Friday, October 29, 2004
there's a mosquito living in my room!

thanks to it, i had a hard time falling asleep. buzzing. toss. scratching. turn. a sane person would get up, get a can of sheltox and eliminate the bloody sucker with a whiff of that spray. me? no, i lay there covered with my blanket from head to toe hoping that the little twit won't get to me.

say bye-bye to my premature ponytail!

look it's so tiny!

..cause it ain't be there once the trip to my hairdresser materialises.

perish you, load-on-my-head-that's-making-it-feel-heavy-as-it-is!

my bro just when on a farting spree. that's my life.
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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen
Give him two lips like roses and clover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over.
Sandman, I’m so alone
Don’t have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream
Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen
Give him the word that I’m not a rover
Then tell him that his lonesome nights are over.
Sandman, I’m so alone
Don’t have nobody to call my own
Please turn on your magic beam
Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

Mr. Sandman (male voice: "Yesss?") bring us a dream
Give him a pair of eyes with a "come-hither" gleam
Give him a lonely heart like
And lots of wavy hair like Liberace
Mr Sandman, someone to hold (someone to hold)
Would be so peachy before we’re too old
So please turn on your magic beam
Mr Sandman, bring us, please, please, please
Mr Sandman, bring us a dream.
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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
i think i'm beginning to get addicted to playstation. it's so much fun! and way better than wasting time watching tv! might pick it up one day. real tennis, that is. at last. after all the procrastination. i'm asking my dad to train me. yeah.

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Monday, October 25, 2004
if me and my cats could communicate verbally one day.. vice-versa, that is. currently, it's just me talking while they either give me the do-i-look-like-i-care look or just speak in cat language which i normally misinterpret. ahh.. the demerits of poor communication!

i'd like to ask cheaky, 'are you lesbian?' and tell all of them, 'for the millionth time.. that's human food! cat food is in the bowl guys! go scoot.'

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Saturday, October 23, 2004
drop dead.

you're wasting time on earth.

breathe hypocritical ideology,

you can't even practice.

i wish i could have the ability to kill right now

without having to face the circumstances and nursing the guilt.

cause you've reached the point.

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Friday, October 22, 2004
i went..

jazz singer peter cincotti

and another

daniel from eskobar

it's so darn easy to distract me. just when i thought i could invest my whole interest in somebody.. and only that. i have other sources to do the oohs and aahs. wonder if i'll ever be loyal.. not that i'm cheating on him or what.

yes, i think i can stay true to one person. but will my self-guilt eat my insides when i, myself know that i'm not that focus (as dedicated as i should be) to that one person wholly to appreciate him. without the other distractions tempting me. even if it's just visual parade. it's still wrong. if, i'm tied down.

which i'm NOT at the moment. hell, why worry then.

maybe it might spawn into a habit i can't kick?

can i control it?


truth be told.. i was actually gawking at the sight of peter. cant. help. it. he looks soo good. boyish good looks works for me. the hair. i'm bias cause i like boys with that floopy kind of hairstyle. they don't wear it like that nowadays. it's gel, spiky and more gel today. looks more like a porcupine to me. so not flattering. go natural guys. anyhow, he was playing the piano, hair blown from side to side as he swayed to the music. his lips moved with expression on every word. you got to see it. it's darn cute. the smile. ooh.. the grin. aah.. me. melt. turn. into. puddle. of. aliah. forming. on. the. ground. short-term infactuation doesn't harm.

was psyche to see eskobar. maybe cause they're swedish. i have a thing for sweden. you guys ought to know that by now. think alex lundqvist. 3/4 of the swedish soccer team. namely, kim kallstrom, henrik larsson, zlatan ibrahimovic, olof mellberg and the list goes on and on. oh ya, and IKEA! back to the topic of eskobar. i saw their video. went leaping around the room like a froggy. stop. stared. whoa. sharp. nose. very. flawless. skin. DANIEL! he looks awesome. like adonis. another whoa.

note: if you guys have no clue the who and i'm writing about. they're the men that have come and go in my life. they have either provided me with temporary state of dizziness or an outlet for distraction. some have stayed. some lingered. heck. they're just celebrities. so, do remember their names. i might yap about them on occasions and you could prolly nod and said, 'uh huh' as i trick myself into believing that you care to keep track.


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Monday, October 18, 2004
i thought you were special..

but i don't think so.

i thought you should know..

but i've run out of patience.

i couldn't care less.

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Sunday, October 17, 2004
after long enough of being alone
everyone must face their share of loneliness
in my own time nobody knew
the pain i was goin' through
and waitin' was all my heart could do

hope was all i had until you came
maybe you can't see how much you mean to me
you were the dawn breaking the night
the promise of morning light
filling the world surrounding me
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Saturday, October 16, 2004
is that it?
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Friday, October 15, 2004
the person that you are today was carved by your parents. they shape us to be the individuals that we are now. their guidance, the key factor in moulding us. basically, we are the products of our parents parenting skills. if they suck in it, prolly we'll be one of those bitter kids. the kind that blames everyone except themselves if anything goes wrong. as for those who underwent a 'smooth' upbringing.. emphasis on the word smooth. cause seriously, there's no such thing as perfection. flawlessness always exist. well, those kids who have thus far live a decent life thanks to their parents, will eventually turn out fine.

