Saturday, July 28, 2007
one word to describe the past week. drama.

the public relations panel discussion is finally over. i'm glad. i had fun tho. worked with 11 girls. like wtf right? but we managed unscathed. somehow. heh. we made quite an impact. with prof chen i'm-going-to-speak-in-shanghainese-if-the-class-don't-stop-talking ni grinning from ear to ear. it's disturbing. maybe cause i'm not a fan of hers. i think she caught me rolling my eyes or giggling in class. like all the time! she's got the i-know-what-you're-thinking look whenever she cast her eyes on me. *shudders* i was acting as an ang moh in our short but funny skit. trying to channel my inner brit was hard when deep inside, i'm all indian. haha.. here's the bloopers!

i was voted partner of the month. shock, shock. horror, horror. getting called partner of the month by atin is NOT FUNNY! thing is, i was given 30 bucks and the red tumbler i was eyeing as my prize. so yay! when i told my parents, my mum said, "eh, how get one?" i said its based on the managers votes and she replied, "wah! manager kelong." thanks mum. so much for the support. heh. it sucks that my face is at the counter - where everyone can bloody see. i look extremely horrid in that photo! and no is, i do not look like a moon! i anticipate regular customers asking who the hell the partner of the month is since i'm such a 'regular' face at the store. even imah goes to the store more often than i do! so yeah. i'm just waiting to hear all the comments like, "eh, who's this partner? is she new? never seen her before in the store.." kinda shit. *rolls eyes*


after a six month wait, i finally got to see la mome. i was tested along the way. i kept seeing the trailers. i prepared myself by listening to edith piaf's songs. i read the oscar buzz. marion on the red carpet. her hair. i want it. let's just say.. i REALLY wanted to watch the movie. badly.

on the opening day, teddy and me made our way. he was sleepy. i was hungry. but we made it. i thought i'd mention the awesomeness that is my bro. he knew who edith piaf was and her songs but had no idea who she was as a person. he knew i adore her thought i'd would want to watch it. so, we went! aww.. cho chweet right?

the movie was amazing. not your usual movie about a dead star. i love how the different stages of her life was superimposed with each other. a song linked to a memory. as usual, i had to have the soundtrack. i already have it. hah. there are so many favourite scenes. especially the ones with marcel cerdan in it. her affair with the boxing champion was unique. i don't agree with the idea. trust me, i'm big on honesty and trust. but her selfless gesture.. i can't remember the exact line right now. it's in french, it sounded magical. something about not having him for herself since he's got a wife and kids. she loved him but she won't be selfish enough to rob his wife and kids love for him. the ending was a dream. my favourite song of hers. aah.. oh ya, i thought marion was simply.. phenomenal. i love her. seriously. i think i'll check out oliver dahan's previous works.


i want to complain! i never get to see louis garrel's stuff. dvds and youtube does not count. this movie looks interesting. plus, romain duris is in it. like hell yeah. i hope i get my hands on this. like really.

argh! justin theroux's directorial debut. i want to see! aah.. the things i'll do for him. ask ayam. my eyes gleam when his name is mentioned. the poster is pretty, pretty. i swear this won't reach our shores. it ran for the tribecca circuit. that's it!

i've been waiting for this for a loOong time.. one of my favourite broadway musicals turned into a movie. it can go both ways. i hate the fact that now everyone know's about it. even the morons and retards who didn't have a clue, if not for the movie.

cillian and baby malachy. very the irish name ah. he's got daddy's eyes. i died for a second - too beautiful. he's going to be gorgeous. it's funny i'm not even envious.

this entry is soo cluttered.

i can't wait for tomorrow. study, study but must GOSSIP girlfriends. heh.

can someone tell me i'm not too old to fancy michael cera aka george michael in arrested development? he is the epitome of adorkable. the awkwardness, simply awesome. and he digs weezer?! gah!
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

first and foremost, i've booked tickets for MERCURY REV! argh. i can't freakin wait for baybeats this year. everybody loves irene is coming down. yay! i'm SO going for their set. i'm wondering if taufik knows. ooh.. and ayam's favourite, b-quartet is performing also. that one, we MUST go. like faster-faster go so can stand in front. you know why. *winks* ooh.. i'm hoping we get the cure tickets by tomorrow. THAT, i won't want to miss. what about womad?! i've been yearning to go for that one for years. like seriously. this year will be THE year. i'm envisioning hippy-ness. wondering around the fort canning hill, a bottle of ice lemon tea in my hand, dancing to the music. i'm hoping to bump into cute guys there. don't ask me why. sweaty, sweaty.


just cause, it'll mark the end of this horrid semester. musical acts to look forward to. slumber party with the fc. holidays. it's THE life.

today was a day out with the cousins. the original six. just like the old days..

it's been awhile since we last got together and hang out. years i think. cause we've been busy and sorta grew old in the process. no more filming of batman (yeah.. i was catwoman. with tooth picks as claws) or running around the neigbourhood after religious class. those were the days. i miss us. together. we definitely grew. it's different now. yet i still feel like it's the same.

we went pitstop! played some games and finally got hooked to betrayal at house on the hill. i think i make a bad traitor. i don't like to hurt my fellow explorers. even thought i died and turned into a giant tentacled thingy. haha..

