Wednesday, November 26, 2008
i want to blog about how kickass manic street preachers was on monday. but i got distracted by ohnotheydidnt. so shoot me.

i still don't get my fascination with alex greenwald. dude is stinky. and i want his bag. i'll prolly get a similar one for australia. but in black. and from army market.

you'll only see this in hollywood. jim/john a seat away from david i-got-penyek-voice beckham. can i say wtf?!

jim/john all sexay! flannel shirts = <3

one word for this week. scatterbrain.

i met someone who talks like me. but he's a dude.
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Sunday, November 23, 2008
i nearly died watching this.

i want a scottish fold so badly.


this weekend was good. loads of family time and afternoon naps. i feel like a cat.

another reason why my granny is made of WIN.

aunt: eh, i think i need a facial.

me: oh okay. i'll tell vee.

granny: eh, i also want facial!

me: what for?

granny: must look nice. want to meet mat (means guys in malay lingo).

and the whole car burst out laughing. :D


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Friday, November 21, 2008
as much as i want to sleep early and wake up early, i'm constantly sabotaging myself. it's 1am and i'm wide awake. tomorrow, i'll wake up at 8 only to roll around in bed till late. i'm usually rushing to work. maybe it's cheap thrill. if not, why do i subject myself to it all the time. it doesn't make sense.

i don't believe ernests self-mutilated his arms. please don't die.

my room is a freakin disco. the light is blinking like there's no tomorrow. i'm not feeling studio 54. at all.

i'm not in a happy state. i still have a slight case of ted-ness. and it sucks. can you spell delusional?

i think regina spektor is so-so adorable. can i have her voice?

i bought the history boys dvd. technically i have 2 now. both us and uk versions. it was going for 10.95. (1) i cannot resist a great deal (2) i'm a whacked THB fan (3) i need to get a life.

i hate/love facebook.

hair fetish.
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Tuesday, November 18, 2008
if i could make a wish
i think i'd pass
can't think of anything i need
no cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
nothing to eat, no books to read

what more could i ask
theres nothing left to be desired


facebook is making me ill. and i don't know why i feel queasy when i think of melbourne. not the australian open. something else. and i can't breathe. i love his hair. and his eyes. that's all i know. what a sad fuck. i think i'm not okay.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008
THIS definitely made my day. *GRINS*

JIM HALPERT CALLED?! like wtf right? that's my friends (special thanks to sootley) at work humouring me. i will still marry jim if he's gay. period.

cupcakes = LOVE

birthdays aplenty! and it's making me broke. and angsty. cause plans for the australian odyssey isn't finalised. i want everything done PRONTO! maybe it's the stress from work.

i'm always glad to return to tennis though. can i say, painkiller?

just for entertainment sake, i'll list my tennis boyfriends. stop rolling your eyes. my auntie kept referring tsonga as, "eh, you're 2nd boyfriend.." GAH! i can't help it. head giddy.

boyfriend #1 - ernests gulbis aka my latvian wonderboy

boyfriend #2 - jo-wilfried tsonga aka young ali

boyfriend #3 - gilles simon aka the guy with the heart-shaped face

and they're BFFS!!!

don't they look cute together?

i'm filled with glee every time i see them together. <3

p/s the week ain't too shabby.
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Sunday, November 09, 2008
my cats seriously lack table manners. i feel like sending them to a social etiquette class or some shit. interrupting people when they're having their meals just because you smell fish is not a good enough reason to jump on the dinning table!

the only way i'll take up driving is for moments like this scene in wayne's world. that's about it.

singing bohemian rhapsody with moronic friends. pretty tempting.

today was the start of the tennis masters cup in shanghai. i love same timezones! no late nights for me. and boy was i impressed by mr jo-wilfried tsonga. he is officially boyfriend #2 after the latvian wonderboy. two words for him, tres bien. finefinefine, i'd say. my nyai even made the reference to muhammad ali. which was pretty cute.

i'm not looking forward to tomorrow. or the whole week to be honest. one word. deadlines. i am excited about day 2 of the tennis master cup though. it's federer and giles simon. another must-watch. dude is a dynamite.
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Saturday, November 08, 2008

we possess nothing certainly except the past.
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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
forget the cliched yes we cans. or even, change we can believe in. just mere minutes after being elected president, barack obama have been immortalized in a quote. one that i will cherish forever because it echoes the truth.

i will listen to you, especially when we disagree.
- barack obama

my mum teared a little while watching his victory speech with me. i had goosebumps. at that moment in time, while i watched in awe, half-wishing i was in the crowd in chicago. cause i always feel like i need to be somewhere important. important enough to shape the cause of history. i'm still waiting for my time - i had an overwhelming feeling of hope. 

and the world looks on. waiting for the changes to take place. 
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