Tuesday, February 22, 2005
my world revolves around..

work @ starbucks

the oprah show

the bold and the beautiful - a soap opera

tuesdays (i love tuesdays!)
the practice
without a trace - especially enrique [see below]

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junk food

it's going to end soon. as in, the results are coming out and all.

but for the time being, this is L I F E!

for me.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
in the course of 2 days, i experienced both the worst and the best form of service one could ever encounter. worst coming from a shoe shop at heeren called exodus? ignorance is never a bliss when it involves shoes made of pig skin. insensitive bloody fuckers. note to all my malay muslim friends. be extra careful when you shop for shoes will ya? and the best coming from the lady from the bodyshop at jurong point. she displayed all the qualities of good service. hell, she went far ahead into 'legendary service' (as we call it in starbucks) at the same time. i was impressed. i love being treated well in a store. doesn't matter if i purchase anything. i simply loathe the kind where it's, 'you-want-what-size/colour-i-get-for-you'. you think what?

having cash in your hand is a nice feeling. one i've never experience in my life. cash as in, your own hard-earned money. not mum's or dad's. it's good to have the freedom to purchase anything and everything at one's will. man, it's the best.

it's true what helaine said. i've been spending too much of my time alone. it's almost natural to speak to myself and respond to my own thoughts. you think it's the making of a psycho-loon? nah. i guess i'm having my me-time. it's alrite. i'm able to do whatever i please. since it's a week free of work. gotta thank choo-choo for recommending the time off. im hoping i won't get all blur when i return to work. not that i'm not used to the screaming and nagging. it's all in the name of work. least i get paid. that's the best part. i may even get to juggle school and work. thanks to the flexible working hours. :D it's all hoping and wishing for now. until it materialises, that is.

at the moment, i'm enjoying a couple of things.

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the sounds of manic street preachers in my discman.

and my favourite show, without a trace coming right up.
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Sunday, February 06, 2005
i simply love this picture.

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yaya. it's from the sci-fi series, taken. which, happens to be one of my favourite shows. besides, eric close is in the photo. he's HOT. (yes.. for those of you who's probably sighing at the mention of that word. i know. i know. tend to over-do it at times. sorry. can't help it. i love men.) looks kinda weird though. face-wise. since he's baby-faced. doesn't quite match the physique though. he's very muscular. a source referred him as 'made by martel' once. i find it funny. imagine barbie's ken. anyhow..

guess what? i got my bloody pay! at last. i was stunned for a moment when i see the digits in my bank account. initially the amount was a one digit sum. oh, how it has blossomed! haha.. i'm soo happy. i feel pretty.. it's awesome man. i have cash! the first thing i did was waddle to the nearest cd store. the best place to get your cds, ladies and gentlemen, is gramaphone. trust me. the prices are NOT ridiculous. unlike some places. shall not mention any names. i bought 2 cds there. after that, went over to hmv to scour for 'harder to get' albums. to no avail. i sulk all the way back but did skipped along. cause i was so jolly.

food for thought.

example 1:
cd a bought at gramaphone - $9.65 (due to offer)
same cd seen at hmv cost $18.95

example 2:
cd b also from gramaphone - $18.95
same cd found at hmv sold at $28.95

you do the math.

without music life would be a mistake

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i'm currently obsessed with ethan hawke's writing. he's almost poetic. he echos my thoughts. it's freaky. i enjoy reading his words. it mirrors my own. i borrowed his first novel, the hottest state last week. now, i'm working on his second novel, ash wednesday. been wanting to get my hands on that book for ages. i love library@orchard very much. you know the reason why.

basically, i think i'm going to finish the book in a matter of days and after that i won't have any ethan hawke books to read cause he only manage to write 2 books so far. i suggest he should forget about acting (not that i'm saying he's a sucky actor which he is definitely not - c'mon, he's one of my fave) and devote his entire time on writing. he is GOOD. to me at least.

i'm in love. with the man. for ages. since dead poets society till now even if he looks anorexic due to his personal problems and whatnot. i'm guessing uma and the model that he was fooling around with for a while. but that's another story. save for another entry.

and now, i'm in love. with his writing. it's simple. it's complex. ethan, i really am hoping you're writing a third novel or something. i need to read your work.

he possess the art.

damn, he's fine.
anyhow, i'll be getting my hard-earned pay in a few days time. i can't wait! first things first, need to pay all my debts. if i owed anyone any money, can you please kindly inform me while i have cash in hand. it's much more convenient, you see. i might use it up soon after. then, gotta wait till next month.

the first thing i'll buy with my money is chris cornell's euphoria morning. been very patient. i've waited far too long for that moment. and when i experience it, i'll savour every second. here's my plan. go to the cd store. any will do. i don't give a damn anymore. search for the gem of a cd. pick it up upon availabilty. touch it. smell it. and scream! run around if there's space, holding the cd high up. do a little jig. my 'victory' dance. ca, you know how that goes right? argh. i can't wait.

planning to change my phone. i'm torn between 2 very different phones. so, you guys gotta help me out. it's a tough fight between nokia 7260 and samsung e800. one's very sleek and rather bold. the other is soo cute! it's soo tiny! haha..
for now.. i'm waiting.. till the 7th.

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