Sunday, January 30, 2005
is it alright for me to say that when school ends and as friends go their separate ways, there's less emphasise on 'knowing what's going on with one's life'? not that you don't care? not that i don't have the time to get back to you? it's just that it's not as important as it was when we were in school and had to face each other everyday. back then, even the most minute thing is as important. oh, those were the days.

now, to get to your friends. be it via phone, sms or worse, meeting up, is so bloody tough. not only do you have to inform them one week in advance. sometimes you gotta wait and see if the person is working or not. which is understandable cause i am also working and i'm not as free as before. still, i manage to maintain a relatively socially-active lifestyle. i swear, there's no tinge of mockery in that. it's just that, my schedule is kinda flexible. there are others who will go out if it's convenient for them. no room for argument for that. and the uncontrollable kind is when the person is stuck in another island!

the most decent thing you can do is ask your friends how they are. it's the least you can do. seriously. as much as i want the time we had before, things change. people get busy. people forget you. people leave your lives. that's life. but those who are keen in staying in anyone's life, you gotta make an effort. for those who have, hopefully it spells a long friendship for you. those who have not, i guess, you're out there making new friends?
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Thursday, January 27, 2005
after school ends, what do you expect?

some of us choose to get ourselves jobs. so that we get to occupy the free time we're entitled to after we leave school. some need the cash. some need to work. personally, i'd go with the latter. it's not about the money. cause if so, i won't be satisfy with my $4.50 an hour pay. *muffled grumbling* i wanted the experience and i wanted to grow. and boy did i grow! not physically though. apparently, i seem to be losing weight. *gasp in horror* no worries. i'll get the kilos back. my weight fluctuate like shares. i've learnt so much the past months. made new friends. met new people. it's all a personal challenge to me. if i succeed, i'll be super duper happy. if not, i'll go, '"move along.."

while some choose to stay at home and do nothing. man, i really wana know how that feels. i wish i could do that. but if i did, i'd definitely go mad. no sitting still for me. gotta get moving. all the time. well, some have their reasons. seriously, i would love to know the reasons behind it.

some have yet to clinch themselves jobs. i wish them all the best and hopefully all the unemployed will be employed.

..and when we do get jobs, there comes the pros and cons.

for me,

2 words.

wicked witch.

i hope she dies.

on a lighter note, i've been able to both work and slack. yes, at the same time. believe it or not. many thanks to the flexible scheduling that starbucks provide to its partners. i love that part. alot. haha.. i maintain my hedonistic lifestyle. without the cash, that is. not till pay day then i can celebrate.

latest news. bought myself an art print. [picture below] yay! my first ever art piece. *applause* it feels good.. met jennifer from arto mato at citylink. turns out she's way cool. got to know alot of stuff that i was interested in from her. especially the bit about mocca coming to perform in singapore next month. argh! thanks jen. you have no idea how precious that meant to me. i love em! hoping to go to one of those arsty fartsy exhibitions you often attend. hehe..

Volvo in Front of the Drake Hotel - Dominique Hui

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to know more about [arto mato].

i'm still trying to curb my 'obsession' with baihakki. still don't agree with the term fully. cause i've seen girls who are 100 times scarier than me. which makes me a small fry compared to them.

somehow i have a feeling i'll see him again.


i am not loony. just tantalized.
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Sunday, January 23, 2005
he's human.

i got to meet him.

in flesh.

all 1.9m of him. fair-skinned. deep-seated eyes. it was brown. i think. high cheekbones. skinny frame. all smiles. joking around. he exudes that down-to-earth demeanour. still wide-eyed with the whole attention thing. but enjoying it nonetheless.

feel contented. at last.

i think i'm going to see him again.


i have no idea.

for now, i' m not making any plans.
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Monday, January 17, 2005
warning: contents are deemed to be puke-worthy

you have been warned..

first thing first, i am NOT delusional. i might be abit.. is the word to use here 'obsessed'? i'm not a loony though. like john lennon would say, "you may say i'm a dreamer.. but i'm not the only one.."

yes, i am crazy about baihakki khaizan. just cause he's way hot. and he's.. *speechless* [unable to insert any word right about here cause the writer doesn't know what word to use] 'indescribable' sounds melodramatic. but that's typical. for me. one who loves to exaggerate. right guys?

what happened? (shall go to the nitty gritty regarding the match slightly after i'm done yapping about number 6)
we wanted to go to lau pa sat for late night dinner, me and my bro. after the match, that is. actually, we gotta take bus no.10? instead, we took bus no. 70. don't ask me why cause i was merely following my bro..
so, the freaking bus did a run-about, we ended up back in suntec. so we alighted and crossed the road to get to the bus-stop. we were waiting for the bus and i was standin by the side when i heard noises coming from a bus containing the whole singapore soccer team! i went, 'eh.. what was..?'

i quickly turned to look and guess what..

at d back of d bus, B A I H A K K I was wavin and smiling at.. ME!

yes, ME!

the proof:
1) i was in red - thus the belief that i was a singapore fan which was the possible reason that prompted him to wave at me

2) no one else seems to notice -there was an ah pek sitting, another reading something and my bro slacking at the pavement

3) i was waving back at him - naturally

it was a rush. my heart stopped for a moment or two. i gushed, "oh my god! oh my god! he waved at me! did you see that?" kept repeating that over and over again till i calm down a tiny bit. went further to call my equally nutty auntie who went crazy over the phone laughing our asses off. [at that moment, face fills hot as writer realise the passengers in the bus are staring at her] blame my shrill voice when i get real excited.

like a kid in a candy store..

