Saturday, December 31, 2005
1 more day and 2005 is OVER!

the last days of 2005 has been nice, nice, nice.. it will be a nice ending to the year. nice-nice! apart from work. what a drag! being around an old hag who isn't exactly a woman is such a pain. *tries to jab a pencil into heart*

nice why?

the people are sweet. i'm a happy bunny. new things. fab christmas presents. love. loving. loved. cats purr. seb. cats fur. il divo. tv. i love rufus. chocs from candy empire. (and the list goes on and on..)

resolutions for 2006 (whether i keep it or not is another matter)
1. be more patient
2. save up for eurotrip
3. stop the sugar

i need to get my t-shirts done. send the fanmails. get the critic gig. finish up the article. settle the bank transfering. get the birthday presents. buy the tix. franz ferdinand here i come!! along with ayam, that is. heh.

now 2006.. will you be nice to me?
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
i want to do the whole genting/kl entry but the photos are needed and i haven't got the wire-y thingy to transfer the pictures from my phone to the comp. dang! so for now, it's ramblings. bear with it.

a couple of things to be done. i'm asked to write something about fan girl idolising. so so apt. [to mima: i'm a happy beaver for your asking] i hope i can do a good one. staccato and all. didn't realise my style of writing was that obvious. maybe some are just ignorant. thank god for those who observe. feels loved. also in the works, trying to get a my fix as a movie/music critic. not sure if it'll happen. *crosses fingers and hopes i'll get ask for tea* wish me luck y'all!

i'm having my hols. working sporadically. lazing at home. 'socialising' with my mates. anymore? anyone, anywhere? how come i feel like there's so much to do. like i have so many things to settle. feels rush even while holidaying. (1) i need to send all the fan girl stuff. items are all there. just need to put pen into paper. (2) my online purchases. transfering money. ensuring successful transactions. pacifying disgruntled sellers due to my absence. i had a neutral rating for goodness sake! rah! (3) you know what? it feels like there's more. just that i can't think of it right now.

i want the twiggy look i can never carry off.

and who wants to go to the fringe festival with me? any takers?
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Sunday, December 18, 2005
i miss a couple of people. badly. i want to text them random stuff. annoy them. but i can't. cause they're all away.. i'm surprised. i do get attached easily. surprise, surprise.

so i broke the rule. i should have stashed my atm card in a far away land. never to be able to key in my pin number ever. i knew i was going to get something from gramaphone. dang! i got carried away. as usual..

*fan girl ALERT!*

i got il divo's dvd, ENCORE!!!
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i HAD to have it. HAD to. the rest were yapping about it. shan't miss a thing! hah.


i HEART rufus
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he rips my heart apart. over and over again. sadness is only a word.

i'm off!
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Thursday, December 15, 2005
i BAWLED. like never before..

when king kong got separated from ann at the beginning.

when king kong got attacked by THREE freakin(?!) flesh-eating dinosaurs, trying to save ann.

when king kong got tranqualized, staring forlornly at ann as he laid there sedated.

when king kong slipped away dead from the top of the empire state building from ann.

ann is a lucky girl but i want my KING KONG!
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Wednesday, December 14, 2005
absorbed. absorbing. obsessed. obsessing. i've gone MAD. but i'm oh-so-very happy. delusional. not quite. there are others who think they rule a planet. there's a fella who screams, 'CMPB!' every other minute. there's those who get married to spite their exes. my point? i'm not THAT crazy. nah.. pale in comparison. it's just harmless abandonment. seriously.

who freakin talks during a movie?! who in their right mind does that? WHO?? only to complain that you don't understand the story. it's not the absence of subtitles dumbass. it's you yakkin during the movie. you were talking throughout the goddamn thing that none of what the actors were saying make sense. so, shut up!

prime was nice except for the 2 knuckle-heads who were sitting right behind us. dammit. i've never been that pissed with a fellow movie-goer before sia. tempted to stand up and scream, 'shut the fuck up!' to them. but feared that they might be ah-lians since it was dark and all. dang!

maybe i should order in thai when i go back siam kitchen. can't imagine the waiter's face. priceless i tell ya.. cheap thrills. these are the few things i live for. stop by ben & jerry's. phish food. weird name. awesome awesome awesome chocolatey taste. with fish-shaped choc bites. aah.. getting bitten by ants is SO not dandy. jumping around the bus-stop = not glamorous at all.

mima, you are so cute la. like really. i'm like dying to burst out laughing. but no. i will not have you resort to a dating agency. naw..! i'll be analysing.. and theory-ising.. hah!

i think i'm starting to like GREEN! rah..!
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Friday, December 09, 2005
my exams are OVER! yippee doodle doo.. i'm free from the bondage of a semester. RAH! *feels refreshed* but still.. there are still unresolved matters to settle.. honestly, i don't think that my 'winter' holidays will be THAT relaxing. i was hoping for some sort of calamity. NOT! so many things to be done in such a limited amount of time. matters concerning work is SO not helping. i don't know what to do.. i feel it's time.. so, i'll be around for awhile before i leave for kl/genting. can't wait! hope i'll have the time of my life. next, i need to decide if i'm going to catch il divo. FAST! so many arrangements need to be done. march is creeping in soon.. still debating on the venue. the cost. the who's-place-to-bunk. ARGH!!! hope it'll work out somehow. *prays real hard for a dream* aah..!
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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
i got the tingles!

bang, chink, clang, jangle, jingle, tingle, tinkle

i'm taken aback. the dexterity of my fixation(s). sometimes i wonder if i'm able distinguish the difference between make believe and reality. everything seems real to me. seb is real. i hear his voice everyday. he gives me the tingles. there's something about seb. yes, he's not physically here. well, not in the proximity maybe. but i think he's as real as you and i can be. i don't know how. i don't know why. i just do the things i do..

a l l i s a r e a l i t y.
e v e n i f t h e y s a y i m n u t t y.

je crois en vous,
si vous croyez en moi..
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Saturday, December 03, 2005
i'm going MAD.

i. need. seb. i. can't. breathe. i'm. not. joking.
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