Sunday, September 25, 2005
dry snot makes a bloody mess.

i'm bored to tears. thank god there's television.

i've never dread writing since the profile essay assignment.

i think the magic numbers so cute. i want their cd!

there's soo much to do and too little time. i don't get to do nothing anymore.

i have no time to read!

i want to get my hands on goethe.

i want to see my friends. it's been so long i'm starting to forget how they look like.


i want to watch tv. man, i sound like a spoilt brat.

i'm bored and no one is entertaining me.
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Thursday, September 22, 2005
i want a nintendo ds! so i can play nintendog! it's the only way of fulfilling my dreams of having a dog. argh.

heath ledger as a bumbling idiot is rather endearing. that coming from someone who finds him rather 'ugh'. went to catch brothers grimm. it was really funny. the whole fairytale slash reality thing really works for me. go watch. next, four brothers. i'm a certified movie buff. but a rather picky one.

paid a visit to house of japan with mima and ayam. we managed to go haji, people! [inside joke] the place was packed with clothes. jeans were everywhere! the smell was kinda musty and i could sense age. we sorta wander around the bugis area. stupid mima made me fall in love with a couple of, "it's SO you,aliah!" tops. argh. but mum will kill me if i buy tops. too much, too much. a few of the 'new' stuff on the racks looked really.. really.. cool. damn.

we need to go to the national library again. oh ya, before i forget, we all got to visit the zoo.. jurong bird park.. vishnu dairy farm..

swords versus guns is not a battle. i watched last samurai and i think the emperor is dumb. the army totally brainless. they don't have a clue. which is unfair. obviously, the samurais are in a disadvantage. ken watanabe sizzled. and tom cruise? well, he's short. no offence to my tiny friends.


Image hosted by
my 'girl band'
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Friday, September 16, 2005
you know how they say people discriminate against smokers? the whole, 'eww.. you're making me a passive smoker. so go away!' or 'you want me to die of cancer issit?' now that the government is banning anyone from smoking at eating places, there's nowhere else for smokers to go and grab a puff. poor lot. i don't get it. i think some (emphasis on the word, 'some' here) smokers discriminate against smokers. unintentionally perhaps? this is based on a personal experience of mine. no identities shall be exposed. well, i get the impression there were no smiles or any kind of acknowledgement when i was the only non-smoker surrounded by a huge-ass group of kiddos smoking. so what did i do? continue listening to some music. pretend like i don't care. anyways, is it just me or.. people have a face when they smoke. especially teenagers in a group. the hey-look-at-me-i'm-smoking [pauses to take a look around] i-guess-i'm-cool-now [has a little smirk on the face] yeah man.. piss off i say. you smoke cause you're addicted. not cause you think it's cool. that's soo secondary school. i can't believe i'm still stuck in that zone.

i don't want to sound anal but i hate it when i'm ignored.

[starts singing] i want to be adored.. i want to be adored..
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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
i love this song..

i don't wanna go through this life
without you by my side
and I have got it all worked out
in my head
here's how it's got to be

it will be you and me up in the trees
and the forest will give us the answer

we, we make believe
in a world we rule together
we, can build our dreams
with a knot tied tight to last forever

it will be you and me up in the trees
and the forest will give us the answer
it will be you and i up in the sky
it's a combination for disaster

we got one shot
so,...where do we go from here?

it will be you and me up in the trees
and the forest will give us the answer
it will be you and i up in the sky
it's a combination for disaster

and i know there's more for us in this life

trees by marty casey
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Sunday, September 11, 2005
i made a pact with the devil.

"clean your room the way i like it and you will get your flat screen tv.." she roared.


i really want that tv. darn it. but i'm oh-so-lazy to clean my room. it's damn bloody messed up. all my books are on the floor. the spaces are reeked with dust and dirt. old texts from my past life are still lying around. i keep thinking they might turn into artifacts that will prolly give me a few bucks a few years down the road. storybooks are everywhere. it's a wreck!

is it possible?

determination to get my dream tv VS procrastination.

wish me luck guys.

so, i told mum about the huge-ass poster that michael bought for helaine. envy remains an understatement. said i want it for my birthday. which is like a month away? i'm thinking.. should i ask for that? or pair of purple-coloured chucks? or something else. maybe anything.

hell. jack white could be a dead ringer for johnny depps' willy wonka in their latest music video, the doorbell. that song is so cute!

second semester seems to be a rush. so many things to be done. research papers. projects. presentations. aah! haven't been working for a while. feels good to be a full-time student. as in, really. nothing else in mind except school. that's fun!

i think i might have a new favourite place.

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Monday, September 05, 2005
this just in.

i'm obsessed with carmine. as in really, really, really. sigh..

Image hosted by
i'm way over my head. 3/4 of what's in my head right now is him. so, that's kinda scaring me. but he's a good distraction.

sigh. sigh. sigh. *
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