Tuesday, September 26, 2006
it's a dreaded empire strikes back. i'm done fighting. the jedis lost. the sith lord has claimed it's throne. no more wars. the dark side can rule for all i care. i'm too numb to retaliate. no war is worth the pain. i don't care. anymore.
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Saturday, September 23, 2006
my dad was voted the funniest person at his office. he has no idea how proud i am.

the beatles is getting constant replay. in times like this, i need paul's voice. john's lyrics. george's good looks. ringo and his drums. my mp3 player needs a breather. 6gb is SO not working for me. apart from that, i had to clear all my files on the laptop. that was shittyass. i had to delete pictures and stuff. basically, concrete evidence of my obsessive fangirlism. painful stuff. need to get that thumbdrive.

me: i need a thumbdrive.
dad: it's for school?
me muttering under my breath: sorta.. well, it's for my shitloads of songs, photos and knick knacks.

it's stupid and i love it.

gotta love eddie izzard. he's the bomb man. argh. i HEART eddie! cross-dressing. so is it straight transvestite or male lesbian? man, he's freaky. i like.. thank god for the cat's meow. i thought he looked fug then. but when i heard him, i was bought.

"So... yeah...", "and... uh" or "Ummm... ahhh... yeah"

i dropped by ntu to visit a dear friend. just like ol' times pretzie. i realise after my trip there, that i'm spoilt. i take my school for granted. i'm like chauffered from level 3 to level 4. while my friends need to climb stairs and cross the valley to get to the mountains where their lecture halls are. i just press the button, wait for a gazillion years for the lift to open it's doors judging by the influx of students and ta-dah!

friends: let's take the stairs.
me: NO! we're taking the lift!
friends: but it's just one level up?!
me: uh-uh. we pay the school fees what. and the cost of the lifts are included.

i risk sounding like a typical singaporean here. which i shall adamantly refuse to admit. thing is, i like taking the lift. minus the moments of awkwardness. my favourite roahl dahl classis is charlie and the glass elevator. i always dream of transporting myself using the lift. with charlie, of course.

stairs are fun when you have company. a bunch of morons singing at the top of our lungs as we trudge along. another reason, i fall down the stairs a couple of times already. i don't want to end up with a twisted torso. actually, i'm just plain lazy.

jennifer love hewitt meets ross mccall through the ghost whisperer. ooh, how sweet. *vomits* i thought he was really cute in band of brothers. liebgott, i'm disappointed in you.

the exams are in a week's time. i need to do my readings. like NOW!
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Thursday, September 21, 2006
right when the fangirlism reaches it's peak, came a terrible blow. he's seeing someone. and now, i'm turned off. drats. just when i suffer multiple spasms seeing his face on the telly. it's at the back of my head now. *disgust* bloody hell. i'm mad pissed right now. UGH! why andrea, WHY?! you disappoint me so..

now i know why i dig gay dudes oh-so-dearly. no possible girlfriends or wives. no room for ridiculous jealousy. it's a lousy excuse, i know. but still an excuse. and i always need one of those all the time. think rufus. he will always be broken-hearted. by another dude. not a girl. yeah for that.

i've decided. i'm still in love with andrea barzagli. with or without that showgirl type of person he's dating. *hiss*

Close your eyes,
Leave the world behind.
Find a place,
Deep inside.
Where - you imagine,
That love never dies.
In the night,
When you reach for me.
In your heart,
Hear my sigh.
Now and forever,
Will - you remember?

When you love,
You're not alone.
The one you love,
Is there besides you.
Never lost,
Or on your own.
A gentle hand,
Is there to guide you.