the boys posing for the camera.

milie and me.

i was given the traitor booklet. me, traitor?


we kinda cam-whored. especially my 2nd bro.

my 1st bro was soo tired of waiting for his turn, he felt asleep. as usual.

look what i found. the babysitter's photo! cool eh. to think that when we first went pitstop, the wall was still brand new. littered with a few photos. now? oh gawd.

me and my fc. whee!

our trademark pose. hehe..

today was fun. we should do this again. movie next?
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Thursday, July 12, 2007
i was in a roomful of gay men. and no, i'm not exaggerating. ask caca. she was there when i got really high and started yabbering about va-jay-jays and ke-dick-dicks. giddy is the word. i now understand the extent of my fascination with gay men. it knows no boundaries.

i've got several people genuinely interested to know why i was in such a situation. what a riot! no, i didn't go to a gay bar. i went to watch happy endings: asian boys vol. 3 yesterday at the drama centre. that place is a mini esplanade theatre. thing is, even the last row boost a clear view of the stage. i like..

the play was superb albeit a cheesy ending. it was probably the longest play i've ever seen. about 2 and a half hours. it's not even a musical! well, apart from the several sing and dance segment. i'm not very good at summarizing a story. just cause i like to tell the whole damn thing. y'all read the synopsis on sistic or something okay. heh. the issues that were discussed in the play, i feel, is not only applicable to homosexuals but to the rest of us too. the whole idea of having our past and present dictating the way we live our lives is apt. so apt.

i totally get it when the characters face the conflicting feelings about who they are and who they truly are. their lives a creation. they don't necessarily become who they want to be. i was thinking to myself, do i do that? have i compromise? i can't put a finger to it. i need to be the one looking back at me for me to establish that. argh. life!

here's a look.

robin goh is looking hotHOThot. super panas, i tell you. i'm a closet fan. no pun intended. hah. i love his voice. and i've been to a couple of his stuff. i was so shocked to find a buffed up robin. you should have seen my face. i went, OH *pause* MY *pause* GAWD *pause* when he came out from the door. once again, no pun intended. i remember thinking to myself, "man, he's old.." when i was looking at the brochure. i guess he doubled his gym time. nice work man. i'm not a fan of sleeveless tops on guys. but for you mr goh, i'll make an exception.

on a retarded note, my brain feels numb.

who wants to go WOMAD with me? asian dub foundation is coming y'all!
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Monday, July 09, 2007
i've got such a massive crush on jakob lodwick, it's not even funny.
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Wednesday, July 04, 2007
question. what is a carl barat? answer. first. he is not a thing. second. he sings the/my motion(s). third. i dig him even though he's incomprehensible. fourth. you should give dirty pretty things a go.

i've got several folks asking what's a carl barat and why i need him. simple. he's been with me through pretty rough days. when times are bad, you turn to those who speak to you. not those who are drown by their own problems. i think that's why when i'm feeling angsty or frustrated, i turn to music. people just over-complicate things. most of the time, they're too self-absorbed to listen to others. i seldom feel comforted when i tell others of what or how i'm feeling. if so, it's only for awhile. i'm not saying i don't need to confide others. i do. but most of the time, music helps.

right now, shirley manson is helping. tell me how it hurts by garbage is on constant replay. therapy at it's best.

what is my day going to look like?
what will my tomorrow bring me?
if i had x-ray eyes, i could see inside
i wouldn’t have to predict the future

i wish that you would do with some talking
how else am i to know what you’re thinking?
if only people would say what it really was
what it really was
what it really was that they wanted

tell me where it hurts
to hell with everybody else
all i care about is you and that's the truth
they don't like me; i can tell
but you do, so they can go to hell

badminton was fun. i've got to admit it. i lose interest really fast. towards the end, my arms were the only ones moving. my feet was stuck to the ground. picking up shuttercocks every five second gets pretty annoying. oh well. bowling next! then karaoke? haha.. japanese or chinese version ah, claudia? i have no idea since when we became the sporty gang. it's funny. but in a good way. no coppertone sunblock for me though.

the doctor asked me how i feel about starting work approximately a year from now. oh ya, i paid the doc a visit last night due to a case of nasty rash on my hands, legs, neck and face. it's not as horrid as you think. i'm exaggerating as usual. but it was bloody itchy and i was as red as a lobster. and i don't recommend it to anyone. seriously.

so yeah. back to the story. i froze and replied, "i'm scared!" i am. i don't want school to end. like ever. but i'm excited about my next step. whatever that is. i'm not looking forward to a lifetime of work though. i just hope i get to do the things that excites me. i'm not sure if i'm able to do something that i like. it's just a ludicrous idea. i wish i'm able to see some parts of the world. to complete my to do list before i die. mainly rufus anywhere, hairspray on broadway, invites to oprah's taping, for nate berkus to design my dream house. i'm hoping it's a penthouse with a glass ceiling cause i want to be able to look at the stars at night. i want to know how it feels to be the little prince. there's so many plans. the earth is dying. will i live to reach my dreams? or at least complete some of the things i've planned. well, it's more like blurry sketches. but i'll get there. i've got to. or else, what is there to tell?

imagine this on your tombstone.

she lived life.
that's it.

how depressing. that's not going to be me.
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