Wednesday, October 31, 2007
this post is long overdue. school hasn't been forgiving. i envision catastrophe this coming week and the next. wish me luck for my speech. ARGH! did i mention, i have a new favourite show and it's the best ever. I LOVE PUSHING DAISIES!!! it's been a long time since i last watch anything that left me warm and fuzzy. ooh, and wanting a hug after every episode. heh. lee pace is so so so adorable. and very tall. anna friel? gawd. i can't believe i hated you when you're in rogue trader with ewan. i loathe you and now i adore you. gah!

my first halloween. great fun. i think i've exhaust myself by telling everyone how it went. i'm only left with pictures. here goes nothing.

we met several characters from movies and whatnot.

there was a scary ghost terrorising us. ignore my facial expression. i was REALLY scared. heh.

here's my i'm shy geisha look. equipped with a fan.

i swear, i was SO in character. i whipped out the fan every other minute, fanning myself even if it was freezing cold.

it was fun. maybe, next year?

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Sunday, October 28, 2007
this past week was beyond horrid. it was the worst. i don't wish to revisit the hellish moments that left me feeling rather morose. it will only be statements of brief descriptions on what went down. details will just remind the painful moments.

i had a speech on monday. speeches never fail to reduce me to smatterings. there's a persuasive speech next. yay! not.

i stayed up till 4am to finish my world civilization response paper. after printing i realised it was one of the crappiest papers i've ever written. why? cause i got carried away and it turned into a movie review. i'm dead. deadline tomorrow.

reached school the next day,thinking hard. in my head, i was already preparing several scenarios why i can't hand in my paper. example: printer didn't work. file corrupted. gah! was informed that she pushed the deadline to thursday. WTH?! if i knew, i wouldn't have stayed up so late to work on the paper. and i won't come up with that shitty paper. KILL ME NOW!

wednesday. preparations leading up to the presentation started out pretty rocky. she didn't confirm our readings as soon as i wanted. nevermind. we'll manage.

when i opened the slides to start on the powerpoint designs, i nearly had a heart attack. there was a massive number of slides. we only have about 30 minutes. i do not want to go over the timing. i begin to panic.

i tried asking for the slides to be cut down to no avail. does not listen to me. no one is around to be the voice of reason. i am helpless. feels like i'm holding the entire weight on my shoulders. i can't breathe for a moment or two. suffered a mini panic attack due to slides. as retarded as it might sound, i seriously couldn't breathe. and it was scary.

i do not work well when panic. i forget to breathe.

presentation went well. *claps*

finally. sucky week, no more.

first interview went alright. i need to loosen up.

well, i lied. i did go into details. there's nothing short and simple about me.

i wonder, who will i be on halloween?
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Sunday, October 21, 2007
for once, i like to know how it feels to walk down the red carpet. dozens of cameras flashing. you twist and turn, striking your best pose. my date? in a utopian world, i'll have john krasinski by my side. gazing adoringly at me while we're being interviewed by giuliana rancic or ryan seacrest.

kinda like this.

fat hope!

well, i did manage to get my red carpet moment. for a day. it wasn't a movie premiere. neither was it for an award show. it was my very own red carpet party with my jians. thanks guys for an awesome glam night. really appreciate you guys dressing up. even though some thought it was such a hard theme to fulfill. well, we made it. i would like to take this oppurtunity to thank my hairstylist, dalina a.k.a. ken paves for making me look fabulous. love ya, darling. *kisses* haha.. jessica IMANIDIOT simpson might need your help for upcoming events. will pay with cake. which act as a substitute for cash.


the fab four.

GQ was each of our dates. well, kinda. cause it felt prom-ish to me. heh.

xy made me such a cute card. it's precious. really. felt like someone got kidnapped or something.

so, how guys? do i belong to the best dressed or worst dressed list?

as much as we've aged, we're still pretty much kids.

us, channelling our inner top model.

i had a blast!


since is tagged me.


*Each blogger must post these rules first
*Each blogger must start with eight random facts/habits about themselves
*Bloggers tagged need to write in their own blog about their eight things
*At the end of your blog, choose eight people to get tagged, and list their names

1. i have a weird regime whereby i'll close the front door and gate. walk a few steps. sometimes i'm already halfway down the stairs. i heasitate. go back up and check if i've locked my door. one of the countless reasons why i'm late all the time.

