Tuesday, February 20, 2007
happy chinese new year to my friends who're celebrating it. i've always equate chinese new year holidays to the ghost town syndrome. all the shops are close! there's nowhere to go except stay at home and have several songs on repeat mode. blah. i'm not complaining considering i had to sit in a bus for hours. that was a couple of days ago. went for a 3 days/2 nights trip to perak and kl with the family. all 41 of us. what a riot that was. my phrase of the week/month. heck. my favourite phrase forever is, "that's it?" had fun annoying my little nephew who was brushing up on his english by hanging out with us, old farts. i've got tons of photos to share. the view was pweety! i spend 3/4 of the time staring out at the greenery, in a bid to improve my already deteriorating eyesight. poor eyes. the photos will be up once my bro loads em to his comp. as usual, i managed to buybuybuy. a couple of stuff that i need. hah. yeah right.

i got a macbook. it's not my idea. but i'm fine with that. he's called halpert. cause i love jim. sigh.. here's HE!

so far, it has been a major upgrade. i was welcomed to the mac world by some of my mac-crazy friends, who were genuinely delighted. haha..

i'm on a break this whole week, people. i know i haven't seen some faces for ages. we shall meet! si?

i haven't been feeling sane lately. obssessing is a tiring habit of mine. i need to find something else to occupy myself with. like knitting? the vulture has got to get out of my mind. sicksicksick to the pit.

why GOD why?
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Sunday, February 11, 2007
blogger literally forced me to switch to the 'new' blogger. very convenient since i was kinda contemplating doing so. i was worried about the change in layout. so far it looks good.


i'm urging everyone to go read my class blog. i know it's boring and very text-y. i assure you it'll be interesting. just cause we're discussing about relevant stuff like the internet on a weekly basis. besides, i need the LOVE y'all. here's the link. http://travisismyapollo.blogspot.com - be a dear and leave a comment will ya? ooh, link me if you need to.


look what the postman brought me!

*feels giddy*

it's scary how a surge of rush envelops me when i get a package. it's not just my purchases. i just love getting mail. letters especially. ooh, and cards! i love those. hah. basically was swarmed by 5 packages last friday. it was the first time i got my registered mail in my hands. normally no one is at home to sign so i'll get a you-have-to-collect-your-mail-at-the-post-office note. since my mum works at the post office, i got a shortcut.


SHITLOAD of stuff! yay-ness. basically, i finally received my overdued elf items. basic make-up stuff. (note: i heart lip gloss) everything is 1USD. that's about S$1.60. pretty cheap eh? i got myself a 2 headbands. pretty, pretty. the illusionist. woot woot! 2 pouches. i'm obssessed. it's not even funny. another pouch is on its way. THAT is adorable. i need to show you folks the fabric. think mushroom. too cute.


i think i might find myself a dream camera. i know i'm not much of a camera person but hell. i fell in love with..


turns out, the dude is a vulture incarnate. i don't mind a bit. maybe because, the first time i saw him, it was years since i last seen a really cute malay boy. but, that's just me. i'm easy. and he's skinny. and odd. but he's voice is caramel. i hate caramel. but i'm digging him. this is not cool. at all.

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