Sunday, August 29, 2004
i just spend the past hour searching for a new blog layout and still no changes made. woo hoo! such a good way to spend a sunday morning. i ought to be cramming my puny little head for the history mock exams tomorrow. dammit. will get to it in a jiffy. seriously, weekends are the days to either (i) go out and have tons of fun or (2) stay home and do nothing. i know. 2 extremes. but i don't think it's fair to balance entertainment and not doing anything at all. for example, watch movie early in the afternoon. return home. take a nap. wake up and revise. nah. not on weekends. i really need to get rid of my blase attitude towards revision during saturdays and sundays. i'm working on it. somehow i feel that it's just so bloody unfair. you toil during the weekdays. every day you go to school to study. reach home to finish up your homework and then study till late at night. then when the weekends arrive, you do the same? exams really turn you like robots. i hate this concept of doing the same thing over and over again to perfect whatever that is your striving. and in my case, project ace the a's. i know most of you will have to disagree with me cause duh.. the weekends are the perfect time to really maximise the free time you have to do a whole ot studying. argh. you're right and i'm wrong.

cause baby, ooh, if heaven calls, i'm coming, too
just like you said, you leave my life, i'm better off dead
- the drugs don't work, the verve-
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Saturday, August 21, 2004
the extent of my sanity has been tested to great limits this past week. although i have been awfully clever at concealing it to the masses eyes, i'm not as good when im at home where i've attained a higher level of comfort zone. basically, to everyone it's, 'what's her worry? she looks fine. she never complains.' hello.. why would i want to burden someone else who's facing the same problem. problem here is the upcoming prelims and the imminent a levels. everyone is worried. everyone voices out their grievances to each other. does it help? at least you let it out. crap. instead of harping my woes to my fellow peers: friends are there for you to share share your problems so you won't be alone when facing it. sadly to say, it doesn't work like that with me. i unleash it to my unsuspecting victims. my family. mum in particular cause she has a habit of making me even panicky when i'm already am. i love you mummy. even when i screamed and yelled, you're always there to listen and help calm me down. i'm like a bomb waiting to explode. i'm on the brink of insanity people. but no, the calm exterior fooled you didn't it? bingo! everyone has been providing the extra stress to urge me on. don't get me wrong. i do appreciate the constant taunts and warnings. thank you to those who have been pressurizing me. but the thing is, don't yap about how worried you are in not making it. prove yourselves and others that you're able to. do something about it. my motto: prove everyone wrong. even to the extent of proving myself wrong.

to my mum; my number one supporter.

on a lighter note, let's talk about athens 2004. it's been a week! staying up late at night just to catch a glimpse of ian thorpe is worth every minute. even if those nights that doesn't fail to leave me with eyebags! in addition, the occasional hunks galore was an added bonus. think michael phelps and some others who i can't remember their names. oh ya, and it encourages me to look forward to the next day. you know how we dread each day? especially if it's school. so, that's a rarity! i shall now proceed with what i've been intending to do for ages since i saw how much ian thorpe has changed over the span of 4 years. rewind back to sydney 2000. i was 16 and he 18. i saw him and fell pretty darn silly. this might cause perpetual embarassment but i don't mind for the sake of ian. that period of time consist of me collecting every damn article with him on it, watching every damn race he was in; taping the victory ceremonies just to capture that smile or that tiny movement (does this spells crazy fan?). i had a site for him for goodness sake! but i was young and idle at that time. you can't blame me right? i even got an aussie girl to send me a stamp with him on it. haha.. oh how i miss that period of young adolescence..

steering from digression.. brace yourselves for some slightly adult content.

ian thorpe in 2000

ian thorpe in 2004

ian thorpe in 2000

ian thorpe in 2004

my point being, he has grown so much. he's changed his style. not the over-enthusiastic teenager that he was. michael phelps kinda remind me of ian back in 2000. they even share the same grin during the victory ceremonies! now he has an aura of confidence in him. abit snobbish-looking but still likeable nonetheless. he used to be cute. but the word to use now is hot. ok, i shall stop.

