Sunday, September 28, 2008
i lost my voice. croaking is the equivalent to speaking for me. don't believe? try calling me. a tranny will pick up the call. i kid you not.

i wanted to blog about 'a day in the office' in conjunction with season 5's premiere but i lost interest. as much as i'm digging the job, some folks are rubbing me the wrong way. i blame pms and i-don't-like-your-face for the most part of it. it's pretty sad but first impressions is/are a bitch. i can't help the way i look. fret not. i have people who are funfunfun! y'know how one or two people can spoil things. it's just the way it goes.

i finally chop off my hair! am totally loving the new look. just a few minutes after the haircut, i was camwhoring with the brother. that was uncharacteristically me. i must say, the dude who cut my hair is awesome! i hope he cuts my hair when i return.

here's a peek.

i personally think i look more like a flapper now. heh.

p/s i'm sorry if i've been shirking social calls. i'm unwell and hari raya is kinda big thing for my family.
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Monday, September 22, 2008
who knew? we were playing dodgeball all this while.

i think i'm done. playing.

i'm bummed.

today sucked ass. tomorrow will be much better.
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Saturday, September 20, 2008
i was real excited when i was reading the papers today. that's me, trying to act like i read the papers everyday. hah. well, i try.

anyways, supposedly there's this menswear designer who's latest collection was inspired by everything tennis. went a little giddy and checked it online. GASP! i was beyond horrified. not only was it a joke. i don't get it at all. apart from the green runway. they also made a scoreboard as the background and plenty of tennis balls lying around. but they were all white! wth?! i dig the tennis socks though. i might wear them. hah.

the male models are looking mighty dreary. what happened to the likes of mark vanderloo, travis fimmel and my personal favourite, alex lundqvist? the models looked questionable. from my point of view lah. and they had sour faces. like they wanted to get the hell out of there. sad.

here's thom browne's spring 2009 collection.

credits: men's style


i think let's leave the action where they belong.

on the tennis courts.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008
i can't sleep.

not when i slept from 9 to 11pm just now. dammit.

the system is pretty much screwed up.

i have work tomorrow but i'm wide awake. and it's close to 2am. fark.


i stayed up till late last night, looking for pretty pictures of bands i dig. figured i might want to do a short write-up of some sort. let's just get it over and done with, why don't we?

quirky, unconventional and trigger-happy pretty much sums up super furry animals. they're definitely my favourite band ever. it took me one song. i love mopping the floor to, northern lights. it's just mad chirpy. and i'd listen to any songs sung in welsh if it's gruff singing.

the love i have from this band is pretty intense. one song never fails to make me cry. whenever i play it, i get real sad. and i don't even think it's a sad song. they spell melancholy and i have to thank them for being there when i needed solace.

i fell in love with this band. get it, get it? okay that was just a sad. anywho. i personally think that jack white is a genius and i want to marry him. the whole concept behind the band was super clever, i feel. i totally love the fact that it's a two-person band. voice, guitar and drums. that's it. the simplicity. and it does help that they have everything in red and white. i made it my 20th birthday party theme. everyone turned up in either red and white. LOVE IT!

ooh.. i love this band to bits. like really. not only is the bro-sis combi pretty endearing. their songs are generally feel-good tunes and they make you want to sway from side to side. i thought the cartoons where cute. and they have the pianica in the band! like wtf right? i can play that thing.

my favourite nerds. i don't usually like american bands (there's only 3 american bands in my list). cause i think the tempo is too fast for my liking. it's like they're rushing somewhere. i prefer the brits. most of them take their time. not sure if this makes sense. anyways, i think their colour coded albums are awesome. especially blue and green. highly infectious. and i'm blaming the band for sparking my fascination towards tall, lanky dudes. and with that kinda hair, mind you.

oh mr carl barat, how you always sing what's on my mind. literally. their songs always makes sense to me. somehow. even if it's about england. i will find something that connects. i'm just dying to see them live. a lot of energy i'm sure. and they're quite a riot to watch.

anyone who knows me long enough will know that i have a thing for swedes. the nordic folks, to be precise. norwegians and danish folks included. nina and posse is just GAH! her voice. that badass attitude. and HER. isn't she lovely? i wanted to be her for the longest time. they haven't been dishing out hits like they used to but i think it's a-okay. they're can't do no wrong.

speaking of swedes, here's another band. THE HIVES!!! man, they rock. pelle is ridiculous on stage. it's funny how i tend to like colour coordinated bands. they're get-up consist of black and white. suits and ties, at times. totally original and unique. i'm just not liking the recent normality. they're always be the oddballs to me. and who can forget that vma performance.

these lads are laidback. when i think of their songs, 'breezy' comes into mind. images of sandy beaches and wind sweeping your hair comes to view. i like how conor's voice is all shrilly but doesn't annoy me one bit. i'm pretty bias though. i really like their videos. mostly of them walking around and doing things. simple stuff.

can i say over the top? this bunch thrills me endlessly. and yeah, i love anything camp. as gaudy as possible. they're mad fun! and i love colours, disco-inspired and very happy people! ideal to shut the world out. think of happy thoughts and bubbles.


okay, i'm done. time to sleep.
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Friday, September 12, 2008
here's why i've been a muddlehead for the past few weeks.

weeks of planning. and many more to come.

To register, there are a couple of methods to go about it:

1. Download the consent form.

Fill it up, sign it and mail it back to us at:
Cat Welfare Society
Orchard Road P.O. Box 65, Singapore 912303

2. Call 7000-CATSNIP

Please leave your contact details and mailing address if possible.
We would still need to mail the consent form out for you to fill out before we can confirm your registration.

3. Email
We would also need your contact details and mailing address so that we can slot you into the right area for collection. More information will be available later!


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Monday, September 08, 2008
so, my days can totally sucked. and i feel like crap. chocolates can rectify the weariness. but only jim/john can bring warm and fuzziness into a cold heart.

i don't know how to explain it.

he's just it, for me.


maybe 'real' people make you happy. mine just happen to live across the atlantic.

i need the office NOW!
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Thursday, September 04, 2008
i'm not cured. yet.

it's true, i've curbed my online shopping. the addiction is pretty much under control. that's after countless lecturing from several important people in my life. they are: mum, dad, caca and pretty much the rest of the world. i don't obsessively purchase anything i see/like by a mere click anymore. i do tend to window shop. just that, i do it on my browser.

recently, i failed.

i can already picture some people shaking their heads in disgust. I'M WEAK, I KNOW!

i bought two things to be exact. and i'm mighty happy about my purchases.

1. a charm necklace with the word, 'oui' engraved on it. for those of you who don't know, 'oui' means yes in french.

the lowdown:
- i've been searching for a kickass necklace for ages.
- i had to decide between 'oui' and 'non'.
- it took a month for this baby to reach me.

2. a gold-plated vintage filigree ring

the lowdown:
- i'm obsessed with filigree rings. my promise/engagement/marriage (if it ever happens lah) ring NEEDS to be a filigree ring. period.
- i was eyeing this since forever. i was lucky the girl had an extra piece. last piece belongs to me, baby!

my next target:

a handmade vintage leather handbag satchel

ain't it pretty?

- i've got my eyes on this for ages too.
- i can't buy it cause i've got debts (e.g. IOUs and later i pay hor) to settle AND have far too many bags to begin with.
- but it's BROWN. everyone knows i LOVE brown! especially brown bags.

fyi: everything i own does not come via the internet!


my granny made me a pillow.


it looks something like this.

i love my nyai to bits.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008



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