Monday, August 28, 2006
in the span of 2 weeks, i have experienced soo many things that mere words would not justify their significance and how drastic my life and perspective have been altered. apart from that, i'm just lazy to yap. has since stopped getting adrenaline from blogging. but i won't delete my blog. ever. too many memories my brains can't remember. so yeah. i'll just list them down briefly. very my style. short and abrupt.

i went to a place where male dominance is so evident it wasn't funny. especially for me, someone who's really comfortable with being allowed the freedom of an equal human being back here in singapore. we take things for granted all the time. i learn to appreciate my status as a female and wonder what it'll be like if i was not born a singaporean female. everywhere we went, only the males were seen working. at shops, restaurants, everywhere. when we stopped by starbucks, they were taken aback when my brother informed them i was working as a barista. ugh. "no. no woman work." my ass. the women were hidden behind veils. restrained. their eyes. they bore right at you. i wonder how they live.

everything was cheap. feels like i'm in malaysia. wah! divide by 2. cheapcheapcheap! didn't really get that much since we were constantly moving around and the parents had to get souveniers for many. no baggage space for the unnecessary.

it was ridiculous the amount of handsome.. no, GORGEOUS guys i saw there. it's like a haven of good-looking males. i was thrilled. my eyes were everywhere! haha.. it's a shame. in 2 weeks, i saw more handsome guys there than 1 year in singapore! i. am. not. kidding. i still can't figure out how they can look soo good.. chiselled features. sharp noses. fair skin. amazing eyebrows. MEN! red lips. lovely, lovely eyes. le sigh..

the only tv i enjoyed was late nights of bundesliga. i still don't get why podolski is hot. he does not appeal to me in anyway. oh ya, and the occasional arabian entertainment news and whatnot. the guys are really yummy.. seriously.

what else, what else..

i hate airplane rides. if i can choose to take anything else to travel from one country to another, i don't give a damn if it's a boat, a bicycle, a train; I'LL TAKE IT! anything except airplanes, thank you.

i think i saw some chinese/japanese/korean celebrity at the airport. the fans were packing like a herd of sheeps.

arsenal lost to freakin manchester city! they're the bottom 2 for pete's sake. no wins against the gunners in the past. it was a joke i wasn't laughing to. the defence was incorrigible i wasn't the least amuse. ugh. the chances. far too many. but damn, rosicky is amazing. what a great buy!

school starts tomorrow. i miss the babysitters. we SO need to get together. not just 'incomplete' us at al-ameen. all 5 at pitstop. or all 4(shamala is not invited) at living room. simple. a freakin module that everyone takes?! hah. the new semester is going to be a killer for me. 6 modules and maths to worry about. but i return with renewed faith. nothing is impossible.

i was tagged by wanru to do this. sorry i took such a long time.

6 things about myself. i choose to be random.

1. i'm essentially a private person. i don't report what i do to people unless i choose to do so. i don't indulge in excessive information sharing just because i don't feel it's necessary.

2. i love cats more than humans. they will never hurt you unless they scratch or bite you. but that's because you provoke them in some way.

3. i may appear passive/nonchalant or 'bo chap' as some may say. honestly, i just deal with things differently than normal people do. i don't believe in stressing myself up over something. personally, i feel it feeds no purpose.

4. i love sports! all kinds of sports except golf. cause i seriously don't think it should be considered as one. my favourites are soccer, tennis and rugby. in that order.

5. i mock/imitate people because that's my funny. it's something that sets aside my humour from others. i mean no harm. without it, i don't think i'm funny.