2. i don't eat stuff that are green in colour. example: pandan, kaya, coconut, green tea.

3. i like to play yann tiersen over and over again on my mp3 player. and i always come up with scenes for countless 'possible' french movies. starring me. and mostly, louis garrel.

4. i always empty my bag everytime i reach home. take out my books, place them on my desk. next day, put them all back in the same place.

5. peanut butter, cotton candy, doughnut, candy cane makes me go mad!

6. i like to exaggerate because i don't ever want to be boring.

7. if it's allowed, i want a ferret as a pet.

8. i hate airplane rides but i look forward to the destinations.



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Thursday, October 18, 2007
i'm officially 22. the not so big double two. many thanks to those who wished me happy birthday. i heart all of you. two things i learn from today. well, technically it's already tomorrow. heck. (1) people constantly surprise me (2) i want a fisheye camera. no worries. i'm going to get my soon-to-be baby PRONTO!

the babysitter's club members sprung a 'surprise' on me. t'was a riot. but it's all good. I'D DIE JUST TO WATCH YOUR REACTIONS. haha.. i promise i'll be less 'sharp' the next time round. haha..

we went sarpino's! what an ace of a choice. heh.

thin crust pizza = MAD LOVE!

look what i got.

i literally gave a little shriek when i opened my present. in class. two of the things on my wishlist?! *dies* i LOVEloveLOVEloveLOVEloveLOVE it!

to the babysitters:

claudia, dawn, mallory and stacey.. YOU GUYS ROCK! and boy do you guys listen. especially to my unlimited amount of THE OFFICE jokes and my frequent JIM/JOHN is perfection and iwanttomarryhimrightnow shit. i should buy y'all lollipops for getting me THE OFFICE!!! rah! i still can't believe it. now, i can organize THE OFFICE party for real. can't wait! invites will be issued soon. i'm thinking, after we're done with the semester or something.

morning of hari raya. we asked each other for forgiveness.

there's a very good reason why my granny is made of win. here's her photo collage of us. baby photos. snapshots of us with her. priceless and oh-so-precious.

there's a photo of her and me. i swear, we have the same eyes. it's the one on the bottom lefthand corner.

that's us, getting ready for our yearly photo taking session.

the familia. my mother's side.

ali & family

my bros. such cam hos'!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007
forget about my wishlist. what i really need is extra storage place! seriously. my room is running out of place! i. am. not. kidding. i've got textbooks from past semesters in one corner. albeit covered with dust. everywhere i turn, there's bags. my rack of clothes is on the verge of falling into pieces. notes are scattered everywhere. but in neat folders. the irony! dust is a constant companion. i don't know where to keep my magazines. the random fangirl purchases. latest one i got has jim/john on the cover. *squeal*

i have a problem. well, two actually. i'm a compulsive buyer and a horrid hoarder. i can never throw things away. even stuff without value. i keep thinking i might regret throwing something away. and the thing about dumpsters, you can't take it back. which sucks. cause i hate it when my brain works like that.

i realise from my several impromptu speeches in public speaking class, that i'm good at one thing. rambling. i have no poise. i rattle on and on. and god knows what i was talking about when i said i was a recovering TV-holic. i quoted oscar wilde. i said TV was not like our daily life but it takes examples from our lives. i watch too much of it. but i'm not a couch potato. i asked the class if they know how many hours i spent in front of the TV. truth is, i don't even know myself. the horror.

help. what should i talk about on my next speech? i have ideas but have trouble deciding. if you have an ingenious plan, share!

someone said zach quinto looks like an ape. FALSE!

the man is panas (hot in malay).

reasons why i adore zach:

1. he is sylar
2. evil = yummy
3. fab in interviews (i'm a sucker for witty actors. think jim/john, david anders)
4. love stripes
5. talks to dogs - I'M SOLD!

i'm still waiting for him to pop out in season 2. next episode! PSYCHED! as much as i'm digging the newcomers, i need some sylar action. desperately.

after 2 episodes and many promotional interviews, i'm totally psyching over david anders. the man is made out of win. so much of it, i can't stand it. argh. the dude is funny.

i want more of TAKENO KENSEI!

David: [On the Kensei's armour and how hot it was] "It's become a second home... if home was some special torture device"

two of my favourite people!

i just realise this post contains heroes spoilers. SORRY!

the back of my head hurts. it feels numb. i'm not sure what it is.

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