Like the sun,
I am shining down,
Through the vale,
Through the clouds.
When - you can't see me,
You -- must believe me.
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Friday, September 15, 2006
accept it. i'm just plain lazy. i'm not doing anything on purpose. i'll help if i'm asked. maybe i shouldn't be born a girl afterall. cause, i swear i have serious household chores issues.

i apologise if i've hurt anyone in any sorta way. the way i see it, i might not even know i'm doing anything wrong cause meanings are relative. you might be doing the same thing for all you know.. so what's the point of staying angry for a long time? if something bugs you, talk things through with that person. no point mulling over it.

i'm on a quest to find someone with immaculate english. no errors what-so-ever.

spilling ice lemon tea all over my jeans is NOT funny. i should stop doing that. where's grace when you need it? i. am. a. klutz.

here's one for wanru.

I am dreaming of..

1) andrea barzagli (cause he makes me giddy)

2) watching a palermo match with andrea as the captain

3) being anywhere in paris

4) running down the steps of montmartre

5) my birthday party(?!)

6) this season's arsenal jersey

7) red and white hot air balloon replica at far east

8) year 2010

9) friends who i've missed

10) more ice-cream

everything's so dreary..
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Saturday, September 09, 2006
when you're down, watch high school musical. the sight of tweenagers prancing around to corny songs works wonders. for me, personally? it was the sight of zac. mr efron.. *pauses to sigh* i feel so juvenile lusting over you. you're like a gazillion years younger than me. your eyes. HAWTDAMN!!! you make corny look cool. i don't know why. but i feel like i'm that gabriella chick. well, kinda. minus the saccharine smile and zac as my singing partner. man.. when you grab her hand while waiting for her by the lockers.. *SHRIEKS* zac grow up fast so it's alright for me to have a crush on you! my dear boy, you being in hairspray just ups the market value for me. le sigh.

this was the cutest thing EVER!

i heart outercoats! too bad singapore is too hot for coat-flashing. or else i'll be all over it in a jiffy. cause seriously. i was at vs just now and i went WHOA! lovely, lovely coats! argh! me want one too!

here's why.

everything can suck right now. cause the sight of andrea can help erase it temporarily.

i hate greasy hair.. but for andrea, i'll make an exception. le sigh..
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
so i was watching 8th ocean just now. don't ask me why. i think adrian is hot. teddy is a himbo with really pretty blue eyes. sean is someone i'll have a crush on in real life. the girls are not interesting enough for me to talk about. but they look nice. and skinny. speaking about skinny, there are some who are just insanely obsessed with their weight aren't they? i'm not saying i don't care how heavy i am. actually, i'm more anal about my tummy/abs. or lack of it. but seriously, i wonder if those girls listen to themselves when they talk about wanting to lose half or 3/4 of their natural body weight. it's ridiculous! i think everything should come to a pause when these girls start complaining about their healthy bodies in exchange for skeleton bones so i can bitchslap them real hard. seriously! listen to yourselves!

the idea of watching late night tv. especially reruns is thrilling to me. it's nuts. i get really high watching shows at that hour. even if it's my second time watching rockstar supernova. or my third or millionth time i watch csi. all 3 of them, mind you. yes, even horatio who makes me squrim with his googly eye thingy. the shades is SO 1970's!

i realised over the weekend, i do not like attention. i swear. it makes me nervy. i'm uncomfy. i rather slouch on the chair than sit up straight while everyone is trying to make a point. camera lenses? i only enjoy it if i can make funny faces.

oh ya, cassano is probably the FUGLIEST soccer player i've ever seen.

i'm losing my sight. i'm losing my memory.

some people just don't get it. when people fear you, most likely, they hate you. or hate to be around you. when they're laughing at your jokes, it's cause they're forcing themselves to swallow their vomit. you're not as grand as you think you are. i don't do it cause i'm not interested in doing it anymore. can't you tell? it's not that i suck. i'm too lazy to do anything nowadays. it's scary since i'm supposed to be hitting my golden years or something. i don't feel magnificent. i don't like it when people think they're more important than someone else. makes others seem small and unnecessary.

i'm on a rampage. if i offend you, chances are, i'm not even talking about you.
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Friday, September 01, 2006
i'm so used to being left out, i feel no pain. numbness is an understatement. there's far too many important issues at hand than to worry about being included. there's no use caring. you don't realise it until you fall victim.
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