6. i'm a fangirl. through and through.
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Thursday, August 10, 2006
i'm feeling morose. and i'm not even pms-ing. doesn't feel like hols. i'm glad i'll be away for 2 weeks. if i don't relpy your messages or answer your calls from 14th aug onwards, i'm GONE!

time for a picspam. i'm kinda lazy with words right now.

here's, ndp 2006!

my personal fave. red and white balloons! *dies*

i know some of the shots were artistically taken. no lessons taken. pure talent. *pukes* if you want me to take pictures of your party/wedding or whatever event, please e-mail me.
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Friday, August 04, 2006
fabien dubos, i dig thee soo much it makes me squeal. fabien dubos you the second french dude i want to marry right after yann tiersen. fabien dubos, you're amazing. i love the goatee. the slightly unkempt hair. not too much. that's nice. doesn't hurt that you resemble my favourite ex-gunner/ex-french soccer player, robert pires. that one broke my heart when he left for villareal. i'm thinking.. should i put his name on my arsenal jersey?

so where is this fabien dubos?

guess which dude and i'll do a happy dance if you get it right!

moving on to rockstar supernova..

josh, josh, josh. it's a love-hate relationship. i was digging him from the start. love the vocals. but damn, when he butchered nirvana it was game over for me. but no, this week i was wowed. seriously. i love the song. we'll see next week.

silence of the kittens. first play of the singapore theatre festival. first audience. feels honoured. i finally get to meet/see *gasp* my so-called singaporean idol.. IVAN HENG!!! i swear no one knows this.. but i'm a huge fan of his. my secret (not so secret now aye) fantasy is to work with him one day. even if he's a nasty director or whatever. i still want to do a play with him. i don't care if i was an extra. gawd! my admiration for him has been for ages. he was just 2 seats in front of me. the one with the ah pek laughter. beady eyes that doesn't seem suspicious. argh. I WANT TO WORK WITH IVAN HENG!!! man, i used to say that all the time..

i want to go see romain duris in the beat that my heart skipped. french flick. a tad grosteque. bloody shirt sleeve. picturehouse@cathay. think leather seats. any takers?

i try as i might to not be pissed at the littlest thing. but no. it's soo easy to get mad right now. i'm not sure if i should start to worry.

next semester's timetable is screwed up. i hope i get to undo whatever was on that orange slip. stupid.

for now, lets worry about the finals. a few days to go. study, study.

oh ya, here's nesta the ol' hag just for my dearest fc. muahaha..

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
i come bearing gifts.

teddy bear bought me stuff from kl! *dies* fine, i'm exaggerating. he does that most of the time. but this time it's girly tees! usually he buys guy tees for me cause apparently they are cheaper. but not today. it's 2 girly tees and *gasp* a bag! so yeah. i was thrilled. i LOVE the bag he gave. its true, it's SO me. HUGGIES!!!

apparently, i'm in "love" with c.ronaldo. or so it seems. hate has turned into love. aah.. lovely, lovely. it's mrs c.ronaldo now. *in cloud 9* NOT!

i just thought of 2 other footballers i can't stand. alessandro nesta and alan smith. gawd. sorry ca but nesta is looking kinda fugly. i'm like, "HOLY SHIT! who's that ol' hag?" muahaha.. i can't seem to upload the photos. will do so asap. just for you ca. heh. as for alan smith? he can just go f himself.

i was watching the italian version of punk'd the other day. an episode of totti getting punk'd reminded me the time i had the hugest crush on him. it was a long time ago.. i still think he has the loveliest gaze.. oh, sardinia. soon, my love.

long ago i had a friend who died of boredom found a band and played in clubs and made the people wild do you reply we made out in classrooms and on stage with stars under eyes do it yourself i'll do myself in weeks i have no time do you reply, do you reply, can you reply

i had no clue suburban kids with biblical names are from sweden. thus, enforcing my love for swedish men. and their meatballs. and their blonde hair. and the fact that my first foreign film was that of finland. okok.. finland, sweden = not the same. heck. the nordic love is stemmed from there dammit. am now checking out some coolass swedish bands. say hello to johan and peter! OMG! peter has the same black and white stripe socks as me!


everything's focked up. the mood is dampen. i'm making rufus cheer me up. live. guillemots made me real excited - that was nice. i dig the fusion. i'm still looking for the fratellis. need to wait since they just released their album.

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