Wednesday, March 29, 2006
my affections for american idol has reached a point of saturation. i do not look forward to it. as much. which is good. considering my ooh-i-need-to-catch-it-before-anyone-else. still. each week, i'll look out for one fella. his voice is smooth i tell ya. i don't want to jinx him though.

click here for elliot

i <3 elliot yamin and so can you!

his voice damn power la! the very idea that he did THE song just won me over. *snaps fingers* i simply LOVEloveLOVE that song! every damn time i listen to it, i'll go swoosh. i. can't. help. it.

man, i need medication. why all the freakin lecturers HAD to have their assignments and presentation due in the span of this few weeks?! coincidence? maybe it's a conspiracy.. glad the book review is over. it helps that i did on my fave book. phew! com 225 discussion is giving me a headache. MENDAK! everything should flow. that is THE reason why i'm not too keen about the 'separation' idea even though i thought it was pretty cool initially. left with ugc presentation. we need to 'one up' everyone else. it WILL be smokin y'all!

seriously, deadlines will be the death of me. and i'm not saying it just cause i think it sounds nice.

oh ya, jake should STOP carrying his pooch like this

me die of extreme AAH-ness. SOO CHWEET!!!
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Saturday, March 18, 2006
ladies and gentlemen, we are floating in space!

jake gyllenhaal is toothy tile. and he is bi. that ted casablancas better stop the bullshitting. cause it's getting tiring. seriously.

v for vendetta. 2 words. damn shiok. kinda long-winded(bet there were girlies and silly twits who were annoyed by the extended lines - heh). but still. hugo weaving is WHOA(!) i tell ya. minus the face and what a freaky mask. seeing the face on the elevator. everywhere! *starts looking around cautiously*

saw x-men 3 trailer and went nuts. especially when my boy pyro came to illuminate the screen. damn. he's looking HAWT(!) my response, 'kau lame siak nak kena tunngu!' direct translation, 'wah lau so long must wait sia!' may leh?!

quiet is indeed, the new loud. went to catch kings of convenience. personally, i was floored. i envision the fans slumped in their seats as their songs are really slow-paced and mellow. hell no. everyone was clapping, humming to the song, whistling to the beat. awesome stuff. love, love, love it. the fans. nothing fancy. was really curious to know who they are. these fans? went in, surveyed the place, shaking my head. the he's and the she's. ordinary singaporeans. i hate those 100 lucky bastards who got their autograph cds and a chance to meet them anti-hero/singer and napolean dynamite look-alike. we should have turn to the left instead of the right. IDIOTS!

i don't get people who get on the travelator(is that how you spell it?) and walk. that is besides the point people! hello? and people who spend ages on the atm machine. what's up with them? card in. card out. press here. press there. long line of people staring impatiently. me frustrated. i'm thinking, 'hi, do you need any help?'

do NOT tuck in a shirt or whatnot into a pair of jeans. NEVER do that. it's tacky and it reminds me of the 1970's. not a look you want to carry this century. ugh.

what is ryan reynolds doing with alanis morrisette? what is WRONG with these people?!
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Tuesday, March 07, 2006
initially i didn't have anything to blog about. my bro came barging in and wah-lah, i have something to rant. some people can be selfish at times. HELLO! the computer belongs to everyone. it's not YOURS! it's everybody(s)! so yeah. some people just have the habit of stepping on my toes. just cause you're a few kilos heavier than me, does not scare me. at all.


i am bored out of my mind. nothing excitable except looking forward to american idol. i'm lame. i know. i've been undergoing reconsiderations. you lack fluidity. what the fock?! how am i going to pursue a career on writing with that? i might have to look for something else. something that i'm actually good at. dammit. i don't have anything on me. to those who want to know what i've been up to. trust me, you don't want to know. i'm like a bumbling idiot who goes by her days doing 'nothing'. whatever that means, anyway. sorta like seinfield.

so yeah.

randomness is your thing what.
[quote from my fc]

you know what will perk me up?


you heard me right.
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Friday, March 03, 2006
depressed is an understatement. i have no idea why i adore david radford THAT much. but i do. so piss off. come read my lips. i don't care. i just want him back! bad. argh. feels so miserable, it's so retarded. they robbed him away from me.. *cries*

the only redeeming factor today is my discovery of space oddity. i nearly died when i found out that song they were playing on last week's without a trace. thank god y'all. it's amazing i might just scream. thank you mr bowie for bringing me back from the dead. i heart you. many-many.

this is major tom to ground control
i'm stepping through the door
and i'm floating in the most peculiar way
and the stars look very different today
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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
guy pearce as andy warhol. hotness. an actor that i really dig acting my idol. he must do good. sienna miller must perish. acting all edie. *pukes* honestly, she looks the part. just cant stand the fact that everyone is praising her style(?!). WHAT STYLE? that's edie, mind you!

midterms are over. i hate the transition. i hate the 'waiting for results' period. i hate the 'ooh, i got back my results' period. i always get the feeling of pure agitation. some people just savour the moments when they get back their papers. WHY? HOW? i loathe those times. i cringe. i start rambling about how much i want to shred the paper into pieces if it didn't go well. fock.

i'm at old navy dot com. there's this scheme that helps e-shopping addicts like me save on shipping. sounds like a plan eh? hope it'll work out. and no. i won't quit online shopping. blah.

and i love strawberry jam. and tea. and soap operas. and e! entertainment. and watching reruns. and cotton candy. and choc milkshake. and and and..

i'm feeling belle & sebastian. thanks hiddy!

belle, where's sebastian?
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