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pre-match jitters:
wore red. feeling not-so-confident about a win. was leaning more towards a draw. cause it'll guarantee a victory also. met the rest at the entrance where thousands of people started gathering. was so pumped. it was intimidating at first.

the stadium from outside Posted by Hello

the sea of red Posted by Hello

the match:
never knew everyone could sing, 'majulah singapura' in ultimate unison and with gusto. it was damn funny cause everyone was singing really 'passionately'. i am not kidding. it's way better than national day, i tell ya. can feel the atmosphere. no words can describe the feeling. had goosebumps when indra scored the first goal. all were jumping and hugging each other. felt amazing. from then on, we were doing the kallang wave. stomping our feet on the groud. the stadium was shaking. honestly,was so afraid it might crumble to pieces.

somehow we know we're about to win..

a good sign? Posted by Hello

the half-time score.

the scoreboard Posted by Hello


ecstatic. unbelievable. lionel lewis was cheering us on as we go towards 4 minutes of injury time. a few seconds to final whistle baihakki ran up to lionel and they did the pda thing. much to my amusement.

the boys were running around the stadium with the trophy. cool stuff. since we only get to see this in the premier league or what have you. not in singapore, till now. and 1998 probably?

thank god for the binoculars! i managed to see the man up close and personal. if you get what i mean. that includes the digging the nose part, xia yan. which is utterly adorable! haha..

it was a night to remember.

i'm still giddy with the waving thing. i know.


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Friday, January 14, 2005
a new year. a new template for me.

needed something refreshing.


ta dah!

what you guys think?

i like..

hope it won't cause an eye-sore.
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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
i have met my alfalfa!

all wide-eyed. minus the freckles, mind you. with pouty red lips. we were both clad in stripes. think it was meant to be!

cause when we locked eyes.. the bloated cheeks and stick-out tongues just happened!

after the exchanging of funny faces , he edges closer and closer to me. popping his head up and down from his seat. he walks towards me. and soon, he was sitting right beside me!

aah.. what a sweetie!

he just melts you with his huge saucerpan eyes.

here's the boy who made me smile..

my alfalfa Posted by Hello
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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
and doesnt that sound familiar?
doesnt that hit so close to home?
doesnt that make you shiver?
the way things could have gone.
and doesnt it feel peculiar,
when everyone wants a little more?
so that I too remember to never go that far
could you leave me with a scar?

i guess some people move on. their lives change. they don't need you as much.
as long as there's love, no worries.
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Monday, January 03, 2005
the night that ought to be called, 'the soccer oscars'.

the stadium from outside Posted by Hello

filled with tension and brimming with drama. it was a heart-stopping match. imagine we're down 2-0 during the first half of the match. what went wrong? the lions were scared. just like the cowardly lion from wizard of oz. no kiddding. they twirl around with the ball. heasitate to tackle. resist charging for the ball. our opponents on the other hand, played like mad. they used both body(mostly body. which explains the red cards) and soul to get the ball. and each time someone touches the ball, whack! and whack some more! pretty scary considering the guys from myanmar were relatively small in size. but boy do they have big spirits! and they sure can sprint.

a group of myanmar fans were bold enough to sell their country t-shirts outside the singapore gallery. yes. right outside where all the reds were gathered. spunky bunch eh. i felt afraid for them.

you guys saw the match. so no need for commentary eh?

here are some pictures i took.

before goal: restless yet encouraging Posted by Hello

after goal: ecstatic Posted by Hello

happy campers! Posted by Hello

even in the pouring rain, we sat with our raincoats and ponchos watching. it was worth the money. the 2.4km walk(cause they close the normal route). 2 hours of soccer and drama. yeah.

what you guys didn't get to see on tv was the really huge turnout. the sea of red. the kallang wave in full motion. one whole group of skinheads running towards the myanmar side. throwing stuff i think. riot police. ambulance carrying off the injured. ah, the drama!

goodbye national stadium.. Posted by Hello
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Sunday, January 02, 2005
sheds of 2004 lingers as we enter a new year. a 'new beginning'. that's just saying it. when actually, we're being plagued by remnants of the past year.

the tsunami hit just as we were gearing for a fresh start. can't just forget what happened and 'trick' yourself into believing that things are going to be better. instead, there's a high probability that another may hit somewhere at the pacific.

figuratively the war in iraq is over. literally, the fighting is still on. no peace has been established since the fall of saddam's regime. is there a permanent solution to the situation?

george bush wins a second term as us president. enough said. maybe he needs a 'real' challenger the next time around. someone credible enough to oust him perhaps?

remember the rampage caused in northern thailand just months ago where innocent lives were cut short due to malpractice. is that justice? sure they were out there protesting. but isn't the people's lives much more important to safeguard? pilling them on top of another won't do.

is it a sign?

are we nearing the end of the world?

personally, i started the year counting down to 2005 in my sleep. on the first day, it was common chaos for me. my house was overrun by humans! not that i don't enjoy the company. i guess, i'm just the small group, cosy kind of person.

in the new year..
my grandmother came home without a leg and with broken spirits

my resolution as mentioned in the previous entry is to pay off my debts. think that's enough for now.

food for thought:
why do the good have to suffer while the evil triumph?
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