indeed, parents are in fact the hands that make us the person we are today. they influences plays a major role in forming us. however, a main fraction of our outcome is due to our own choices. the decisions that we make. our personal opinions. all based on our own judgement. then who is the be blame if a child goes awry? the parents or the individual?

maybe they should have the idiot's guide to parenting?
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Thursday, October 14, 2004
a year of advanced birthday wishes, celebrations and presents for me!

it wasn't all rosy..

it's so much harder to band the family together now. 5 of us are basically leading our seperate lives. busy with our own stuff. school. exams. work. so darn frustrating to come up with a plan when everyone is committed to something else. it's my birthday dinner! it matters so much to me.. i know its lame. but i think it is. period. imagine the chaos prior to the dinner. everyone was not free at the time stated. mum nagging. bro getting all heated up. me? it gets to the point where i've had enough. i didn't care where we eat. hell. i don't give two hoots even if we eat at the bloody roadside eating prata! i just want all of us together..

typically, we managed to resolve our differences and everyone was outside orchard 24 hours swensen at 10pm waiting in line for our table. that's my family. we could squabble till there's no tomorrow and yet somehow it'll all come together in the end. this year, we had late night supper at swensen. it was delicious! i had with me the most important people in my life. and that's what matters most.

went all the way to railway station to get my favourite chapati! as usual, i was weary bringing my friends over to that place. not many like the location. can't blame em. me? i don't give a damn how shoddy the place looks as long as i have my chapati! haha.. glad that there's a few that shares similar sentiments regarding my chapati. i love my chapati! again, i shall highlight the fact that i need to marry and indian boy. not kidding. i love indian food. too much.

we then went to bugis to walk around before deciding to settle in a cafe restaurant thingy that has tv screens all over the place. had my shirley temple. which was disappointing. still prefer the one at jb. chatted for a while. then walked around. in the end, we took photos which didn't turn out as we plan. but heck. i had fun! especially with my friends as company. thank you guys. although i had to admit that i was getting irritated that the planning process was rather haphazard. yet the end product was a delight. i had 7 goons to share it with. thanks guys.

and for my shameless plug-in. at the same time, acknowledging those people who had given me something for my birthday. shall include what they gave me so as to prevent any form of repetitive presents. argh! i love presents! more coming?

flappers & philosophers by scott fitzgerald, save me the waltz by zelda fitzgerald
a maroon handbag with retro prints
the skirt that i wore for grad
mum & dad
the pink flowery heels that i also wore for grad
marilyn monroe jigsaw puzzle, a pair of blue earrings and a flip-flop shaped pendant
the chapati meal
-thank you-
so far this is it. if i missed out anyone. i apologise.

3 more days to go. my birthday is on the 17th october. so, don't forget!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2004
nothing beats knowing that you're special to someone.
so, thank you.
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Sunday, October 10, 2004
can you let me be happy..
for once?
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Thursday, October 07, 2004
where is the level of seriousness when need be so? triviality, it seems, a form of tension reliever. but there's a clear line distinguishing the serious and trivial. for example, you can't take death lightly. yes, you may choose to smile reflecting back yet dere were tears to begin with. trivialising things in dire conditions may lad to 2 things. 1. easing the tension that's brewing 2. giving the impression that the situation bears no significance. solemnity, i presume, offers the acy of respect which is needed in times like this.


at different ages, you have different worries. i might worry for my upcoming a level exams while my young nephew worries what game is he going to play next. each individual has a different set of worries. its a wonder how we all can co-exist yet have different kinds of worries bugging us. we might band together as one and act like nothing is wrong despite knowing that at the end of the day.. when we return to our homes and in our solitude, we suffer it all alone.


it never cease to amaze me how emotions are so alike a rollercoaster ride. the highs and lows. the anticipation of not knowing what to feel until you experience it. it being anything. ranging from getting exceptional marks for a paper and feeling triumphant about it today and getting verbally attack by your teacher for giving a 'stupid question' quote unquote on the next day feeling like shit. i loathe it. but at the same time.. i like the lasting feel that it leaves when you reminisce.
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Sunday, October 03, 2004
if i could, i wish the day would never end..

seriously, i might sound mushy and melodramatic to you guys but that's how i feel. i didn't want it to stop. it was splendid. i want to do it all over again. when?

you know how you get all jittery and the nerves sorta kicks in just as you anticipate something exciting to occur. something you've been looking forward to. and you've waited for ages for it to happen. and when it does, feels like it was worth the wait. every minute of the delay. it doesn't matter anymore cause you got what you wanted. but, who is ever satisfied with getting what they want? duh. of course they want more than that. right?

imagine all the paranoia i went through. the countless reassurance from my victims of assertions. thank you guys for putting up with me. you know who you are. needless to say, i am very insecure about such stuff and need constant affirmation. so now you know! blame it on uncertainties. hehe..

i pictured it being all awkward like ordinary first time encounters.. but we hit it off right from the start. it helps having had communication prior to this meeting. we already established that comfort zone. the ice had been broken people. i was soo comfortable being with him, it felt amazing. shall exclude the details in case they're puke-worthy.

it's been a long time.. and it felt.. i can't pick a word to describe it actually. maybe the silly grin on my face can help explain things. cause i can't really say. truly.
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