Friday, June 30, 2006

superman returns



it was actually entertaining. i recommend it to everyone! i give it 4 stars. seriously. initially, i feared it'll be corny and all. with it's cheesy-ness. but no. bryan singer did justice to the man of steel. i really dig the beginning where everyone's name was flashing in blue. superb effects. the first part was kinda draggy. caca caught 3 minutes of nap for goodness sake! after that it was, 'WHOA!' and 'HOLY SHIT!' i'm SO not into beefcakes but brandon routh was PACKING! he is an exception.

i prefer the bumbling clark kent than superman. why?

1. clark is adorable as a doofus
2. the way clark looks at lois
3. superman's S fringe is soo UGH!

BUT. i want superman to bring me around the world. i want the whole twirl around on his feet thingy. it was soo romantic.. it's quite corny but still.. he was, "come with me lois. pls. i want to show you something." AWW.. i want to fly!!!


this is for hiddy!

7 random facts about me
tabloid fodder
tv addict
walking contradiction
enjoys squabbles
thinks too much
sucker for foreign films
my personal 'bubble' is big - i need SPACE!

7 things that scare me
being left alone in this world
losing my sight
depth - suffers from bathophobia

7 random songs at the moment
crazy - patsy cline
i need you - america
la camisa negra - juanes
please baby don't - john legend
oh what a world - rufus wainwright
little more for little you - the hives
hips don't lie (bamboo) (2006 fifa world cup version) - shakira feat wyclef jean

7 things i like most
flea markets/pasar malams
cotton candy
candy cane
silent films
pecks on the forehead

7 things i say the most
i'm just saying..
what the F?!

7 people to do this
i want the magnificent seven to do this. go figure!

i'm such a freakin lamer it's not even funny. once again. i was wide awake at 3am in the morning waiting for a game to start. "eh, how come this match like got watch before ah?" dumbass. it's reruns! 2 days = no soccer. man.. i'm such a moron. to miss the spain match the day before. ARGH!

i think there's only one handsome soccer player left in the tournament. period. he's a defender for italy. thank god for the red card. cause or else i'll never get to notice him. ever.

note: one would be lying if she does not admit that she's footballer-watching whilst watching the match. BLERGH!


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006
my little nephew has cesc's hairdo. i'm dead serious.

it looks something like this.

*suffers from a spasm*

i was like.. inspecting the kid's new hairstyle and i went, "WHOA! no shit. i notice something VERY familiar about your hair. WHAT IS IT???" *starts to check out his hair* "don't tell me.." *i started to narrow my eyes* "man.. i'm getting a spanish vibe. issit..?" *sucks in air* "DON'T TELL ME?!" *pregnant pause* "it's CESC!!! you're trying to look like CESC!!!" *roars with laughter as i jumped around with glee. man, that was dope. my nephew had the exact hairdo. i flipped. it was THE bomb.

so yeah. cesc better stay with arsenal. if he goes back to spain (there's talks about him going over to real madrid) just so he can be near his girlfriend.. i'll be so depressed, it's not even funny.
moving along to OMG news.

OMG news #1
ITALIA is freakin IN y'all! i'm stoked! madness. such a lousy performance but i'm psyched they're in. too bad for the aussies. sorry dudes. it was won unfair and square. man, i like that phrase. heh. penalty on the very last minute. DRAMA! very italian. i like.. can't wait for the ukraine match. i hope they wake up and play like the way AZZURI is supposed to play dammit. bring it ON! oh ya, the italians are super stylish, i must say. decked in their tracksuits. even their team photos got their own spin on it. go compare it with the other teams. there's something different with their pose. heh.

OMG news #2
OMG OMG OMG!!! zac is in hairspray the movie! that's totally awesome y'all. it's like, zac is trying to be john travolta in grease or something. heck. i love hairspray! i hope when i have money and all, i'll get the chance to catch them still. *hopes that hairspray will remain running until i get the money to go broadway*

OMG news #3
omg.. the jack russell who played eddie in frasier has passed on. cho chad. he's funky! we lurp eddie!

bless your soul, moose. (that's his real name)

that's enough for now. i'm supposed to be revising for arun's paper tmr. *shrieks* and i'm still deciding if i want to stay up for the spanish match tonight. cesc is in the starting line-up??? i'm SO watching. blergh.

i've got free passes to the superman returns movie screening. will update you people after the show tomorrow. hope it's good.

one for the love.
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Saturday, June 24, 2006
cesc, i love thee.

