did squeal when i saw harry connick jr's name. yes, just the alphabets. not the person. as much as i enjoyed the movie i kept thinking, "omg. i can't believe i'm seeing harry in a weeks' time!" PSYCHED! counting down the days. mosaic festival, here i come!

i'm making so many plans. i'm praying it'll all materialize. that's all. i believe in 2008.

favourite phrase of the week/month: chok dee. which means good luck in thai. i'm itching to take up thai. just because i'm SO in love. with thailand. and the richness of it's culture and history. i envision the need for it in the future. don't ask.

i've been thinking of anne's peter the whole week. i've been enthralled by the diary of anne frank since forever. and to finally put a face to those descriptions, how apt.

i've never had such a clear mental image of him.
i don't need a photograph,
i can see him oh so well.
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