note: stay tuned for details on operation "stinky-in-management-but-still-want-to-ya ya-teach-people" coming up next.
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Sunday, August 15, 2004
to get inspiration, go take an mrt ride during one of the weekends. the destination doesn't matter as long as you spend a few minutes just sitting or standing in a carriage full of people. you're being surrounded by people from all walks of life and every movement inspire me a line or a scene. the characters range from try-to-look-young aunties to perverted chee ko peks staring down women's dress, young yuppies typing away on their laptops to children twisting and turning on the metal poles. occasionally, you get to watch old ladies running around competing for a seat. that's my fave! it's ridiculous. if you just stay in one position, someone will be bound to leave their seat if you've got the patience to wait for a few minutes!

have you ever been stuck in a situation whereby you're sitting down but there's an old folk standing right in front of you. often you get to stare at his or her butt cause he or she is shoving it up to your face trying very hard to make you offer your seat to them. i'm always tempted to give my seat up but i hate it when i get rejected so i'll go, 'heck, what's the point?'

'swing stew, asian brew' was definitely a godsend. where can you find flapper related stuff that easily? it's a dream. though i gotta admit that some parts were annoying. didn't like the fact that they mix and match swing and canto-pop songs. please.. if i want that i can just turn on the radio and switch to different stations. but that's only one man's opinion. i guess the way they did it, it best appeals to the masses. especially since there were primary school kids and senior citizens watching. mr chua.. mr chua.. you really can dance. can't stand that fake smile though. haha..

off to pasir ris where we had to get the stuff for sam's bbq. it was fun running around with sofi. we were trying to act out the 'supermarket sweep' gameshow thingy. remember that? it was eons ago. after that us 4 girls were stuck at the taxi stand waiting for the shuttle bus. we waited for more than 30 minutes before hansen came to save us from our misery. imagine 3 girls talking about love and relationships.. i was trying hard not to doze off standing up and at the same time holding my tongue back from sounding too cynical on the topic of love.

the chalet was fun. everyone was helping out with the preparations. the food was good but the company even better. hope you had a blast sam. didn't get to stay over. think mum and her iron contract. aliah=no freedom. metaphor use here is a bird trapped in a cage. literally, my house is like a prison. my gate is all covered up with the plastic gauze to prevent my itchy backside kitten from jumping out. gotta spare me another heartache. overall, last night was fab.
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Thursday, August 12, 2004
i get very offended when there's no one sitting beside me on the bus. especially after i've taken the initiative to move inside to let another individual to rest his or her butt next to mine. when i choose not to share my seat with anyone, there'll for sure be some idiot hovering at me trying hard to indicate that he or she wants me to scoot and let him or her sit on the empty space. excuse me people, open your fat ass lips and say, 'excuse me'. even if you mouth it, i can still understand. indiscretion is not being appreciated here.

another thing that pisses me off is when someone hates it when some other people does something to them but ironically, they're not able to realise that it's bloody perfect for them to do the same goddamnbloody thing that either upsets or angers them right back to the other person. the word here is unaware. by choice? i can't help but wonder. this is what i call the 'you can't do it to me but i can do it to you' syndrome. don't get me wrong, i'm guilty of it too. hell, all the time. but still i'm able to voice out that it pissed me off big time right? hey, it's my blog. go scram if you can't take honesty.

nope. i'm not bitter. just thought i'd share.
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Monday, August 09, 2004
hey guys, i'm back! it's going to be along one.

national day celebrations
coming to school in our racial costumes is quite a daunting task. you risk being the sore thumb amidst the red and white which was incendentally this year's theme. man, are we the only ones wearing our tradional costumes? i wondered as i rush to school. honestly i don't want to be fashionably on time like usual where i'll reach school just on time cause i hate waiting for the school bell to ring. anyways, i reached school and was appalled to see less than a quarter of the school population dressed for the occasion. man, the rest seriously don't have a sense of spontaniety.

the day starts with the parade which sucks cause who wants to watch a group of people marching here and there standing up? certainly not me. as usual i started to sweat like crazy. after that they had the synchronized thingy. i gotta admit, it was very creative. especially wk and the butterflies. they had on their constipated faces and were wriggling around the quadrangle in their pink wings. what a sight huh? promise i shall load the pictures up soon. took so many i need time.

surprisingly, we all had fun during the sing-a-long session. we bobbed and swayed to the familiar tunes as we laughed and point fingers to the funny characters on stage and around us. i never sing to corny national day songs but i did this year. i guess cause it being our last year and all. it's special. all in all it was quite a day. HAPPY NATIONAL DAY!

