Tuesday, December 12, 2006

quite alot of photos ahead.


last day of com class. sachs brought his camera. everyone came to the front and we had a huge ass photo-taking session. even the cleaner helped us took some pictures! heh. it's been a long time since i last had a class photo. back in the days my friends. back in the days..

reminiscing.. a typical day in com class.

that was fun.

last day of school. end of semester. na dah! well technically, some of us still had one paper to go. i had nutrition on the friday. ugh. but we went ahead anyway! haha.. we celebrate it with breakfast at mcdonalds!

fastforward to the holidays. circa like now?

afternoon/night at the museum

'twas a fun trip to the newly-revamped national museum of singapore with my darling pretzel! it was beautiful.. so sparse. did you know? i loveLOVElove MUSEUMS! there's something about empty space and displays of works. with the shine of the spotlight and the creaking floor. silence in every corner apart from comments made to the friend next to you. it's one of my favourite things to do. yes, i'm a nerd.

we stepped in and there was a wide screen in front of us. it was really cool seeing ourselves pointing and walking towards the screen. images that was captured when we were standing below the cameras located above our heads. it's like art imitating life.

going back to the 50s was oh-so-natural! the thunderbirds, naomi and the boys, the siglap five, the quests. they were the BOMB y'all! "so baby.. when will you be my steady?"

i was TOTALLY rocking the headphones!

say, we should do this again?

credits: haha, daphne and my handphone, polly jean for the pictures!
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Monday, December 11, 2006
i got punk'd at the workplace.
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Saturday, December 09, 2006
exam has finally ended. time for woo hoo. i'm glad that it's all over. but i hate the empty feeling i always get at the end of a term. i feel really idle. it's the.. hey wait, there's no class tomorrow! yay! i especially hate it when i get back to my study table and all my texts are lying there screaming, "of what use am i to you now?" casual reading maybe? apart from work and the occasional hanging out with different people (man, i feel like a serial dater) i envision many days just slacking at home. there's tons of dvds to watch. bottomline is, i'm lazy. i do need to get some things done. alot actually. holy shit. i know i've waited 4 months plus for the hols.. but, i can't wait for january!!! muse and il divo, here i come! musically, i'm just all over the place. just one day separating the 2 concerts. man, i'm confused! haha..

went to watch deja vu with the aunt just now. the tickets were a steal. 2 tickets for 11 bucks! on a friday. at vivo city! seriously, that place is infested with humans! when you have to squeeze into a shop. that's a problem. with me at least. the movie was alright. the idea was interesting. going back in time to change the course of events. very frequency. there was no sound of human voice for the first 10 minutes i think. that was weird. denzel came sashaying down the street looking freakishly like the legendary sidney poitier. val kilmer is fat and fug. WHAT WENT WRONG VAL? you were soo handsome last time. i still love you though. haha.. i've got 2 words for jim caviezel. MEAN MACHINE! he was hella good. like totally.

i did way better than i thought i would for the speech. yay for me! i seriously thought it went horribly. considering that silence greeted me when i was done. i was like wth? was it THAT bad?

latest fascination:
the office (us version). i swear it's cause of jim. his facial expressions are to die for! i did scoffed at the show initially.. i've always had a slight biasness towards the brits (i like em alot!). wonder why?

a note to my fc:
it's so easy to be random with you. i LOVE it!
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Monday, December 04, 2006
i'm a weakling.

that, my friends, is THE understatement of this year.

i went to videoezy and rented failure to launch. i think bumbling idiot is justin 'spaz' bartha's niche. i thought the movie was absurdly funny. i can't stand sarah jessica parker but i want to wear most of her clothes. UGH! but heck. i'm finally satisfied. won't be having cold turkey now. my work/craving is done. so back to the finals.

i'll just DIE (of giddyness!) if justin and zooey got together?

they are too adorable!
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