Tuesday, March 24, 2009
this week's been an utter mess. i'll pay to be back there right now.

just getting lost in the forest.

it was perfect.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009
i just finished watching the office (awesome episode by the way and jim/john is looking hothothot in a suit! *starts to hyperventilate*) and i think it's about time i blogged about my office. yay!

side note:
favourite word of the month: awesome

everyday i spend about 9 hours in the office. as depressing as that may sound to everyone, it's actually not that bad. i have a kickass desk. okay, seriously. it's not that awesome. i just think it's fab cause of the stuff i have on it. 

come see!

my photo mosaic! filled with lovelove and nothing but love!

the FIRST team is sitting in front of me. soo many times i wish i can butt in their convos about movies and shit. ARGH! the envy.

i've got ben barnes/prince caspian and hugh dancy staring at me. whee!

my handmade/personally customized magnets. aren't they cute?

war of the bobbleheads!

my swat team.

consisting of:
  • chewbacca
  • captain penguin 
  • lego man
  • alex the lion
if anyone messes with me, my chewbacca will bite them in the ass.

in other the office related news, i want to see jim/john's new movie.

he looks so GAH! with his hair, beard and glasses. *dies*
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
everyone pretty much know by now that i'm a lazy girl. my definition of lazy girl being, one who enjoys looking nice but is just too plain lazy to put in the effort. don't shoot me. i do have my moments. maybe on rare weekends, you'll catch me with a dash of blusher and lipstick on. but other days, i just go by with powder and a must-have: lipgloss. well okay. maybe i'm a little obsessed with lip balms too. i even collect them!

thing is, i've always been apprehensive about anything to do with my eye area. eye shadow, eye liner, mascara. GAH! i blame my sensitive and over-reacting eyes. they flinch at the slightest thing. putting on my contacts (i can count the number of times i have them on for god's sake!) is hell. 

but hey, it's never too late too learn right?! for starters, i'm gonna practise my eye liner-ing skills. make-up is kinda like maths. you gotta practice till you got it. and you need concentration. i, on the other hand, have a concentration span of a five year old. i'll prolly take a longer time to master the skill. but heck. watch me.

next in line, MASCARA! 

i'm going to give fasio's hyper-stay mascara deep trick curl long a try. anyone using any fasio products? it'll be nice to hear what you have to say. cause i personally love their make-up remover. clickety click HERE!

for my friends who are still in school, *extreme envy* there'll be fasio booths in your campuses. i missed the nus one. it happened yesterday and today. dang! for the rest, head on down to the respective venues. go kepo-kepo and let me know what went down.

fellow SIM-ians, it's going to be tomorrow! hit the plaza. it's pretty hard to miss right? if you want to go to the library or atm machine, you hafta pass by it. so gogogo!

11am - 4pm

18 March 2009
SIM University
The Plaza

19 March 2009
Nanyang Technological University
Canteen A (in front of LT IA)

20 March 2009
Singapore Management University
Atrium @ Li Ka Shing Library (B1)

For more information, please visit http://www.seventeen.com.sg/fasio2009/

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Saturday, March 07, 2009
they don't make men like this anymore, do they?

thanks justjared.
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Tuesday, March 03, 2009
i think it's awesome that my dearest brother is painstakingly uploading some of the photos we took over at facebook. DANKE ABANG CHOO! i'm pretty sure some are sick and tired of seeing our camho-ness lah.

for those who don't have facebook:
i'm not sure if the albums can be assessed by the public. try THIS!
let me know if it works. i'll post the other links.


i really enjoyed the parks! i try my darnest to sit on the grass or chill by the bench whenever i can. folks clad in business suits were sitting on the ground, eating their lunch! like whatthefark?! i'm so jealous lah. i think my inner tree hugger-ness came out after seeing all the green!

on the way to bondi!

we're happy campers. and that's my nephew. he went nuts when he saw a topless chick. heh. priceless.

my self portraits are often moronic. i pose like i'm at a school trip or some shit. case in point.

you can stop laughing now. T_T

i LOVE bondi!

i'll go there in a heartbeat.

i keep telling everyone who asked. bondi is like heaven on earth. i've never seen a nicer shade of blue.

don't you agree?

this photo is made of so much win.

i miss my hair in australia. it was so much nicer than what i have now. UGH.
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