Saturday, February 28, 2009
i think i need to get my cats on a treadmill.

it's a saturday morning and i'm wide awake. i blame waking up early for work.
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Wednesday, February 25, 2009
the song that's playing right now is the theme song from the fellini classic, la dolce vita. nope, i haven't seen it. i got it from the movie, how to lose friends and alienate people. which is made of so much win. go watch it!

i LOVELOVELOVE this scene to bits. i remember a silly grin.


dancing to a classic tune. in your pjs nonetheless.

and THIS! i melted.

my love for the classics, outdoor movies, sitting on the grass - all roll into one awesome scene! perfection.

this is a random post.
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Monday, February 23, 2009
last saturday, we brought nyai to the flyer. everyone was excited. except my dad. he, funnily enough, have the worst case of fear of heights. like super extreme. and i'm not even exaggerating.

he blames me. long story short. i dragged him for a ride in one of those kickass rollercoasters. think UK fair. dude was pale after the ride. it was darn funny but i felt guilty.

the happy campers!

i went on the flyer once before. but it was at night. so, this time round, i was planning to see the sunset. which we did catch. albeit a cloudy sky.

ain't it pretty?


my thoughts on the 2009 oscars:

1) i think hugh did a good job at the oscars.
2) i had no clue anne hathaway can sing.
3) first person i saw in the audience was guillaume and i automatically exclaimed, "marion!"
4) angelina jolie looked like an ice queen. and i dig her green earrings alot.
5) odd. i don't have any best dress or worst dress this year. maybe no one caught my eye. but kate looked ravishing in her YSL.
6) i went GUH when kate said, "my sam". <3

i blame the satay and the fried chicken for my sore throat and running nose. i slept 7 hours straight and now i can't feel a thing.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009
he never fails.

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Friday, February 13, 2009
i think i'm obsessed with slumdog millionaire.

i tried convincing several people to watch it today. at work. i was yapping all the way. doing anil kapoor impressions. listening to jai ho and picturing that train station scene. gah!

i blame the sucky work week.

1) i've never been so pissed at work.
2) stupid redtape.
3) going up to level 7.
4) getting signatures of important people.
5) someone covered her ass in my expense. bloody fucker. knn.
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Thursday, February 12, 2009
everyone go watch slumdog millionaire.

it's awesome shit. and i want dev patel's puppy dog eyes staring at me NOW!
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009
this is too cool. and i can't help it. i'm a social networking drone.


if you're feeling free, get a PLURK! don't forget to add me. :D
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Sunday, February 08, 2009
i can't farkin believe i was in australia a month ago. time flies like nobody's business lah. shit. i've been seeing places i visit in my head/mind. like the way to guilford. mainly the zebra crossing near the train station. the street to my hotel in sydney. flinders street in melbourne. melbourne park. i had no idea i would have so much fun. i knew i was excited to see caca and of course, tennis. what else.

but my cynicism towards australia was kicked out of the window once i'm there. i genuinely love it there. the city. aah.. the streets. i don't quite like the long train rides. but heck. having the sydney opera house and sydney harbour bridge within walking distance was a dream. to go there every other day was just magical. surpisingly, eating a cup of baskin robbins overlooking the sydney harbour bridge was one of my favourite moments during the trip - among many, many others i must add.

this post is long overdue. i blame the tons of photos we took. it took days to upload! but there were so many things to capture. so here goes. not everything. cause i took a thousand odd photos and my bro another 3000 plus. the madness!


sitting on grass. check.

our travel snapshots = my bro holding the camera while we try to squeeze into frame, with the background behind us. which i'm supposed to make into photo mosaics. but flickr ain't cooperating. ugh.

having both in my line of view was such an experience. i envy sydney-ians who have the luxury of hanging out there.

one of my favourite shots.

instead of being passive = taking pictures from afar, we decided to walk to the sydney harbour bridge.

we walked on it. major experience! it was blardy windy. and it rained towards the end. but the view. ohmygod! screw the bridge walk. just walk like normal people do. it's equally awesome!

blogger is taking eons to upload my photos. i quit. i'm gonna do this in batches. i was there for 2 weeks. bear with me. i promise you, it'll be worth it.
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