2 day trip to malacca
we were stucked in traffic about an hour and we weren't even pass the second link. this was a foreboding sign that later led the trip being plagued with so many delays and hick ups. anyways, the trip was another eye-opener for me. somehow i learnt to appreciate the country life and how there's people who prefer it to city life. although there are still things that turns me off like the dirty toilets and insects flying around.

on the first day, we went to the water theme park. a letdown due to it's small size and lack of attractiveness but i did had fun with the 3 girls who went swimming with me. it was a hoot watching them trying to get on the float. after that we went into their jacuzzi. took some time getting used to and by the time we're all comfy, it's time to go. we waited about half and hour for the bus. everyone was tired and hungry. when we reached the resort it was so comforting to see food. though most of it were kampung dishes, it was delicious. think fresh chicken and hot chillis. heavenly.. bunked with mum and dad. the room was so comfy once i'm done with my shower. went straight to bed and only woke up the next morning. no dreams. no nothing. a peaceful slumber.

the next day, we were supposed to visit the turtles but it was cancelled. miscommunication and delay once again. we ended up waiting in the bus for another half an hour till we're off to the fruit farm. probably the hightlight of the trip. went on a tour of the farm. it was so beautiful.. the greeneries were breathtaking. i wish i could roll around the grass. the wind and the trees represents peace and calamity. something i hope for. how i wish we could just run around the farm with no cares in the world. in the middle of the farm they have a mini zoo. there's cows, sheeps, chickens, camels, ostrichs etc. after that, off to mahkota parade a.k.a the shopping paradise. it was so huge me and mum got lost trying to find our way out. anyway, bought another bag. hehe.. our next destination: the bee farm. didn't go down cause all we can do was to taste some honey and purchase em. boring.

towards the end of the trip, we made our way to air hitam. i was hoping to see some changes but honestly, it's still the same since the last time i visited eons ago. they're still selling doraemon dolls in pink! didn't buy anything apart from food. so cheap! so nice! haha.. for the last time, we waited for the bus. i didn't bother to look how long it took the damn bus to come but i knew it was quite a while. everyone was getting restless. a few toilet stops and then we're on our way home. thank god the road home was clear. no jams! phew..

what a trip! i had so much fun with the family. some things i've learnt from the trip.

1. malaysia is a good place to visit
2. the straits of malacca is such a beautiful sight. it's a vast of blue and green, a never-ending sea of water..
3. the food is good..
4. things are cheap! cheap! cheap! haha..
5. that country life is wonderful if we can tolerate its cons..
6. delays and hick-ups are part and parcel of travelling with a huge group of people and moronic travel guides and not forgetting slow bus drivers
7. air hitam is still dirty
8. we can prevent from being stuck in traffic if we're smart enough to avoid the holiday crowd
9. time spent with the family is priceless and i shall cherish it always
10. it's good to be home.

note: the photos will be up soon.
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Thursday, August 05, 2004

pour eye lotion
to my devotion
say goodbye to my aerosol
i'm a loner
a no good stoner
got no one to pour it all
burn my desire
set it on fire
i've got nowhere else to fall
i've got something
might be nothing
god damn lazy to hear the call
walking by
all i see is blind
say goodbye to my wasted youth
my wasted life

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004
whoever thought fangs were a cool accessory you are bloody mistaken. not only do you risk biting yourself, you may one day devour your own tongue unaware and soon after, your lips will be completely eaten much to your surprise cause you never know when it happens.

i'm crapping. i never wanted to be a vampire. why? why the fangs? i don't crave for blood. neither are they any use for me. apart for eating that is. but hey, why can't i have normal-looking teeth like everyone else? feels soo out of place.. i keep bitting, accidentally hurting myself. my mouth is the most injury-prone area up to date. i've suffered so many ulcers (on the lips, tongue and anywhere possible) that i've lost count.

i went for the national day preview and out of the 3 times i went, this years' is the nicest. especially the fireworks. it really took my breathe away. i simply sat there gawp with fascination. my mouth remained wide open for the few minutes it lasted. it was so beautiful! i think i'm going to watch the fireworks again next week. hopefully mum remembers.

apart from that, this years theme was generally on the spot. as in, it's something we all can relate with. there was much emphasise on defence. love the repellers! it was another heart-grabbing moment. it was really cool. again i watched with open mouth. basically, the mass thingy was not as corny as usual. there were huge lovely yellow tulips floating around. i like. i guess i won't be a spoiler. go watch the parade and see it to believe it. it's good!

advance national day wishes to all!
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