i'm obsessed its not even funny. screaming cesc's name every other minute is unhealthy. being stuck in his official site is not funny. suffering spasm attacks just by looking at his pictures is unhealthy. convincing myself that he's going to leave his girlfriend for me is stupid. again not funny. i SO need a boyfriend. one that looks like cesc, thank you. *stabs self* so i find his english incredibly adorable. *dies* the way he stresses every syllable. the way his eyebrows move when he speaks. how he bites his lips after each sentence. man, i sound really scary. i need to STOP!

i think when i'm sick, i need to be around people. i feel so much better. maybe cause i like to talk. and being cooped up alone makes me cranky. but i'm lazy to go out at times. weird coming from the grouch.

so the kl trip was horrible at the beginning cause i was feeling super ill. it sucked. i was down with a high fever. don't you get the oxymoron? it was not funny. i like that sentence. that's like my favourite phrase of the month or something. i didn't get much shopping done. a blessing in disguise? i wasn't feeling fab. but we did manage 2 games of bowling. that was fun! the whole event was entertaining. sorta like a mini concert. i realised, i really enjoy dancing. seriously. that is NOT funny by the way. especially to the world cup song. the ooh leloleleloo song. that was hot. we had both malaysian idols singing. not too bad. then some indon singer. ruth something. wonderful vocals. and she sang a song i really like but couldn't figure out who sang the song. heh. ooh.. the finale is the best. wang lee hom is in the house y'all! man, i didn't know that dude has alot of fans. my bro's gf included. the crowd went wild i tell ya. and that guy can moove.. whoa!

so yeah. fireworks and all. it was fun.

i have a bbq to go to. ciao bella.

italia.. italia..!
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Thursday, June 22, 2006
crazy, i'm crazy for feeling so lonely i'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue i knew you'd love me as long as you wanted and then someday you'd leave me for somebody new.

worry, why do i let myself worry? wonderin', what in the world did i do? crazy for thinking that my love could hold you i'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying and i'm crazy for loving you.

crazy for thinking that my love could hold you i'm crazy for trying and crazy for crying and i'm crazy for loving you.

i can't get rid of this song. it's been playing in my head. over and over again. C.R.A.Z.Y.
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Monday, June 19, 2006
come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots come disconnect the dots with me poppet come disconnect the dots

even when i'm half-dead, i have the energy to notice pirlo. who's a splitting image of pires from some angles. so i dig him. alot. he's married. but i'm not bothered. weird. his wife is actually adorable. his son, niccol. lovely name.

why him?

his hair is perfection.

perfezionare i capelli

i stopped breathing when i saw the back of his head. his locks are the quintessential the-kind-of-hair-aliah-likes-on-a-guys-head. it's a rarity.

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that scowl ain't stopping me!

1 thing i hate about the italians is how they don't wear rings (at all times) to indicate that they're taken. it's like. i went WTF? he's married?! but hey, the wifey is kinda cute. like the blonde chick in cold case. WAIT! don't tell me that's her! no. checked.

i wanted to post some stuff up but was delayed. it's here now. so yeah. i can't get enough of torres rosy cheeks. feels like if i poke em with a needle, blood will gush out. which it prolly will. but why would i do that right? they are PWEETY!!!

the dude loves to act cute.

but this is super cute lah.

that's not he's kid right?

i came up with a theory. it's called, 'they are 2 kinds of people'. let me start with one.

there are 2 kinds of people. those who can't wear stripes and those who can. so wear it!

sia does stripes proud!

i want to talk about the kl trip but that calls for an entry of its own.

i love sweaty (cute by my standards) boys. and boys who can move. spanish game tonight? yes please.

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Friday, June 16, 2006
i'm still not feeling better. my throat still taste of yuckness. my nose is dripping. my head is spinning. my legs are aching. and i'm leaving for KL tmr. how wonderful!

whilst waiting for ayam and mima to finish up their mgq project, i'm plugging to youtube and radioblog. sham is behind rocking to hip hop. so i came up with a list while browsing. i'm going australia to catch youth group. PATRICK! ooh.. i found myself a maroon hoodie just like his. it's super steep lah. 45 bucks??? then i'll be going to france to see kyo. take a photo with fabien maybe. try my french on him. i SO need to catch rufus. prolly in us somewhere. i hope he does carnegie again. make judy garland proud. i will also have to venture to wales to watch super furry animals. man.. that will need a fortune. heck. i can always plan ahead.

i was so bored i became random.

my dad loves the sound of his voice. my brothers are gross. i adore eddie izzard. man.. i can't remember the rest. must be the flu.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006
i feel like a conscious drunkard. i can't walk properly. i stagger. not kidding. my throat taste of medicine. everything is foul. my body aches. it all began from that horrible headache. in arun's lecture nevertheless. mum blames it on world cup. yeah, i did stayed up all night/morning to catch all 3 games per day. nuts? i truly love soccer. and it's not even for the footballer-watching. it's so moronic to fall sick on the day of the match i really wanted to watch. italy VS ghana. IDIOT! my dad even went as far as informing the doc that i stayed up watching the soccer matches. much to his amusement. his advice, "no soccer tonight." ARGH! i missed 2 days of soccer! that's 6 freakin matches!!! i am soo psyched for the spain game. no 3am matches for me. for the time being. after that (without my mother's knowledge-of course) i'm back in the game y'all!

hostel is probably the most gross-est, gory-est movie i've ever seen. i recommend it to everyone! hah. those with a strong stomach, that is. i felt like puking in some scenes. it's that disgusting. and un-humanly. for it to be based on true events. pure horror. oh ya, the nun sucks. it's such a horrible movie. the only thing that is worth watching is the cute spanish dude. sheesh.

so jake hooked up with natalie. i'm just glad its not kirsten 'fugly' dunst.

i'm gonna miss arun. for him, i will study! as in not last minute and all lah. heh.

i think smoking is cool. but it ain't for me. imagine me with a ciggy. my friends will die laughing. or most probably fright.
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Sunday, June 11, 2006
the thing i hate most about world cup is the pretensions. call me an elitist. frankly my dear, i don't give a damn. wearing a brazil shirt or carrying an england bag does NOT mean you're into soccer. more like hype to me. i swear, it will only last till the finals.

quoting annie hall, "la-dee-da, la-dee-da".

don't talk to me about soccer if you don't know shit about the game. discussing about how you stayed up last night watching the guys in coloured 'uniforms' will not peak my interest. not knowing who is who is infuriating. i don't apologize. i get angsty over these things. so don't piss me off. there are 2 kinds of people(girls) that exist during the world cup. one. those who admit they don't watch soccer but do pay attention to the guys. those i respect. two. them who watch soccer just so they'll be included in current discussions on yesterday's match; not knowing what the hell is happening. that, i cannot stand.

so SCOOT! before i lash on you.

i'm seeing some cuteness in kallstrom. i missed that boy. he is the cutest thing on earth right now. speaks in swedish. does not understand. does not give a damn. stares intently. as if reading subtitles from the movement of his lips. oh, what joy i gain from the simplest pleasures!

quasimodo is performing @ POP village tomorrow. the idea of whispering a password to get free entry sounds exhilarating to me. the inner sleuth speaks!

no sungei road day for me. i'm bummed.

maybe ROCK D'FORT for me next week? mima you're going right. i might crash ok. and no, i'm not there to see anyone specifically. i just want to feeling 'woodstock' lah. roll around the grass. don't bath for the day. paint my face. the whole nine yards. wait. i forgot. we're not in the 1970's. dammit.

y'know what?!

i have sneaker pimps so i'm STOKED!

and yes, i'm SO heading for BIG DAY OUT!!! hoping for muse. rooney will be wishful thinking.
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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
i need to be shot. take a look at my folders and you will know. i hope i don't go overboard. too giddy to stop now.

i'm sucha sucker for campy-ness. i heart high school musical! zac efron! *dies* i want to go see it. counting down to 25th june! i did the whole basketball dance routine in the lift just now. raised eyebrows. *giggles* argh. zach is soo cute! i think i just visited my primary school teeny-bopper days. man, that boy is too adorable to pass. pretty juvenile to be honest.

noticed him in the audience on american idol and went, "WHOA! who is THAT boy?!"

i procastinate too much. here's the list of HOT soccer players to watch out this coming world cup(yes, it's this friday dumbass). many thanks to ayam for compiling the 'short' list of names. although i did disagree with some. credit also goes to cindi who helped me recollect what it was like when i was footballer-crazy not too long ago. i have since moved on. but there are still remnants of the past.

hope this helps, hiddy. *winks*

note: these guys are among my personal choices. with the help of my 2 friends. some they had to coax me to agree. feel free to disagree. of course there are others who are far better looking to you. as they say, to each its own. and yes, i missed alot of names. i can't possible include everyone right?

let's start the ball rolling with 2 of my homeboys..

my fave gunner. fabregas - spain

yummy-licious poster boy. ljungberg - sweden

one of my all-time fave. inzaghi - italy

another personal fave. classic italian. not sure if he's still in the team though. maldini - italy

i love my swedes. mellberg - sweden

he's actually super hot (i don't think you'll see it here). especially when he moves. larsson - sweden

young and very married. kaka - brazil

can't find a decent pic. this will do. torres - spain

better catch him in the early matches. santa cruz - paraguay

one for the team. ballack - germany

i have no freakin idea why some of the pictures shrunk. dammit. i'm too tired to fix it.

comment away!

so who wants to watch nacho libre with me?

jack black is too funny.

omg. i have lisa loeb's tails.
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